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Monday, April 4, 2016

Shocking Results from Fluoride Tests On Top Brands of Bottled Water

Shocking Results from Fluoride Tests On Top Brands of Bottled Water


Water tested, with the results below.

Glaceau Smart Water was Distilled- .00 ppm (This is available at SAM's) No fluoride plus it is a zero calorie, vapor distilled, electrolyte- enhanced water (added electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, calcium)

The bottled water below have fluoride in the water. Fluoride is a poison. I once called my local water supplier and ask how much fluoride was in the tap water. He told me it was not as much as it used to be. I also asked him if he knew it was a poison. He said he did but that it was added in such a small amount that it should be ok.

The story is flouride is added to water to help prevent tooth decay. The real story is fluoride does not prevent tooth decay and water systems are a dumping ground for an industrial waste byproduct

Ice Mountain- .11 ppm
Family Gourmet- .14 ppm
Dasani- .16 ppm
Propel- .17 ppm
Deja Blue- .17 ppm
Crystal Geyser- .31 ppm
Fiji- .35 ppm

VOSS .25 ppm
Kiwaii .04 ppm
Aqua was .13 ppm

Kroger was .00 ppm (It is distilled.) This has no fluoride also.)

Evian was .00 ppm As well. (Natural mineral water) This has no fluoride also plus natural minerals ie electrolytes.) Evian Water

(When you drink water that has no electrolytes your body needs these replaced. It makes good sense to drink water that has electrolytes such as Glaceau Smart Water or Evian. You don't need to drink gator aid to get electrolytes, drink water that has electrolytes! These are what I recommend.)

50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation

Don't drink ANY tap water. It accumulates in the body so any amount you injest is a hazard to your health. Don't cook with it.

Fluoride accumulates in the body. Healthy adult kidneys excrete 50 to 60% of the fluoride ingested each day (Marier & Rose 1971). The remainder accumulates in the body, largely in calcifying tissues such as the bones and pineal gland (Luke 1997, 2001).

Infants and children excrete less fluoride from their kidneys and take up to 80% of ingested fluoride into their bones (Ekstrand 1994). The fluoride concentration in bone steadily increases over a lifetime (NRC 2006).

Benefit is topical not systemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 1999, 2001) has now acknowledged that the mechanism of fluoride’s benefits are mainly topical, not systemic.

There is no need whatsoever, therefore, to swallow fluoride to protect teeth. Since the purported benefit of fluoride is topical, and the risks are systemic, it makes more sense to deliver the fluoride directly to the tooth in the form of toothpaste.

Since swallowing fluoride is unnecessary, and dangerous, there is no justification for forcing people (against their will) to ingest fluoride through their water supply.

The dose cannot be controlled. Once fluoride is put in the water it is impossible to control the dose each individual receives because people drink different amounts of water. Being able to control the dose a patient receives is critical.

Some people (e.g., manual laborers, athletes, diabetics, and people with kidney disease) drink substantially more water than others.


Fluoride: Highly toxic waste byproduct of "aluminum"

The main fluoride chemical added to water today is hydrofluorosilicic acid an industrial by-product from the phosphate fertilizer industry.

Hydrofluorosilicic acid is what is added to drinking water. It is untreated toxic waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry added to city tap water, and has trace amounts of other toxins in the waste including arsenic and heavy metals. Fluoride is classified as a neurotoxin, just as harmful as lead and aluminum to the human developing brain

Fluoride given to rats has been proven to cause bone cancer, liver cancer, and a host of other physical ailments.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bill Clinton’s Alleged Former Mistress: ‘Hillary Is A Lesbian'

Hillary Clinton wears leather, talks trash and blows a stop light

Hillary Clinton showed her wild side at an LGBT event at SoHo's Capitale, where the presidential wannabe sported a leather jacket, boasted about her Democratic-leading campaign and ran a red light on her way out.

"Stars" including Rosie O'Donnell, Billie Jean King and former Rep. Barney Frank — celebrating his 76th birthday — were all in the house as Hill went on a roll.

Sally Miller was told by Bill Clinton about his "wife"

Miller, who is about to release a tell-all memoir, entitled “The Beauty Queen: Let No Deed Go Unpublished” of her and Bill Clinton’s relationship said, “I take [Bill Clinton] at his word and he told me [Hillary] liked females more than men. She was the child of a more progressive community.”

Former Miss Arkansas and Bill Clinton’s alleged former mistress Sally Miller claims, “Hillary is a lesbian.


(I have noticed she smiles a lot more at these type of "events". I think she feels more relaxed and at home with whom she has bonded. Its obvious she identifies with them and supports them. She is one of them. Hillary is on home turf speaking to her own.)