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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Illegal aliens get international drivers licenses and ss to issue new biometric id cards via the traitors in dc

International Driver’s License: Legit or Scam?

magine this: you make a traffic stop for a minor infraction, and you discover the driver doesn’t speak very much English. You do your best to explain the infraction, and they provide you with a multi-fold paper document labeled “International Driver’s License.” The document has a passport-style photograph of the driver, and it appears to have the identifying information of the driver repeated in 10 different languages.

Is it legit? Maybe…but maybe not.

The International Driving Permit

There is a legitimate document called an “International Driving Permit.” This document is a translation of a valid driver’s license into several different languages. The document is not a replacement for the original document, rather it is simply a translation that a foreign citizen can present along with their driver’s license to aid a police officer in deciphering the actual license. An International Driving Permit without the original driver’s license does not confer any driving privileges.

The USA entered a United Nations treaty in 1949 that is basically a reciprocal agreement among all of the signators to accept the driver’s license of a foreign visitor. So, for example, if you traveled to Ireland from the United States, you could legally drive a car while on vacation. The IDP makes life a lot easier if you wreck your rental car in Poland, and the local constabulary doesn’t readily understand your New York license.

The permits are issued in different countries around the world. The U.S. Department of State has authorized two organizations to issue IDP’s to United States citizens: the American Automobile Association and the American Automobile Touring Alliance. The AAA and AATA can only issue IDP’s to US citizens, so police officers making traffic stops in the States should not ever be offered one of these documents.

Read More:

International Driver’s License: Legit or Scam?


(How many illegals get away scott free with one of these un international drivers license. Today I heard on the news the IRS is planning to issue millions of new ss cards that contain Biometric ID information. Can you say 666?

Immigration Reform Could Lead To Biometric ID Cards

Friday, June 14, 2013

There are millions of people in the US who know obama is a liar and is under the influence of the father of lies

Latest Statistics on Illegitimate Births

The latest figures on births in the United States, Oct 2012, including out-of-wedlock births. The numbers are very close to last year’s: 72.3 percent of non-Hispanic blacks are now born out-of-wedlock; 66.2 percent of American Indians/Alaska Natives; 53.3 percent of Hispanics; 29.1 percent of non-Hispanic whites; and 17.2 percent of Asians/Pacific Islanders. That’s 40.7 percent overall: a disaster.


(The amnesty bill will only increase the above statistic. The politicians only see potential voters. Obama see's saul alinsky's principle coming to pass.

With the massive influx of relatives the bill allows comes even more doom. Obama and his comrades know this. The obama regime's propaganda machine is telling the public via the "state run media" positive things about the amnesty for illegal aliens. The low info voter of course believes the lies of obama.

The rino republicans are backing obama I suspect because they are getting big bucks from corporations etc to push the doom of America to a closer date.

Also the amnesty bill gets obama out of the news about the IRS scandal etc etc. Our "government" is corrupted and like Rush Limbaugh has said is being taken over by an obama coup d'├ętat.

There are millions of ignorant people in the US that will allow obama to tell his lies thinking they are hearing the truth.

There are millions of people in the US who know obama is a liar and is under the influence of the father of lies.) Story Reports

Thursday, June 13, 2013


(If you can't buy an AR15 citizen, build one for your own self defense. Remember the IRS is preparing and training with the AR15 so why shouldn't you citizen?)
(Americans are arming themselves more than ever, and for good reason. I do think the AR15 is an excellent home defense weapon. Every citizen should own an AR15 and have enough 223 and 556 ammo. Also every citizen should train with the AR15 on how to use it to defend yourself and your family!) Story Reports

Congressman questions IRS training with AR-15 rifles

Congressman questions IRS training with AR-15 rifles

As if the Internal Revenue Service didn’t have enough problems, yesterday Politico reported that a curious South Carolina congressman is wondering why IRS agents have been training with AR-15 rifles; an interesting question since the flap months ago over huge ammunition purchases by the federal government that were blamed for shortages across the map, including the Pacific Northwest.

Congress clamped down on the Department of Homeland Security’s ammunition buy but when Rep. Jeff Duncan, who represents South Carolina’s Third Congressional District, visited a federal law enforcement facility last month, he encountered the IRS agents training on the gun range with the rifles. These are the same firearms that gun prohibitionists refer to as “assault weapons,” which they claim only belong on a battlefield.

Duncan chairs the House Homeland Security oversight subcommittee, according to the Politico article. He understands that the IRS has an enforcement division, but he wonders why the IRS can’t rely on other law enforcement agencies for serious firepower if a situation calls for it.

All of this may end up in the hands of IRS Inspector General J. Russell George, who has already been quizzed by the House Oversight Committee about IRS spending abuses.

This is the same IRS that is currently under political scrutiny for what appear to be widespread efforts to target conservative organizations, at the same time the agency is in trouble for embarrassing spending on conferences and “training” videos featuring line dancing and “Star Trek” spoofs. One might wonder whether anyone working for that agency should be trusted with any kind of firearm.

According to Politico, the IRS issued a statement in response to Duncan’s curiosity:

“As law enforcement officials, IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agents are equipped similarly to other federal, state and local law enforcement organizations. Special Agents receive training on the appropriate and safe use of assigned weapons. IRS Criminal Investigation has internal controls and oversight in place to ensure all law enforcement tools, including weapons are used appropriately.”

Right, the same way that the IRS has been using taxpayer money appropriately; a situation that now has the agency under the microscope on Capitol Hill.

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Tex.) is reportedly having some fun with this story, announcing Thursday morning that his on-going AR-15 raffle, which began last month, offers some citizen the opportunity to have the same gun the IRS has.

“You don't need to be an IRS agent to get your own Bushmaster AR-15. I'm giving one away for FREE on July 4,” he declared via Twitter today, according to Politico.

Stockman’s raffle wraps up on Independence Day.


AR15 Ammo For The ARMED Citizen


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The IRS will also use the IBM technology of death via obamacare

IBM and The Holocaust - the story of IBM's strategic alliance with Nazi Germany

When Hitler came to power, a central Nazi goal was to identify and destroy Germany's 600,000 Jews. To Nazis, Jews were not just those who practiced Judaism, but those of Jewish blood, regardless of their assimilation, intermarriage, religious activity, or even conversion to Christianity.

Only after Jews were identified could they be targeted for asset confiscation, ghettoization, deportation, and ultimately extermination. To search generations of communal, church, and governmental records all across Germany--and later throughout Europe--was a cross-indexing task so monumental, it called for a computer. But in 1933, no computer existed....

Dehomag and other IBM subsidiaries custom-designed the applications. Its technicians sent mock-ups of punch cards back and forth to Reich offices until the data columns were acceptable, much as any software designer would today. Punch cards could only be designed, printed, and purchased from one source: IBM.

The machines were not sold, they were leased, and regularly maintained and upgraded by only one source: IBM.

IBM subsidiaries trained the Nazi officers and their surrogates throughout Europe, set up branch offices and local dealerships throughout Nazi Europe staffed by a revolving door of IBM employees, and scoured paper mills to produce as many as 1.5 billion punch cards a year in Germany alone. Moreover, the fragile machines were serviced on site about once per month, even when that site was in or near a concentration camp.
IBM Germany's headquarters in Berlin maintained duplicates of many code books, much as any IBM service bureau today would maintain data backups for computers.


(Thomas wastson of IBM told people in the 1940's to ignore the news media reports about IBM's involvement with the nazi's in the news. Obama today tells Americans to ignore his administrations involvement with the IRS doing the same thing hitler did to track the jews so he could kill them. Today its not just jews that obama and IBM are tracking and tabulating but everyone in America via the IRS, NSA, obamacare etc and every branch of the obama regime.) Story Reports


IBM and the Holocaust : The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation [Paperback]
IBM and the Holocaust is the stunning story of IBM's strategic alliance with Nazi Germany -- beginning in 1933 in the first weeks that Hitler came to power and continuing well into World War II. As the Third Reich embarked upon its plan of conquest and genocide, IBM and its subsidiaries helped create enabling technologies, step-by-step, from the identification and cataloging programs of the 1930s to the selections of the 1940s.

Only after Jews were identified -- a massive and complex task that Hitler wanted done immediately -- could they be targeted for efficient asset confiscation, ghettoization, deportation, enslaved labor, and, ultimately, annihilation. It was a cross-tabulation and organizational challenge so monumental, it called for a computer. Of course, in the 1930s no computer existed.

But IBM's Hollerith punch card technology did exist. Aided by the company's custom-designed and constantly updated Hollerith systems, Hitler was able to automate his persecution of the Jews. Historians have always been amazed at the speed and accuracy with which the Nazis were able to identify and locate European Jewry. Until now, the pieces of this puzzle have never been fully assembled. The fact is, IBM technology was used to organize nearly everything in Germany and then Nazi Europe, from the identification of the Jews in censuses, registrations, and ancestral tracing programs to the running of railroads and organizing of concentration camp slave labor.

IBM and its German subsidiary custom-designed complex solutions, one by one, anticipating the Reich's needs. They did not merely sell the machines and walk away. Instead, IBM leased these machines for high fees and became the sole source of the billions of punch cards Hitler needed.

IBM and the Holocaust takes you through the carefully crafted corporate collusion with the Third Reich, as well as the structured deniability of oral agreements, undated letters, and the Geneva intermediaries -- all undertaken as the newspapers blazed with accounts of persecution and destruction.

Just as compelling is the human drama of one of our century's greatest minds, IBM founder Thomas Watson, who cooperated with the Nazis for the sake of profit.

Only with IBM's technologic assistance was Hitler able to achieve the staggering numbers of the Holocaust. Edwin Black has now uncovered one of the last great mysteries of Germany's war against the Jews -- how did Hitler get the names?


Beyond the Cashless Society: IBM’s Vision for the Future


Everything obama does is geared to destroy America

Obamacare Loophole Provides Incentive For Employers To Hire Illegal Aliens Over US Citizens

A loophole in President Obama’s healthcare plan makes it very attractive for US employers to hire illegal immigrants on the Pathway to Citizenship instead of hiring legal US citizens. And if it’s not fixed before the bill passes, millions of jobs across America will be filled by illegal aliens.

According to the immigration reform bill, any illegal immigrant who’s been in the U.S. since on or before December 31, 2011, may apply for provisional status. Assuming he meets all of the legal requirements along the way, within 13 years he may be granted lawful permanent resident status.

During that 13-year time frame the immigrant must be employed by a U.S. employer and must be able to provide proof of employment.

Under Obamacare, employers with more than 50 employees are required to either provide healthcare benefits or pay a $3,000 fine every time one of their workers has to subscribe to Obamacare’s insurance exchange subsidies.

However – and here’s the catch – during that 13-year interim period, the immigrant is not eligible for any federal benefits, which includes Obamacare. So the employer doesn’t have to provide healthcare benefits because the illegal immigrant couldn’t apply for Obamacare subsidies if he wanted to.

How does this affect the average American? Obviously, employers will save money when they hire an illegal because they won’t have to provide health insurance. Scarier still, they can actually afford to offer higher wages to illegals so they can hire them in place of legal American citizens.


Is The 29 Hour Work Week Coming As Employers Seek To Escape The Obamacare Mandate?

Businesses with 50 or more employees who average at least 30 hours of work a week will be subject to the Obamacare insurance coverage mandate.

Companies are reportedly planning large layoffs due to the implementation of Obamacare.

But, companies can potentially avoid being subject to Obamacare's insurance requirements by limiting employees’ weekly hours to less than the 30 hour level defined by Obamacare as “full-time.”

A little-known section in the ObamaCare health reform law defines “full-time” work as averaging only 30 hours per week, a definition that will affect some employers who utilize part-time workers to trim the cost of complying with the ObamaCare rule that says businesses with 50 or more full-time workers must provide health insurance or pay a fine.

“The term ‘full-time employee’ means, with respect to any month, an employee who is employed on average at least 30 hours of service per week,” section 1513 of the law reads. (Scroll down to section 4, paragraph A.)

That section, known as the employer mandate, requires any business with 50 or more full-time employees to provide at least the minimum level of government-defined health coverage to those employees. In other words, a business must provide insurance if it has 50 or more employees working an average of just 30 hours per week, which is 10 hours per week fewer than the traditional 40-hour work week.

Thus, by cutting employees’ hours to ensure they average less than the 30 per week, employers could potentially avoid the cost of providing the minimum insurance levels mandated by Obamacare.


(Like I said before, everything obama does is geared to destroy America. The obama immigration bill will force more Americans on food stamps/welfare etc. Its all part of the obama plan via Saul Alinsky RULES FOR RADICALS.) Story Reports



Read the above pdf book that is in effect "obama bible" on how to destroy America.