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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Don't Give Up The Ship!

The "war on terror" has taken many forms. One of the forms is the government's war on your liberty and freedom.

In the war of 1812 during the battle between the USS Chesapeake and the HMS Shannon the Chesapeake had an opportunity at the beginning of the battle to inflict great damage to the Shannon but for some unknown reason did not.

The USS Chesapeake used the incorrect ammunition for the battle.

The HMS Shannon used different cannon firing techniques and prepared well before the battle.

In the current battle for the Republic of America that occurs on Nov 2, 2012, it would be well to remember to prepared for battle and use the correct ammuniiton to defeat the enemy.

The recent supreme court decision to sustain obamacare can be directly attributed to not preparing well for the battle and using the wrong ammunition.

Obama through the national state run media used the ammunition of black mail to threaten the chief "injustice" John Roberts into wounding the Republic by ignoring the US Constitution.

Freedom loving Americans have not prepared the congress to defend our liberty and freedom
via the ballot box. Therefore we have lost the recent obamacare battle.

The war for liberty has replaced the "war on terror" as the most important item for many Americans who know that the US is hanging by a thread.

The war for liberty in America is Not lost but continues with a decisive battle on nov 2, 2012.

If America prepares for battle and votes out all in congress that are traitors, ie all that voted and supported obamacare, and those that will not defend the US Constitution then we as a free people will continue to exist as a free republic if obamacare is repealed and the traitors in congress replaced.

If not it will be a battle we may not recover from and will eventually end up fighting as individuals vs the jack booted federal state government for control of our liberty.

The same or similar battle plans and tactics will not succeed fighing against the "liberals, communistis, environment wacos and the "president", whose allegiance is to a foreign nation.

If the republican status quo continues another major battle will be lost in nov 2012.

If this occurs and the republic still survives for another election a new third party
must be formed that will defeat the traitors to liberty and freedom that now exists.

The battle continues and will continue until as Charles Heston said: "from my cold dead hands"

He was speaking of a weapon used to defend his freedom and liberty from a LAWLESS GOVERNMENT!

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