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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Why Did Eric Garner Die?

(After watching the video you see police arresting a man in the wrong way. They did Not use reasonable force but excessive force to subdue Garner. This was NOT a violent crime scene!

(1) Eric Garner should have complied with the officers and not resisted arrest.
(2) Because he resisted arrest he was put on the ground.
(3) This is where the cops used excessive force and caused him later to die of a heart attack on the way to the hospital.
(4) Yes the cop had his arm around his neck but that didn't cause his death. His Fat neck didn't allow the cop to compress it enough to choke him to death.
(5) The excessive force is visible as the cops held his head to the ground and other cops grouped around him compressing his chest NOT ALLOWING HIM TO BREATHE! He was asthmatic.
(6) This is what caused Eric Garner to die, his excessive chest compression.
(7) The cops IGNORED his plea of "I can't breathe".
(8) The cops said he was arrested for selling cigarettes but NO cigarettes were found on him at the time.
(9) He had been arrested many times before for selling individual cigarettes.

(10) The New York city law that doesn't allow someone to sell, eat or do whatever they want with individual cigarettes after they have bought the pack of cigarettes and PAID the excessive tax on the cigarettes is also the "cause" of Eric Garner death.

So who is to blame for Eric Garner's death? Eric Garner for resisting arrest, the cops that used excessive force and compressed his chest and the city of New York for making a law that contributed to his death.

Al sharpton and his type will hype this story and whip up people with lies about Eric Garner being "choked to death" because of his race. People will sell "I can't breathe tee shirts etc. The state run media will milk this story for all its worth and Bubba will buy a tee shirt that says "I can't breathe".

Americans who smoke eventually all say "I can't breathe" even those who are on oxygen and still smoke!) Story Reports Comment