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Friday, August 16, 2013

obama the masked clown with out a valid birth certificate

Obama Clown Mask at Missouri State Fair Rodeo - Full Video!


Rep. Stockman invites Obama rodeo clown to perform in Texas

Obama the rodeo clown is real.
Rep. Stockman invites Obama rodeo clown to perform in Texas

A conservative Texas lawmaker is inviting a rodeo clown banned from the Missouri state fair to perform in the Lone Star State instead.

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Tex.) says that the unidentified rodeo clown and his colleagues have been unfairly targeted by liberals “to create a climate of fear.” He invited them to come perform at a fair in his southeastern Texas district instead.

“Liberals want to bronco bust dissent. But Texans value speech, even if its speech they don’t agree with,” Stockman said in a statement issued by his office Wednesday. “From Molly Ivins to Louie Gohmert and every opinion between Texans value free and open political speech. I’m sure any rodeo in Texas would be proud to have performers.”

Missouri state and fair officials reacted swiftly over the weekend after a rodeo clown donned a mask of President Obama and asked people if they want to see the president “run down by a bull.”

State Fair officials labeled the show “inappropriate” and said it “does not reflect the opinions or standards” of the fair.

Stockman said Wednesday that the reaction was typical of liberals.

“The liberal reaction is straight out of (Saul) Alinsky. They want to crush dissent by isolating and polarizing anyone who questions Obama, even if it’s a rodeo clown with a harmless gag,” he said. “The idea to create a state of fear and make people afraid to trivialize Obama. No one tried to personally destroy the rodeo clown who wore a George H.W. Bush mask.”


(I think Rep Stockman should have invited the "masked" clown himself none other than barack obama, the clown with out a valid birth certificate.) Story Reports

NAACP ripped for demanding federal probe of rodeo clown dressed as Obama


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What are the extraordinary measures the US is taking to keep the government solvent?

The Exchange Stabilization Fund:

$23 billion. This fund, among other uses, buys and sells foreign currency for economic stabilization purposes involving adverse or unwelcome exchange rate movements. For example, it was used in 2011 to help alleviate a surge in the Japanese currency after a major earthquake. Treasury is not authorized to restore lost interest. State and local government series Treasury securities. These are securities the federal government may or may not issue to states and local entities to hold any cash proceeds from their issuance of bonds.

May 18, the Treasury Department will begin implementing the standard set of extraordinary measures

Treasury Employs Extraordinary Measures to Spend Beyond Debt Limit

Treasury Employs Extraordinary Measures to Spend Beyond Debt Limit

After hitting the debt limit on March 19, the Treasury Department under Secretary Jack Lew is now employing its toolset of “extraordinary measures” to continue deficit spending without legally breaching the debt limit.

It will provide about $260 billion in borrowing capacity, which should last beyond at least Labor Day, according to a letter from Secretary Lew.

These cash-management measures really aren’t extraordinary anymore; they have become a common occurrence in Washington. After hitting the debt limit in 2011, Treasury employed its extraordinary measures to create about $240 billion in additional borrowing capacity from May 16 through August 1. It tapped into the measures again just this January for $60 billion.

Below-normal revenue levels during the economic recession and $830 billion in stimulus spending drove deficits to trillion-dollar levels over the past four years and drove the debt up against its legal limit. But revenues are projected to exceed normal levels over the next decade. If lawmakers neglect to deal with the three major entitlement programs, they will drive the debt ever higher. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid already make up 45 percent of the budget, and they are growing at a rapid pace as the number of beneficiaries and associated costs keep going up.


(Obama uses the US treasurey dept like his personal EBT card. It figures because obama cannot validate his US citizenship and is an ILLEGAL ALIEN. The PDF file he released as his "birth certificate" has been proven to be a complete FRAUD?FAKE document. It was examined by serveral document experts and declared a forgery and fraudulent document!) Story Reports


obamareleaseyourrecords Read this and you won't be ignorant of the facts of one called barack obama

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Interesting and innovative uses for honey a natural pure substance

Valerie Elliott mail Online

'Super honey': A new type of honey has produced amazing results treating wounds and infections

Doctors discover 'super honey' with amazing power to treat soldiers' wounds and kill superbug infections

A new honey has been produced that has had ‘amazing’ results treating wounds and infections.

The bio-engineered product Surgihoney was tested on babies, new mothers, cancer patients and the elderly for over a year in Hampshire hospitals.

Wounds and ulcers, including those infected with the superbug MRSA, healed within days, while the number of women who suffered infections after giving birth by caesarean section has halved.

It has also healed the wounds of soldiers returning from Afghanistan, and been used to treat acne and to protect the skin of cancer patients fitted with a catheter for chemotherapy.

Dr Matthew Dryden, consultant microbiologist at the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: ‘It will revolutionise wound care around the world.’

Honey has been used for its healing powers for thousands of years, although doctors favour penicillin and antibiotics.

However, Surgihoney, which is stored in 10g sachets, can kill bacteria, parasites and fungal infections while also encouraging wounds to heal.

Dr Dryden said: ‘I have conducted numerous laboratory tests and compared it with honeys from around the world.

‘I found Surgihoney better for treating every type of bug. So for the past year I have been using it on patients and the results have been amazing.

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Interesting and innovative uses for honey:

Antibacterial Solution –› Bacteria and germs won’t survive when covered in honey, given its acidic pH balance and viscous base. The microorganisms will be trapped in the sticky acidic base, which is too abrasive for their exteriors, eventually killing them off. Apply honey on a wound, scratch, or an inflamed region, along with an antiseptic. You’ll be astounded at how fast your injury heals after your honey treatment.

Antiseptic –› Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical used for cleaning wounds and helping them heal quickly. Honey happens to contain a good amount of the chemical. It only needs to be released by diluting the substance in water or body fluids. When applied on an open wound, the glucose, contained by honey, is diluted and gradually releases hydrogen peroxide. The substance facilitates your wound’s faster healing. Due to its viscous consistency, it also prevents wounds from sticking to the dressing and reduces the appearance of scars.

Blood Flow Improver –› Honey, rich in glucose, is known to improve the blood flow. Glucose provides energy in the bloodstream, which is distributed throughout the body. As a result, the blood produced has the proper consistency, flowing smoothly through the blood vessels. Glucose is believed to prevent capillary damage due to its ability to improve your blood flow.

Burn Remedy –› A burn is not only painful, but the marks also last for a good number of days before healing. By applying honey on your burn, the hydrogen peroxide released cleans the wound and soothes the inflammation. As a result, the burn marks will heal in a few days with less pain. Also use honey as a dressing and cover with a clean gauze bandage for maximum results.

Cancer and Heart Disease Prevention –› Heart disease and cancer are diseases that have claimed the lives of millions of people. Both conditions have a multitude of causes, some of which are hard to identify. You must have some sort of protection from these diseases. That protection can come in the form of honey. Honey’s antioxidants prevent the formation of cancer cells and preserve the quality of the produced blood. This prevents heart disease in the process. However, engaging in acts that promote cancer, such as smoking and excessive drinking, will still trigger the diseases. So, remain aware of what you choose to do to your body.

Colon Damage Prevention –› Colitis, a disease that damages the colon, induces much discomfort for the afflicted. You can minimize the effects of the disease if you consume some honey every day. The antioxidants found in honey strengthen and improve the resistance of the colon. In addition, honey is used in folk medicine as a means for curing colon-related conditions.

Diabetic Ulcer Remedy –› Curing a skin ulcer entirely is done largely by modern medical techniques. Fortunately, you can help speed up the healing process by using honey as a topical solution. Its ability to heal wounds will come in handy when a patient is advised to avoid other ointments.

Dry Elbow Softener –› You probably are aware that scratchy elbows can ruin your day. Next time, after you've washed and scrubbed, rub some honey on scratchy areas to soften the skin. Leave the honey on for 30 minutes then wash off. Repeat any time you need to soften dry and scratchy skin.

Energy Booster –› There is no need to buy palpitation-inducing energy drinks when you already have honey. Mix honey with some water then drink the solution. Honey’s glucose content will be absorbed by the brain and in the bloodstream, reducing fatigue in the process. You’ll keep healthy and be quite happy just by consuming the simple solution.

Facial Scrub –› Soften your skin with honey. It is excellent for skin exfoliation. Mix in some ground almonds and lemon juice to create a killer homemade facial scrub.

Fruit Preserver –› Your grandmother made Jam. Today you can show you're truly cutting edge by preserving your fruits in a honey sauce. Mix one part honey to ten parts water and cover your berries or sliced fruit. The Honey acts as both a natural preservative and sweetener.

Hair Conditioner –› In the shower, after you wash your hair, coat the ends with a bit of honey. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing out and you'll find that your hair is less frizzy and extra conditioned. Or, make your hair shiny and bright by adding one teaspoon honey to one quart of water. After washing your hair, pour the mixture over your head. Let dry and enjoy your new-found shiny 'do. Immune System Booster – Health buffs are known to drink a teaspoon of honey daily, along with their morning vitamins. Although still not scientifically proven, the daily consumption of honey is said to strengthen your immune system. Give it a shot; you’ve got nothing to lose.

Lip Balm –› Mix almond oil, beeswax, and honey to a consistency you prefer. Smear your 100% natural creation on your lips, and enjoy the benefits of its sun protection and moisturizing coolness.

Parasite Remover –› Honey, when mixed with vinegar and water, can remove worms and other parasites from your body. The combination of vinegar’s acidity and honey’s therapeutic components is more than enough to kill or expel bodily intruders. When you suspect that you have worms in your body, drink ample amounts of the solution regularly.

Relaxant for Anxiety and Nervousness –› Anxiety and nervousness are the enemies of a healthy mind. Free yourself from their negative effects by eating porridge mixed with honey. Honey’s nutrients produce a calming effect, especially when taken in significant amounts. You also can mix honey with a suitable beverage for a good night’s sleep.

Skin Moisturizer –› Honey, when mixed with eggs and some flour, is an effective skin moisturizer. Best of all, it is gently formulated, so people with sensitive skin can use it. Mix four tablespoons of honey with a couple of egg whites and a few tablespoons of flour, depending on your desired consistency. Stir the mixture until it thickens. When the mixture is ready, use it as a hand and body lotion or a moisturizing face mask, eliminating the effects of dry skin. If you like, add your favorite scent to your personal 100% natural skin care product, such as lavender oil.

Sore Throat Treatment –› Some people believe that honey is an even better treatment for coughs and colds than over-the-counter medicine. To create the sore throat-relieving serum, squeeze the juice from a lemon and mix it with some honey. Stir the mixture until both ingredients blend. Drink the solution. After a few moments, you will realize that your sore throat has been cured, or at least reduced. Continue the treatment every day until you finally are free from colds.

Sugar Substitute –› Use honey instead of sugar in baking. For every cup of sugar a recipe calls for, replace it with 3/4 cup of honey. For best results, add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and reduce another liquid in your recipe by 1/4 cup. Also, reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees.

Tub Water Softener –› Relax your body and soak your skin in a soothing bath. Put 2 tablespoons of honey in 1 cup of hot water and let it dissolve for about 10 minutes, then add to your bath. This will give you sweeter smelling, softer feeling water. As an extra special treat to yourself, add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil to the water, slip in, and relax. Some call it "pure bliss."

Vitamin A Enhancement –› Vitamin A is the nutrient that fosters better eyesight, especially when consumed in significant quantities. If you mix items that are rich in Vitamin A with honey, the effects are slightly increased.

Zit Zapper –› Honey might be a gentle skin moisturizer, but it’s tough on acne. With constant exposure to honey enzymes, pimples eventually wither and fade. Apply a small amount of honey on the pimply regions of your face before you go to bed. Cover the area with adhesive bandages. Let the honey work its magic as you sleep. Soon, your zit attack will be nothing more than a distant memory.


Honey Information


(Obamacare is no care, in fact its a death sentence for the elderly. People will need to treat themselves again with natural remedies that produce results because the obamacare doctor won't see you or will tell you to get into a cue and wait. Honey is a natural remedy for the disease called obamacare. Honey is a natural substance that produces results. Honey will do more for you than obamacare ever could or would.) Story Reports