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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why do Obama, BP refuse to use most effective method of oil cleanup?

(This is an interesting article. It is more evidence obama is destroying the economy on purpose. Obama is a FRAUD. He is a traitor. Obama has and will do anything a common thug would do. Don't you think its strange the oil pipe has not been plugged yet? Don't you find it strange obama was slow to act and when he did as the article below explains it was not the correct course of action. All this was done on purpose. Its not because obama is stupid. Obama is hell bent on doing everything in his power to take American's freedoms away. Obama will push bills through congress to take away more of our freedoms. He is a destroyer.) Story Reports

The Liberty Sphere
Conservative Examiner
Anthony G. Martin

Why do Obama, BP refuse to use most effective method of oil cleanup?

As the Gulf oil disaster closes in on the 50-day mark, the Obama Administration and BP refuse to use the most effective method of oil cleanup. The top oil barons of the world--the Saudis--have used this method to avoid a mammoth oil disaster.

And the result was swift, effective, and conclusive.

In 1993 and '94 the Saudis faced an oil spill of historic proportions in the Arabian Gulf as four leaking tankers and two oil gushers threatened to spur a catastrophic event that was 65 times worse than the Exxon-Valdez spill.

An American engineer, Nick Pozzi, was part of a task force charged with developing a solution to the looming disaster.

Pozzi had used various methods to clean up oil spills prior to this event. However, the time was short, and an effective solution was needed post-haste.

That's when Pozzi decided that the huge, empty oil tankers, sitting in the dock, could be used to simply vacuum up the oil right off of the top of the water.

The result was that 85% of the oil was recovered.

Pozzi believes that the tanker method is the fastest and most effective way of dealing with the Gulf Oil disaster, but no one in the Obama Administration or BP is willing to consider the idea. Instead, they have insisted on using untested techniques, one of which involves the use of chemical dispersants manufactured and sold by a company in which Obama cronies, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Hathaway-Berkshire, and BP, are heavily invested.

That company, NALCO, is also one of the so-called 'green' industries that Obama and the Leftwing favor due to its development of water purification systems.

In an interview with Esquire, Pozzi stated the following:

NICK POZZI: Keep in mind that what supertankers typically do is they sit in the middle of the ocean waiting for all the traders to come up with the right price. When they feel that the price is right, the tankers that are full, they take off, and they can be anywhere in the world in a few days. Right now there are probably 25 supertankers, waiting for orders, full of oil. So all they got to do is come to Texas, in the Gulf, unload the oil, and then turn around and suck up all this other stuff and pump it onto shore into on-shore storage. It's not rocket science. It's so simple. It's a Robinson Crusoe fix, but it works.

However, Esquire also reported that nearly FIFTY (50) super-tankers were sitting empty and ready to go, and on the cheap.

The Obama Administration and BP have totally ignored them.

In fact, BP has curiously skirted around the super-tanker solution when asked about it by reporters.

Esquire has clear evidence showing that the government has flat-out ignored or refused to consider the super-tanker method, in spite of its track-record of resounding success. Both Obama and the Coast Guard have been dragging their feet on this solution, although they have been made aware of it repeatedly.


Even Obama cheerleaders such as Chris Matthews are questioning the President's refusal to act, particularly in light of the fact that former Shell Oil executive John Hofmeister has insisted in numerous interviews that the super-tanker method should have been utilized at the very start.

It is also clear that BP and the Obama Administration could have not only used government equipment in the effort but recruited the help of all of the various oil companies. BP, obviously, could not handle the severity of this catastrophe alone. Yet it refused to request the help of other oil companies, refused to use the super-tankers to vacuum up the oil, and seemed to collude with Barack Obama to drag its feet on a real cleanup in lieu of testing out the chemical dispersants peddled by a company with dubious ties.

And it must not be overlooked that BP is much more than an oil company. The corporation is heavily invested in developing so-called 'green technology' that will supposedly replace the need for oil.

Increasingly it is beginning to appear that the Obama Administration and BP together deliberately closed their eyes, ears, and brains to fairly simple solutions that could have spared the Gulf coast from an historic catastrophe.

And that, to be blunt, is unconscionable.

(This is an interesting article. It is more evidence obama is destroying the economy on purpose. Obama is a FRAUD. He is a traitor. Obama has and will do anything a common thug would do.) Story Reports

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