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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Behold A Pale Horse, America's Last Chance

Behold A Pale Horse, America's Last Chance Part One

Looming world government, a world "elite", the United Nations...loss of American Sovereignty! The light of our "shining city on a hill" dims. Dissecting America under judgement, country music legend Charlie Daniels in a primer for the uninitiated explains The New World Order, with Biblical perspective. We were born for such ...

Starring: Charlie Daniels
Directed by: Chuck Untersee
Runtime: 1 hour 42 minutes

Behold A Pale Horse, America's Last Chance Part One Amazon $2.99

Look who's barbequing media over Paula Deen

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Citizen Home Self Defense


Defense of home and family is one of the first and foremost reasons why weapons of almost every sort, certainly including hand-held firearms, were invented in the first place. Almost any gun you can think of performs this primary function well, but some are a little better suited to the job than others.

As a home defense gun, a properly set up AR-15 is easier to shoot accurately and delivers more firepower than a handgun, is more precise than a shotgun, more controllable than a subgun, and is easily configured with lights, lasers and other accessories to give you further advantages over any uninvited guests who may come calling after visiting hours.

There are those who cite a certain “intimidation factor” as an additional benefit of an AR over a handgun, especially an AR equipped with a laser sighting device. Those people watch too much television. As a general rule, anybody who is dumb enough to get caught stumbling around somebody else’s house in the dark can not be counted on to have brains enough to distinguish an AR-15 from an economy-size can of spray-on insect repellent, or to tell the difference between a trembling laser beam and a spinning disco ball. Even if your personal perp is smarter and more mentally alert than that, the fact remains that, while nobody has ever been killed by a well placed shot of intimidation, relying on squishy psychological threats instead of bullets has often had a fatal effect on the naive practitioner.

A laser sight may enhance your ability to aim in low light, as tritium inserts in your iron sights definitely will. Unmagnified red-dot sights can be useful with practice. Unless you are completely suicidal, please remember to detach any long-range scope you might have on your AR before you even think about putting it in a place where somebody might be tempted to use it to defend your home from an invader lurking a few feet away. One accessory you must have on your home-defense AR is a bright white light for target identification. One of these lights mounted on your rail system can disorient and maybe even temporarily blind the bad guy but this is a secondary benefit to the primary one, which is knowing who it is (and who it is not) you’re about to shoot.

One more reminder that seems superfluous but apparently needs to be mentioned is that an AR-15 is a rifle, not a room deodorizer. Wield it from the shoulder, not the hip, use your sights, and fire one well aimed round at a time.


Defending your home from robbers, thieves, invaders and assorted nut cases does not mean you have to shoot up your neighborhood. Bullets that whiz through walls almost always create more problems than they solve, and whizzing through walls is one of the things a full-metal-jacket .223 bullet does best. It’s called overpenetration, and there are various ways to alleviate it so your neighbors don’t start shooting back.

A .223 bullet that mushrooms to twice its size and skids to a halt inside the suddenly expanded chest of your uninvited guest is far preferable to one that passes out the back of his MTV T-shirt right through the framed Home-Sweet-Home embroidery hanging on the wall behind him into your grandmother’s TV set. The latter is what you can expect from military-type .223 ammo, the former is the way good hunting hollowpoints and rapidly expanding varmint loads are supposed to behave. If your bullet will transform a prairie dog into a spray of pink mist, it will do much the same to your guest’s heart and lungs without interrupting your grandmother’s favorite soap opera. Another safe bet is pre-fragmented “frangible” bullets, so fragile in construction they’re designed to break up into tiny pieces when they encounter anything harder than a wisdom tooth.

Your home may be your castle, but it’s sure not built like one. Half an inch of drywall with a not-quite 2X4 here and there just isn’t the same as twelve feet of solid stone. Even those old castles didn’t have to withstand anything more penetrating than an occasional arrow, rock or sharp stick.

Besides loading varmint bullets in your .223, another good way to defend your home is with larger-caliber bullets that are, relatively speaking, soft, fat and slow. Your grandmother will be happy to know there are many upper receivers made specifically for your AR that provide just such an ideal defense.

Handgun cartridges loaded with personal defense hollowpoints or frangibles work better in your home AR-15 than they do in your pistol. Uppers are available in 9mm, .40 Auto, .45 ACP and 10mm. Smallbore high-velocity cartridges similar to the .223 - the 6x45mm and 6mm PPC - can be used for home defense with lightweight varmint bullets. Lower-velocity rounds with heavier bullets work even better - 7.62x39 Soviet, 6.8x43 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, .300 Fireball/Whisper, and .338 Spectre. Best of all are the big-bore .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf, which provide plenty of “knock-down” power and limited penetration when loaded with heavy hollowpoint or softpoint bullets.

Whichever cartridge you choose, you’ll soon see why the short, handy AR-15 carbine, complete with rail-mounted light and perhaps laser and/or red dot sight, is the primary weapon-of-choice used by military units preparing for close quarters battle (CQB) and police SWAT units faced with operating in a hostile home environment. The requirements of these highly trained shooters are quite similar to your own as a home defender operating in cramped space with innocents to consider, and you can learn from their tactics as well as their equipment. The best way to learn is to go to school and practice a lot.


Living with the AR-15

(The “castle doctrine” passed by state legislatures throughout the country is a law which essentially states that anyone who enters your home uninvited is presumably there to do you and your family bodily harm and can therefore be dealt with accordingly and with impunity.

You and I have the law on our side to defend ourselves, in our home, against a single person, several persons or a mob out of control.)
Story Reports
Remember what the fraud obama said about his self defense June 14, 2008:

Senator Barack Obama was fund-raising in Philadelphia and made a comment about “the Chicago way.”

Channeling the mob drama, “The Untouchables,” Mr. Obama said in reference to the general election rumble with the Republicans: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Obama's insider threat program turns federal workers into Secret Police

Obama’s plan to predict future leakers unproven, unlikely to work
In an initiative aimed at rooting out future leakers and other security violators, barack obama has ordered federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues based on behavioral profiling techniques that are not scientifically proven to work, according to experts and government documents.

The techniques are a key pillar of the Insider Threat Program, an unprecedented government-wide crackdown under which millions of federal bureaucrats and contractors must watch out for “high-risk persons or behaviors” among co-workers. Those who fail to report them could face penalties, including criminal charges.

Some current and former U.S. officials and experts worry that Obama’s Insider Threat Program could lead to false or retaliatory accusations across the entire government, in part because security officials are granted access to information outside their usual purview.

Current and former U.S. officials and experts also ridiculed as overly zealous and simplistic the idea of using reports of suspicious behavior to predict potential insider threats. It takes years for professional spy-hunters to learn their craft, and relying on the observations of inexperienced people could lead to baseless and discriminatory investigations, they said.

“Anyone is an amateur looking at behavior here,” said Thomas Fingar, a former State Department intelligence chief who chaired the National Intelligence Council, which prepares top-secret intelligence analyses for the president, from 2005 to 2008.

Co-workers, Fingar said, should “be attentive” to colleagues’ personal problems in order to refer them to counseling, not to report them as potential security violators. “It’s simply because they are colleagues, fellow human beings,” he said.

Eric Feldman, a former inspector general of the National Reconnaissance Office, the super-secret agency that oversees U.S. spy satellites, expressed concern that relying on workers to report colleagues’ suspicious behaviors to security officials could create “a repressive kind of culture.”

“The answer to it is not to have a Stasi-like response,” said Feldman, referring to the feared secret police of communist East Germany. “You’ve removed that firewall between employees seeking help and the threat that any employee who seeks help could be immediately retaliated against by this insider threat office.”


(There is an "insider threat" and its in the white house. America is under siege. The ENEMY WITHIN IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. A TRAITOR who calls himself barack husein obama. I monitor his suspicious actions and report them to America hoping the threat will be exposed before we all are put into a gulag prison. Obama seeks out Americans who are a specific "threat" to his agenda or voice an opinion of his deception, criminal activity and lies.) Story Reports

Sunday, July 7, 2013

George Zimmerman Probably Won't Be Convicted of Murder or Manslaughter

Travon Martin Bling Bling Current Picture

In Zimmerman’s call to a non-emergency police line, he told a dispatcher that a person he was observing (who turned out to be Martin) appeared to be “on drugs.” Jurors in the George Zimmerman murder trial will be able to hear defense testimony that Trayvon Martin had small amounts of marijuana in his system at the time he was shot to death in February 2012. In Reversal, Florida Judge Okays Testimony About Trayvon Martin’s Marijuana Usage

The essence of Zimmerman's account is basically as follows:

He spotted Martin, became suspicious, called police, was told he didn't need to follow him, was only out of his car to give the authorities an address, was jumped and then pummeled by Martin and as he was being punched and having his head knocked into the ground, Martin went for Zimmerman's firearm and Zimmerman shot him once in the chest.


Extended School Suspension

There has been a lot of analysis about the character of George Zimmerman in the media, and surprisingly little about Trayvon Martin.

For instance, a few days before he was killed, Trayvon was suspended from school for ten days.

Still, Trayvon had nonviolent behavioral issues in school, and on the day he was killed, he had been suspended for 10 days from Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in North Miami-Dade. “He was not suspended for something dealing with violence or anything like that. It wasn’t a crime he committed, but he was in an unauthorized area [on school property],” Martin said, declining to offer more details. Before that, Trayvon attended Miami Carol City High School near his mother’s home in Miami Gardens.

There has been very little follow-up in investigating exactly why Trayvon was suspended for such a long period of time for what seems to be the relatively minor offense of “being in an unauthorized area.” In most schools, something like that would be a detention, or one-day, in school suspension at most. Not ten days.

Of course, this is why Trayvon was staying as his Father’s house, so far away from school. And it also explains why George Zimmerman, who by all accounts seemed to stay on top of everything that happened in his neighborhood, didn’t recognize him that evening, Trayvon didn’t really live there, and was only in town because of the suspension.

It seems we may not find out more anytime soon, as a lawyer representing Trayvon’s family has sealed his school records.

(Obama's records are sealed also.) Story Reports

Multiple Tattoos

To learn more about Trayvon’s character, we have to look to his friends and family to offer clues. Unfortunately, it seems as if most people who knew him are intent on cleaning up his image, rather than discussing what Trayvon was really like.

Even though Trayvon was only 17, he already was sporting gold teeth, and several large tattoos. This one was on his wrist, apparently of his girlfriend’s mother’s name.

It seems that Tray was also on Twitter, but his account seems to have been recently deleted by his family or friends.

His screen name was “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.

At first, I was skeptical that anyone would maintain an account with that sort of derogatory slur in the title, but after doing some research, it’s apparent that it was Trayvon’s account.

The account was in existence long before the shooting occurred a few weeks ago, and was deleted only recently, there are still dozens of references to @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA in google’s cache.

Several of Tray’s friends have been very open about referring to Trayvon using that account as well. His cousin, who is quite active on Twitter, refers to Trayvon more than a dozen times using the @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA nickname.

Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?

This is in stark contrast to the media’s central narrative that Trayvon was a normal, happy, well-adjusted teenager.

Instead of that, we are seeing long suspensions from school, tattoos, racially-charged epitaphs, and violence.

This info paints a somewhat different picture of Trayvon than the one the media has been forcing down our throats for the last several weeks.

This is a complex case, and while all the facts are not in yet, we do know that Zimmerman was well within his rights to make verbal contact with someone he didn’t know or recognize in his neighborhood.

In fact, that’s exactly what Neighborhood Watch groups are for, to be the “eyes and ears” of the community. It appears that Zimmerman was very good at this job.

No matter how offended someone might be to have a stranger come up and ask what they are doing there, it doesn’t give anyone a license to commit assault.

Zimmerman was pinned to the ground, according to a witness, and was still being beaten by someone much younger than him.

Many people are reading a lot into the weight difference between Martin and Zimmerman, but Zimmerman was also 5’9 and out of shape. I’m pretty sure many tubby thirty-year-olds wouldn’t do well against a fit, 6’3, 17-year-old.

This is a textbook self-defense case, and I’d urge anyone reading to look at the full set of facts before drawing conclusions.

(I agree. I think Zimmerman used self defense against a punk the state run media doesn't want you to know. The state run media wants you to know something other than the real story and the truth.) Story Reports
Rush Limbaugh enraged by Obama's Trayvon rallies

Rush enraged by Obama's Trayvon rallies

PALM BEACH, Fla. – As the murder trial of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin heads toward a conclusion, radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh says the case should never have been prosecuted.
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“This is a trial that should not even be occurring,” Limbaugh declared on his national radio program Wednesday.

“This is a trial that should not even be occurring,” Limbaugh declared on his national radio program Wednesday.

“This is a trial occurring because the [Obama] administration wants to promote racial division in this country. I don’t know how else to describe this. There’s no case here.”

Zimmerman, 29, is accused of second-degree murder in the February 26, 2012, death of Martin, a 17-year-old from Miami who was staying with his father in Sanford, the Central Florida town where Zimmerman lived.

Limbaugh noted that when Barack Obama was campaigning to be president and once he was elected to office, many people presumed America’s racial divide would finally be a thing of the past.

“Obama’s gonna unite us and all of this racial strife is gonna end. All of this racism and this perceived racism is gonna end,” Limbaugh said was the prevailing theme.

“And we had a bunch of white people hoping that it would show that they’re not racist, to finally prove it, wipe out the vestiges of slavery and the world was gonna love us. How’s that working out in terms of American foreign policy?”

“And we’re gonna end all this partisanship, we’re gonna be unified, we’re gonna work together toward a common goal, we’re gonna have politics like it’s never been done before, we’re actually going to accomplish things, we’re going to focus on jobs, we’re gonna get people back to work.

“Not one thing that people were led to believe would happen has even come close to happening. And the Limbaugh Theorem proves that Obama remains unattached from the failures that he has orchestrated.”

Limbaugh also expressed outrage about a report that a division of the U.S. Department of Justice was dispatched to Sanford, Fla., in 2012 to provide assistance for anti-George Zimmerman protests, including a rally headlined by activist Al Sharpton.

The Community Relations Service, a division of DOJ, reported expenses related to its deployment in Sanford to help manage protests between March and April 2012, according to documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch also obtained an audio recording of a “community meeting” held at Second Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Sanford on April 19, 2012. The meeting, which led to the ouster of Sanford’s Police Chief Bill Lee, was scheduled after a group of college students calling themselves the “Dream Defenders” barricaded the entrance to the police department demanding Lee be fired. According to the Orlando Sentinel, DOJ employees with the CRS had arranged a 40-mile police escort for the students from Daytona Beach to Sanford.

“These documents detail the extraordinary intervention by the Justice Department in the pressure campaign leading to the prosecution of George Zimmerman,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. “My guess is that most Americans would rightly object to taxpayers paying government employees to help organize racially charged demonstrations.”

Limbaugh was incensed at the report, saying, “DOJ documents proving the DOJ was down there basically fanning the flames of protests, busing protesters in with police escorts.”

“It’s outrageous. It’s unconstitutional. I can’t think of a proper descriptive here to express the anger I have,” Limbaugh concluded.
(Yep ole BO sent his troops to rally for trayvon martin at the expense of the American people. Obama is a criminal traitor that should be arrested for treason.) Story Reports