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Friday, April 12, 2013

Disability insurance has turned into a long-term unemployment benefit program

There currently are 14 million Americans on disability payments, up from 4.3 million in 1990. SSDI is slated to go broke in 2016.

As currently designed, the SSDI program spends too few societal resources helping individuals with disabilities to remain employed and too many resources supporting the long-term dependency of individuals who could be self-suļ¬ƒcient with the appropriate accommodation and support.

Many workers with non-medical problems have turned to SSDI as a “last resort” in the face of a dismal economy.

Disability insurance has turned into a long-term unemployment benefit program, which taxpayers have to pay for.

SSDI is reducing the nation’s potential workforce as people move onto the program

The structure of the social security disability system incentivize continued use without any constructive route into work for those who are able.

SSDI “has become a voluntary life sentence to idle poverty,”

SSDI is increasingly being used as a long-term unemployment program for workers who, given the appropriate rehabilitation and accommodation, could work.

(Thats if you could find a job, but why work when the obama regime will pay you not to?) Story Reports

The number of people on disability is staggering, without even considering the policy’s other consequences.

The number of people on disability, 14 million, is “more than the total number of employees in the manufacturing sector of the economy,” observed Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute.

(More people are being paid not to work by the obama regime than the total number of employees in manufacturing that do work!) Story Reports

The government spends more on disability than it does on both food stamps and welfare combined!!!

The recession "officially" ended in 2009. Since the recession ostensibly ended, the number of SSDI enrollees is double the number of jobs created, as Investor’s Business Daily reported.

The current unemployment rate would be much higher if some of those on disability were instead seeking work.

(This is another back door way for obama to artificially keep the fake unemployment rate lower.) Story Reports

Some people that get on disability are lost forever to gainful employment, lose their self-sufficiency, and lose their self-esteem.”

(These obama voters are then chained to obama through the SSI system.) Story Reports

A pattern of generational dependency is created that is reminiscent of pre-reform welfare.

People on disability develop a lifestyle, then their children are acculturated into the disability way of life. The child begins to see this as normal.

Once you’re on the program, the government doesn’t encourage you to work, and there seems to be no verification that you are still disabled.

Abuse is common, and the system is enabling people to abuse themselves.

The effect of the system is destructive to individuals and society.

(This is what obama wants as he did teach The Cloward–Piven strategy. The Cloward-Piven Strategy seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.) Story Reports

The Cloward-Piven Strategy

Rules for Radicals

SSDI is now “a de facto welfare program for people without a lot of education or job skills. (Most of these people can also be called "low information voters for obama".

WND Disabled' outnumber workers in U.S. manufacturing


(If you can do anything except rely on the obama regime and believe everything you read or hear from the "state run media" then there is hope for you to realize that the obama regime is working to collapse the economy. If you still have the ability to question what the government is doing you can begin to understand why the economy will soon collapse as planned!

Now ask yourself what am I doing to plan for the collapse and martial law etc.

Everything obama does is working to destroy America from within. This is his plan and goal along with his fellow comrades. Why do ya think they are trying so hard to limit how Americans buy guns and register all the guns. The government needs to disarm Americans as much as possible before the SHTF!!!)
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Amish crhistians given 15 years for cutting beards

Amish leader gets 15 years for beard attacks
A leader of a breakaway Amish community in rural eastern Ohio was sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison for forcibly cutting the beards and hair of community members.

Samuel Mullet Sr., 67, and 15 followers were found guilty last year in connection with what authorities said were the religiously motivated attacks on several fellow Amish people. Mullet and others were convicted of conspiracy to violate a federal hate-crime law.

Prosecutors said the followers, at Mullet's instruction, shaved the beards and cut the hair of Amish people who had left his group over various religious disagreements.

Five attacks happened in four eastern Ohio counties between September and November 2011.

Four of the followers were sentenced to seven years in prison, three were handed five-year sentences, two were sentenced to two years and six were sentenced to a year and a day, according to the Justice Department.

To the Amish, a beard is a significant symbol of faith and manhood, and the way Amish women wear their hair also is a symbol of faith.

(The point here is the obama regime justice dept is prosecuting christians for a hate crime. 15 years is way out of line. The obama justice dept doesn't prosecute real crimes but they do prosecute christians. If obama can do this to the Amish he can do it to you. This is religious persecution. It is nazi style justice. Dictators have no guilt or shame. They only crave more centralized power. This is police state justice. Obama is appeasing his fellow muslims. The Amish are defenseless. This is what the obama regime does to the defenseless.) Story Reports

Homeland security consideres you a threat if: You believe America was founded on godly principles and you are a christian who takes the Bible literally

Email written by Colorado Undersheriff Ron Trowbridge states the DHS-funded Colorado Information Analysis Center training session not only told troopers Christians pose a threat to law enforcement, but also asked if they would confiscate firearms if ordered to do so.

In the email sent to a blogger, Trowbridge describes how Christians and so-called sovereign citizens are actively demonized by the government and troopers are trained to consider them dangerous, even terrorists.


Trowbridge’s email follows. It was sent on Friday, April 5:

DHS-funded Colorado Information Analysis Center training session

On April 1, 2013 I attended training in La Junta, Colorado hosted by the Colorado State Patrol (CSP). The training was from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm and covered two topics, Sovereign Citizens, and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. I was pretty familiar with motorcycle gangs but since we often deal with the so-called sovereign citizen groups I was interested to see what they had to say. The group consisted of police officers, deputies, and CSP troopers. There were about 20 people in attendance.

Trooper Joe Kluczynski taught a 2-hour section on sovereign citizens. Kluczynski spent most of his two hours focusing on how, in his view and apparently the view of Homeland Security, people turn to the sovereign citizen movement. Kluczynski started off by saying there are probably some sovereign citizens in this room and gave a generalized list of those groups that have sovereign citizen views. Among those groups, Kluczynski had listed, were those who believe America was founded on godly principles, Christians who take the Bible literally, and “fundamentalists”. Kluczynski did not explain what he meant by “fundamentalists” but from the context it was clear he was referring again to those who took the Bible literally or “too seriously.”

While Kluczynski emphasized that sovereign citizens have a right to their beliefs, he was clearly teaching that the groups he had listed should be watched by law enforcement and should be treated with caution because of their potential to assault law enforcement.

Kluczynski explained why he believed these groups were dangerous saying they were angry over the election of a black president. When someone in the group suggested the failing economy was probably much more to blame, Kluczynski intimated that those who are not going along with the changes in America will need to be controlled by law enforcement. Kluczynski even later questioned some of the troopers present if they were willing and prepared to confiscate “illegal” weapons if ordered to.

Kluczynski’s assignment with the CSP was an Analyst for the Colorado Information Analysis Center, (CIAC). CIAC is funded by Homeland Security funds and run by the CSP. Kluczynski said he gets his information from the Department of Homeland Security. Kluczynski said he was leaving the CSP at the end of that week (March 29, 2013) to begin his new career with Homeland Security. I thought he was perfect for the job.

Ron Trowbridge
Prowers County Sheriff’s Office


(This is an example of what "homeland security" is using to "train" law enforment. (A) American's who don't go along with changes in America, need to be controlled by law enforment.

(b) Law enforment was questioned if they were willing and prepared to confiscate "illegal" weapons if ordered to do so.

Homeland security consideres you a threat if: You believe America was founded on godly principles and you are a christian who takes the Bible literally. Yes the obama regime is doing everything possible to move toward taking you guns.)
Story Reports

Red dawn is about American citizens defending themselves against foreign invasion: The Jerico series is about domestic invasion.

Red Dawn (1984)

Uploaded on Oct 8, 2008

The plans to implement martial law in America have been taking shape for decades, hidden behind "Continuity of Government" contingency planning. Now, with public outcry over the banker bailout bill at fever pitch, all of the pieces are in place for the U.S. Army to start policing American citizens.

(In 2013 because of the NDAA act of 2012 the government or regime in control doesn't need any reason to snatch you out of your home without giving an explanation, or warrant or trial. Obama has control over who is kidnapped, snatched or just terminated. I am talking about anybody in the US. You can be a law abiding citizen with no criminal record, it doesn't matter. Do you see who the real "enemy" is now?) Story Reports

Red Dawn opens with one of the most shocking scenes ever filmed; on a peaceful morning, through the windows of a high school classroom, students see paratroopers land on the varsity football field: the invasion of the United States has begun! As their town is overrun by foreign nationals, eight teenagers escape to the mountains. Taking the name of their high school football team, the Wolverines, they wage unremitting guerrilla warfare in defense of their parents, their friends and their country. Powerful, chilling and absolutely gripping, this outstanding film features some of today's most popular stars, including Patrick Swayze (Ghost), Charlie Sheen (Platoon), C. Thomas Howell (The Hitcher), Lea Thompson ("Caroline in the City"), Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) and veteran actor Harry Dean Stanton (Alien).

("In our time no foreign army has ever occupied American soil until now." This movie was about American citizens, the current regime would call them lone wolves, defending themselves. The original 1984 film invading army was the chinese. In the remake of red dawn in 2012, while in post-production, the invading army was changed from Chinese to North Korean in order to maintain access to China's box office.

We do have foreign enemies. We do have domestic enemies. The domestic enemies are more of a threat to the individual citizen than any foreign enemy!

The last line of defense is the individual. If you are informed and not "ignorant" of what the current regime is doing you know that another "red dawn" is sure to come but the enemy will be foreign and domestic.) Story Reports

JERICHO The tv series A warning about a regime that wants total control over you.

(Jerico the tv series is also about American citizens defending themselves. In this series they are defending themselves against the federal government.

After a coup the "new" federal government is called the cheyenne government. The cheyenne government is the enemy from within. They use a civilian firm to kill American citizens who resist their total domination. The jennings and rall civilian firm controls the military. The black ops ravenwood government contractors kill civilians at will. The military kills civilians at will.

This series depicts what could happen using what now is federal law. National security act 51, patriot act section 802 and the ndaa act of 2012 all are geared for a coming domestic "jerico". Are you ready to defend yourself if possible? This is why the regime in power wants to regulate and register all you guns. The regime in power wants you to be defensless in a gun free zone. Do you get it now? Its not about guns its about you!! If your not totally defensless you are a potential threat.)
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More evidence obama is a traitor

Sen. Cruz Releases Inaugural Report on Obama Administration’s Unprecedented Attempts to Expand Federal Power

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) today released a report – “The Legal Limit: The Obama Administration’s Attempts to Expand Federal Power”

This report analyzes six instances in the last 15 months where the U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously rejected the Obama Administration’s arguments for increased federal power.

“When President Obama’s own Supreme Court nominees join their colleagues in unanimously rejecting his Administration’s call for broader federal power six times in just over one year, the inescapable conclusion is that the Obama Administration’s view of federal power knows virtually no bounds,” said Sen. Cruz. “This is a deeply troubling pattern that we will continue to highlight as long as this Administration continues seeking ways to expand its power in direct violation of Americans’ constitutional rights.”

Sen. Cruz’s report highlights the six cases that the Supreme Court has unanimously rejected since January 2012. Had President Obama’s Department of Justice been successful in its cases, the federal government would have the power to:

Attach GPSs to a citizen’s vehicle to monitor his movements, without having any cause to believe that a person has committed a crime (United States v. Jones);

Deprive landowners of the right to challenge potential government fines as high as $75,000 per day and take away their ability have a hearing to challenge those fines (Sackett v. EPA);

Interfere with a church’s selection of its own ministers. (Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church & School v. EEOC);

Override state law whenever the President desires. (Arizona v. United States);

Dramatically extend statutes of limitations to impose penalties for acts committed decades ago. (Gabelli v. SEC); and

Destroy private property without paying just compensation. (Arkansas Fish & Game Commission v. United States).

The arguments advanced in these cases demonstrate an astonishing view of federal power on behalf of the Obama Administration that is worthy of further examination. View the full report below:

The Legal Limit: The Obama Administration's Attempts to Expand Federal Power


(Obama wanted a GPS attached to your vehicle to monitor your every move even though you have not committed any crime!

Obama wanted you to not be able to challenge the government fines if the EPA wanted to fine you as high as $75,000 a day!

Obama wanted to be able to tell you who in your church could be a minister!

Obama wanted to be able to override state law whenever he desired!

Obama wanted to make retroactive penalities for potential federal law violations committed decades ago!

Obama wanted to destroy your private property without paying you just compensation!

These are just a few of the wicked obama regime's attempts to grab more centralized power. Obama is NO different than kim jong un the dictator of north korea.

Obama seeks total control of everything you do or say. He will continue to destroy America and seek to disarm Americans.

Obama is a traitor.)
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How To Make A Primitive Bow...Best Guide On Net

Probably the best bow making guide on net! Part 1 how to make a primitive bow. This video covers selecting wood, splitting the log, and basic wood removal and shaping with a draw knife. More videos will follow showing the entire process, from start to finish. Videography, storyline, narration and editing by: Billy Berger.

Part 2 of this series covers wood structure, how to establish one growth ring on the back of the bow for both hickory and osage orange, major wood removal, shaping the limbs, and shaping the handle.

Part 3 video shows how to straighten one limb that is slightly out of line and how to tiller the stave. This is where the static piece of wood becomes a dynamic weapon: the bow.

Part 4 of series: ( The conclusion to Making a Primitive Bow series. This video covers shooting and finishing the bow, as well as some bow designs that will help increase the performance and stealth of your new hunting weapon.

A 45 pound draw hunting bow has the killing ability of a 30-06 rifle

(This is information every American could use if the US continues to become a socialist/communist/dictatorship. Obama is hell bent on banning guns and ammo. He and his fellow comrads will continue to strip Americans of their freedoms. Obama and his fellow traitors will try to make you and I individual "gun free zones". Obama can't ban your ability to make and use a primitive bow although he would if he could just because it can also be used as a defensive weapon like a gun.)Story Reports


While you still can you might want to get the recurve bow below before obama and his fellow conrades force you to "register" your bow!

Samick Sage 62" Takedown Recurve Bow Review / Recurve Bow Shooting


A review I read about the Samick Sage 62" Takedown Recurve Bow.

For the advanced/expert it will definitely put a smile on your face and leave you with the "drop-jaw" amazement. For the intermediate, this bow will enhance your shooting fun and will definitely assist you in your progression. For the beginner, this bow is so forgiving that you will be shooting above your level, even if you know little about the tuning process and happen to be a little off.