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Saturday, November 24, 2012

In 2010 the Tea Party Was The Republican Dashboard

(I've been reading about the dashboard app obama used in 2008 and updated in 2012 to gather information that was used as a high tech obama "tea party" with unlimited obama funding. The 2009 tea party was a grass roots organization that resulted in the 2010 republican landslide. After 2010 the republican party stabbed the tea party in the back therefore in the 2012 election the tea party was deluted and frustrated at the moderate republican party. They didn't turn out the vote in 2012. This is also another big reason the usurper/fraud/emptysuit/liar obama got "reelected." High tech "matrix" network organiztion/manipulation of unsuspecting dupes by obama resulted in checkmate. You have got to ask yourself why didn't the republican's take advantage of a similar "dashboard." It seems all they had was a "floorboard" approach to winning just like the low tech 2008 effort of mccain.) Story Reports
NationalField: The Private Social Network That's Reinventing the Ground Game

The New and Not-So-New In Obama's "Dashboard"


In 2008 a suite of online tools geared towards making field organizing more trackable, measurable, immediate immersive became known as NationalField, a software platform now turned social data company.

NationalField is a startup tech company headquartered in Washington, DC.

Its primary product is enterprise-specific private social networks that permit each member of a business or institution to communicate salient information within their organizational hierarchies via Facebook-style news feeds.

The network addresses inefficiencies in information transmission typical of an enterprise's intranet by relying on real-time input and feedback instead of spreadsheets and email.

Unlike Facebook, group members do not self-direct membership via "friending", rather their inclusion depends on their position within the organization.

Networks can feature user-generated apps that allow their organizations to reduce or eliminate typical administrative costs like redundant work, data compilation, information tracking and sharing, and accountability.

It is a narrowly-focused communication tool that allowed any member of a particular group to post progress reports, pertinent campaign information (e.g. how many doors knocked on, phone calls made, etc.), strategic and tactical Q&A, and other important project data to a real-time news feed.

Campaign finance filings show that the Obama campaign is a client of National Field. The company's software advertises its product as something that can help managers within organizations to coach and enhance the performance of their staffers more efficiently. According to the campaign, some National Field ideas are incorporated in Dashboard, but Dashboard was designed and created in-house.

It was a significant advantage in Obama's re-election bid that most of the public never even knew was there.

Together, the hard metrics and softer ephemera alike got poured into a dashboard that gave campaign organizers a quick way to take the pulse of a campaign, and to dive in deeper if they need to.

(The republican party is a loser. Only a new third party with high tech savy that can attract conservatives can hope to counter the obama matrix of deception. I'm hoping and waiting for something to imerge to defeat the deciever in chief barack obama.

If one waits for the republican party to defeat obama it is a wasted effort.

I hope to see another tea party type grass roots collection of patriots that will organize to defeat obama and the republicans in the future.

There is hope but not in the republicans.

Americans can save America if they are not DUPED again by the republicans and the state run media.)
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Obama dashboard Figure


Obama's razor-sharp voter system now pushing agenda

The sophisticated, computerized voter tracking and social networking system that helped propel Barack Obama to victory a second time was built on the simple, enduring principle that it’s the people closest to an individual who have the most influence, not mass media.

Now, the data tracking that enabled Obama campaign workers to focus their efforts on the most persuadable voters and mobilize family and friends to reach them will be employed, at least in part, to help the president advance his legislative agenda, beginning with the so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations.

Campaign manager Jim Messina indicated at the Politico Playbook breakfast in the nation’s capital Tuesday that the political machine that created the two largest grassroots campaigns in history won’t completely disappear, reported Sabrina Siddiqui of the Huffington Post.

The campaign’s system, called Dashboard, linked and organized more than 1 million volunteers nationwide and employed tracking models by which staff could monitor support in crucial swing states.

Obama dashboard story continues here

(If is ins't clear to you that the election was manipulated by obama and his comrads it will be after you read the above story from WND.

Massive amounts of data gathered from obama's dashboard which tied into The Total Information Awareness Project were used to manipulate people.)
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We are Being Monitored And Manipulated

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Walmart Black Friday 2012 Hunger Games


“Walmart is really going to crack down on the fighting this year,” said chief marketing officer Flutarch Peavensdee. “We can’t just open the doors and have everyone attacking each other at once without giving them something to fight for or showing it on TV.”

Peavensdee elaborated on how the current, chaotic state of Black Friday is a sad testament to America’s dangerous obsession with commercial goods. “It’s absolutely tragic to hear stories of people getting trampled to death over an iPad.”

“We’re thinking of implementing an instant replay feature for any of the customers that are especially hungry for a big deal.”

Walmart’s customers are equally enthusiastic about participating. One customer eva coin said, "I won't let anybody get in front of me like last year. I brought a baseball bat this time. Another customer, Bow Kuncles said, " I'm going to stomp any old lady that gets in my way."


(The above is of course not a real quote. It is true people have been trampled to death, stabbed, arrested etc on black friday. Its is somewhat similar to the hunger games. We do see replays of some of the black friday games. There are winners and losers.

Its is a sad testament to Americans obsession to commercial goods. People are just being manipulated through various methods such as the delphi technique Psychological control in advertising etc.

The black friday hunger games are everywhere. Its just the beginning of 4 more years or more with obama. I suggest not getting into the frey of "black" friday for your own safety.)
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LA Times

Aimee Drolet Rossi, a consumer psychologist at UCLA's Anderson School of Management, said it should not be surprising that some people act out on Black Friday. Research on rats and monkeys has shown that they become more aggressive when placed in a crowded situation, and Rossi said humans are no different.

"Crowding leads people to behave less altruistically, in part because people's sense of responsibility lags when a lot of other people are around," she said. "People assume that other people will step up to help someone who is in distress."

"For some people, shopping is a competitive sport," LAPD Commander Andy Smith said. "But it should not be a contact sport."

The LAPD has been visiting stores across the city this week, talking to managers about the psychology of the frantic shopper.

Officials said the push was prompted by a series of incidents at Black Friday sales, notably one last year at a Porter Ranch Wal-Mart in which two dozen people were injured when a woman unleashed pepper spray during a frantic battle for some discounted video games.

The LAPD has also suggested that retailers avoid stacking sales items on pallets "to mitigate crowd aggression."

We are Being Monitored And Manipulated

IAO Total Information Awareness Office

Obama Dashboard

Big Data + Social Media Wins Elections (and Clients!)

If the 2008 presidential election revealed the power of social media in politics, the 2012 presidential election demonstrated its ability to provide essential demographic data. The secret to President Barack Obama’s first win was integration of grassroots organization via social media. Team Obama took that strategy to the next level in the 2012 election, and credited much of their success to their big data “nuclear codes.” This strategy involved fundamentals from what many inbound marketers already know. Here are a few plays that Team Obama shares with inbound marketing.

Break Down Information Silos to Enable Comprehensive Big Data Analysis

Like many businesses, the Democratic Party realized they had silos of data all over the place, but none of them were connected. They invested 18 months into creating one single massive information database with data collected from fundraisers, field workers, consumer databases, social media and mobile contacts. These previously separated data were now connected, revealing informational trends that provided insights into raising more money more efficiently.

Marketers often find themselves in the same dilemma, finding that customer care, sales, marketing, social media and website user data are all separated into different silos. Marketing teams that are able to combine this data find that useful trends emerge that can provide insight into running more successful marketing campaigns.

Data Can Reveal Personas to Target

One of the first steps in an inbound marketing campaign is to identify target personas through data analysis. Team Obama scoured user data behind one of the most successful fundraising events in the 2008 election, which drove donations from middle-aged women through a contest to have dinner with George Clooney.

Digging deep into the data, they found that donations were mostly from middle-aged female supporters who lived near George Clooney in Southern California. So, when it came time to generate donations in the New York area, Team Obama used this playbook to plan a successful fundraiser. They featured the same contest format – except this time, they featured a dinner with Sex in the City star Sarah Jessica Parker. The fundraiser was a hit, thanks to running the same successful playbook from four years ago! Inbound marketers know that discovering the most lucrative customer segments can lead to more efficient lead growth.

Target the Low-Hanging Fruit (IE people who only want a handout from obama)

Team Obama realized that the easiest people to attract for involvement in the 2012 campaign were people who had previously un-subscribed to the 2008 campaign email lists. They found that with a little personal attention, these people could be swayed back to the campaign more easily than a “cold lead.” As marketers, we all know that it’s much easier to keep a customer than to attract a new one. Use your client data to discover the “low-hanging fruit” and target these groups first.

Lower the Barrier to Purchase

Seasoned ecommerce marketers will all tell you that shortening the buying steps in a shopping cart will improve conversion rates. Team Obama took this one step further by creating a “Quick Donate” program. Quick Donate stored the donor’s payment information, and enabled subsequent donations to occur through low-touch cues like text messages. The campaign found that donors using Quick Donate gave four times as much compared to other donors.

While there are obvious differences between running a successful political campaign and running a successful inbound marketing campaign, there are similarities—especially when it comes to finding, collecting and using data.


(Also obama lied every time his lips moved. Massive amounts of date about every thing you do are used by obama and his comrads to manipulate you as much as possible.

Its similar to what advertizers do when the track and compile data on what you do on the internet, cell phone, tv, credit/debit cards etc etc.

The government knows more about you than you know about yourself.

Because of this they can control the outcome of elections etc.

If you have a cell phone for example they can track your every move. They can record your phone calls, text messages, emails. The apps that are on your "smart" phone spies on you! Obama uses this information for his massive data base.

There are cameras everywhere that can record your every move. You and I are being monitored 24-7 and manipulated. The Total Information Awareness Project tracks your daily electronic transactions looking for patterns to emerge. The delphi technique is Psychological control used by the government and anyone else that wants to manipulate the outcome of anything.)
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