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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Amazing Regenerating Rib Of A Human

The Amazing Regenerating Rib
Dr. Georgia Purdom

Many people think of the skeletal structure as static, but as our ribs show, they are some of the most dynamic structures in our bodies.

The skeletal system is one of the most underappreciated organ systems in our bodies. Bones are usually considered rather static and not to contribute much to overall health. However, bones are some of the most dynamic organs in the body and constantly change to help the body deal with the stresses (nutritional and physical) that are encountered. Ribs are truly amazing bones not only for the physical roles they play in our bodies, but also for their connection to Genesis.

Anatomy and Physiology of Ribs

Both men and women have 12 pairs of ribs.1 These ribs extend from the vertebrae to form the wall of the thoracic cavity (where the lungs and heart reside). The first seven pairs of ribs are called true ribs and connect to the sternum. The remaining five pairs of ribs are called false ribs because they don’t attach directly to the sternum. Ribs 8–10 attach to cartilage that attaches the true ribs to the sternum, and ribs 11–12 are floating—they do not attach to the sternum or other ribs.

The function of ribs is threefold. First, they provide protection for the lungs and heart. The ribs more or less form a “cage” around these very important organs. Second, they are one of the few bones that continue to make red marrow (and thus blood cells) in the adult. Third, they serve as attachment points for chest muscles involved in respiration.

The rib cage can be thought of as a handle on a bucket. When we breathe in, the muscles attached to the ribs pull the ribs out just as when you lift the handle on a bucket from the side—it goes out and up. The lungs are coordinated with this movement, expand and take air in. The opposite occurs when we breathe out; the muscles attached to the ribs relax, and the ribs go down and in (just like dropping a bucket handle)—and the lungs follow (become smaller) causing air to leave.

The absence of this latter function was known by our Savior during His crucifixion on the cross. In crucifixion the arms are stretched to the extent that the chest muscles connecting to the ribs are pulled tight. A person enduring crucifixion can breathe in, but they have a difficult time breathing out. The ribs remain in a fixed position because the muscles attached to the ribs can’t relax. Thus, the lungs can’t become smaller, which is necessary for air to leave.

Jesus would have had to lift Himself up (scraping a severely beaten back on the wooden cross) to allow the chest muscles to relax and the rib cage to move so He could breathe out. To think that He did this successfully for several hours and managed to say seven phrases during that time period should make us appreciate even more His sacrifice for us.

Regenerating Ribs

Although all bones can repair themselves, ribs can regenerate themselves.2 Ribs are commonly removed during surgeries that require bone grafts in other parts of the body. The rib is removed from the periosteum (a tissue surrounding the bone) much like a banana would be removed from its peel while keeping most of the peel intact. The periosteum must remain, as it contains osteoblasts which build the new rib bone.
Ribs and Genesis

The rib bone is one of the few bones mentioned by name in Scripture. Genesis 2:20b–22 states, “But for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him. And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh in its place. Then the rib which the LORD God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man.” Being a woman this is an especially important part of Scripture to me!

Some people have mistakenly thought that because God used a rib from Adam to make the woman that all men have one less rib than women.3 We know this is false because we can easily count the number of ribs in men and women and see they are the same. The number of ribs is determined by the code written in our DNA. God did not change Adam’s DNA; He simply removed one of his ribs to use for the creation of the woman. Thus, all men descended from Adam (and Eve) would have 12 pairs of ribs, even if Adam had one less rib. The same could be said for a man who loses his leg due to an accident. Would all his children only have one leg? Of course not—the man’s DNA that codes for two legs has not changed.

God chose from Adam the one bone that could regenerate itself. So, even though he likely had one less rib bone for some period of time (possibly to some an indication of imperfection before the Fall), we still observe perfection and completeness in Adam physically before the Fall due to the regenerative capability of the ribs.

As a woman I find it compelling that God chose to remove a bone from Adam’s side versus from his head or his feet to create the woman. Matthew Henry states, “That the woman was made of a rib out of the side of Adam; not made out of his head to rule over him, nor out of his feet to be trampled upon by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be beloved.”4

God made the woman to be Adam’s helper, “And the LORD God said, ‘It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.’” (Genesis 2:18). God instituted different roles for husbands and wives from Creation, but they were adversely affected by the Fall (Genesis 3:16). However, the Fall did not change the fact that God made the woman (and thus all women) equal in status to Adam (and thus all men).
Jesus would have had to lift Himself up (scraping a severely beaten back on the wooden cross) to allow the chest muscles to relax and the rib cage to move so He could breathe out. To think that He did this successfully for several hours and managed to say seven phrases during that time period should make us appreciate even more His sacrifice for us.

(I did not realize that Jesus our Creator and Savior did this so he could breathe out. It does make me more aware of the sacrifice Jesus made for me.

Imagine, your Creator/Savior nailed to a cross bleeding and struggling to exhale with every breath.

GOD himself in the form of his Son enduring the pain and suffering for you and I for our sins.

All that Jesus asks is that you believe on him, repent of your sins and call on his name believing he sacrificed himself for you to be saved from the torment of hell for eternity.) Story Reports
The GOOD NEWS (the gospel) is that it is very EASY to partake of the second birth, the spiritual birth. God came down to this earth 2,000 years ago and took upon Him the form of a man, that man was the Lord Jesus Christ (1st Timothy 3:16). Literally, the Godhead became incarnate (Colossians 2:9). Jesus was born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14). Jesus never sinned one time (2nd Corinthians 5:21). Jesus died, was buried and rose again after three days (1st Corinthians 15:1-4). Jesus shed His blood for our many sins (Colossians 1:14).

There are a few things you must know to be saved:

1. You are a sinner (Romans 3:10,23).

2. You deserve to go to hell to pay for your sins (Romans 6:23; Revelation 21:8).

3. Jesus Christ, God in the flesh (God's Son), died upon the cross to pay for your sins (John 3:16-18; Romans 5:8).

If you believe that Jesus is the Saviour (the Christ) Who paid for your sins, and you realize your sinful condition enough to see your need for a Saviour, then you are ready to be born again. All that remains for you to do is to personally ask Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and to come into your heart as your own personal Saviour.

What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?

Creation Sermons

Good News Post (KJV Bible)

Friday, January 23, 2015

NFL Game Balls

scene from cast away,.....wilson !! (Was "wilson" deflated? Did Tom know?)
NFL Rules & Regulations on Inflation of Game Balls

Rule 2, Section 1 of the NFL Rule Book says that the balls must be a certain weight, length, width and even color.

The Ball must be a “Wilson,” hand selected, bearing the signature of the Commissioner of the League, Roger Goodell.

The ball shall be made up of an inflated (12 1/2 to 13 1/2 pounds) urethane bladder enclosed in a pebble grained, leather case (natural tan color) without corrugations of any kind. It shall have the form of a prolate spheroid and the size and weight shall be: long axis, 11 to 11 1/4 inches; long circumference, 28 to 28 1/2 inches; short circumference, 21 to 21 1/4 inches; weight, 14 to 15 ounces.

The Referee shall be the sole judge as to whether all balls offered for play comply with these specifications. A pump is to be furnished by the home club, and the balls shall remain under the supervision of the Referee until they are delivered to the ball attendant just prior to the start of the game.

NFL Rules & Regulations on How Game Balls Are Handled

Rule 2, Section 2 of the Rule Book addressed the preparation that goes into getting the game balls ready. This is a process that includes the teams providing their own balls and the refs checking and marking them.

Each team will make 12 primary balls available for testing by the Referee two hours and 15 minutes prior to the starting time of the game to meet League requirements. The home team will also make 12 backup balls available for testing in all stadiums. In addition, the visitors, at their discretion, may bring 12 backup balls to be tested by the Referee for games held in outdoor stadiums. For all games, eight new footballs, sealed in a special box and shipped by the manufacturer to the Referee, will be opened in the officials’ locker room two hours and 15 minutes prior to the starting time of the game.

These balls are to be specially marked by the Referee and used exclusively for the kicking game.

In the event a home team ball does not conform to specifications, or its supply is exhausted, the Referee shall secure a proper ball from the visitors and, failing that, use the best available ball. Any such circumstances must be reported to the Commissioner.

In case of rain or a wet, muddy, or slippery field, a playable ball shall be used at the request of the offensive team’s center.

The Game Clock shall not stop for such action (unless undue delay occurs).

Note: It is the responsibility of the home team to furnish playable balls at all times by attendants from either side of the playing field.

Since the Patriots were using their own 12 balls, and the Colts were using their own 12 balls, the only time the Colts possessed a Patriots ball was on Tom Brady’s only interception of the game.
(Bubba can tell you everything about a deflated nfl football but he wouldn't know his house was on fire if he smelled smoke.) Story Reports

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Ultimate Proof of Creation

The Ultimate Proof of Creation - Dr. Jason Lisle

Christians can demonstrate with absolute certainty that the biblical account of creation is true. Any alternative to biblical creation is irrational, and cannot make sense of laws of logic, nor morality, nor the methods of science.

This gives Christians an absolutely irrefutable argument forthe Christian faith, even if they havelittle knowledge of the sciences. Also included are practical tips on how to refute non-biblical views on origins.

Visit For More Videos On Creation

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is Gay the New Black? (Voddie Baucham)

Is Gay the New Black? Voddie Baucham - Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis
The topics of homosexuality and same-sex marriage are origins issues. As Dr. Voddie Baucham says in his introduction, "This is a Genesis 1, 2, and 3 issue."
(This 55 min sermon is a real eye opener. It is information about the "gay" agenda and how it is being implemented.

If you want some real truth about how sodomites are deceiving you and your children take the time to listen and learn what Voddie Baucham has to say about how sodomites are using certain black leaders to deceive you into thinking "gay rights" are a civil rights issue. Baucham reveals how sodomites operate to push their homosexual agenda.) Story Reports

God's Creation Design for Gender and Marriage.

Dr. Richard Phillips opens up Genesis chapters 1 and 2 and shows their great relevance for our lives today. In a world where gender distinctions are increasingly confused, Phillips shows how God makes clear distinctions that Christians should respect and cultivate.

God's design for marriage is not only clearly stated in Genesis, but helpfully explained throughout the Bible. Finally, in a culture where sexual sins and confusion mar the lives of countless people, Phillips shows the Bible's depiction of sexuality as holy, good, and blessed by God when in accordance with His Word.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Rev Ralph David Abernathy should be honored on MLK day not MLK

The Rev Ralph David Abernathy should be honored on MLK day not MLK.

mlk bought sex with sclc money according to FBI records

MLK is not what you think
In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell


AND THE WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN An Autobiography. By Ralph David Abernathy.


The Rev. Ralph David Abernathy's career has always been both enhanced and obscured by the fact that he stood so close to the overwhelming presence of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As he reminds us in the introduction to his autobiography, ''And the Walls Came Tumbling Down,'' Mr. Abernathy ''was there from beginning to end, from the Montgomery bus boycott in the late autumn of 1955 to Memphis in the spring of 1968.''

Now the man who in 1957 helped to found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (the most prominent clergy-led civil rights organization), and served as King's hand-picked successor as president of S.C.L.C. from 1968 to 1976, is at the center of a firestorm of his own creation, one that revolves around revelations not about himself but about his closest friend MLK.

Mr. Abernathy and King were many things to each other - colleagues in the black church, cellmates, strategists, co-conspirators for justice - but at the personal level, they were best friends. But in friendships in which one person greatly outshines the other, a curious mixture of love, envy and competition can sometimes lead to a lingering, often unspoken resentment.

Mr. Abernathy's reasons for providing a detailed description of his friend's last evening and early morning - during which King had sexual encounters with two women and a confrontation with a third close woman companion - can be known only to him.

(((Mr. Abernathy said he had not revealed anything that had not already been discussed publicly. ''Had others not dealt with the matter in such detail, I might have avoided any commentary,'' he wrote. He also said that although he personally did not approve of Dr. King's behavior, he understood its reasons, because both he and Dr. King were away from home so much.)))

The Rev. Joseph Lowery, who succeeded Mr. Abnernathy as president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, said yesterday that he regretted the things Mr. Abernathy had said about Dr. King in the book but praised Mr. Abernathy ''as a stalwart steward'' in the civil rights struggle and called him ''a faithful servant of the cause of liberty and justice.''

Nothing is more relished than a book written in the first person and historical events that one has lived through. Rev. Abernathy tells the story of what he saw and lived with his day's as Dr. King's best friend, right-hand man, and advisor. There are things our friends know about us that our familiy members don't and/or refuse to admit. If you are not scared of the truth, read this book.

If you want to blindly walk around believing what others who weren't there have written, stay ignorant and don't read the book. Dr. King was not perfect, nor are we. However, the truth IS WHAT IT IS and does not need defending. Besides, everyman answers for his own sins and reading this book is no sin.

This book was written to set the record straight, by a man who had no need for financial gains and was close to death. In the real world streets are not paved with gum drops and lollipops. If you want that, go to Disney World.

(The state run media has built walls around MLK and the truth about MLK. Ralph Abernathy knew who MLK was and what he did. Abernathy exposed MLK. His closest friend said, "he personally did not approve of Dr. King's behavior."

Mr. Abernathy's provided a detailed description of his friend's last evening and early morning where MLK had sexual encounters with two women and a confrontation with a third close woman companion.

MLK is promoted as a "peace maker" and one who believed in non violence. MLK is not promoted as a whoremonger and adulterer. MLK closest friend Ralph Abernathy, King's hand-picked successor as president of S.C.L.C. from 1968 to 1976, was an eye witness to the real MLK. If you believe having sex with 2 women on MLK's last evening is something that you should honor on "MLK day" in his memory I say you are deceived and honoring a whoremonger and adulterer because of your ignorance.

You can know the truth via MLK closest friend Ralph Abernathy, King's hand-picked successor as president of S.C.L.C. from 1968 to 1976.

MLK like BO has no honor. Respect for the reputation of MLK should be limited to his effort to overcome racism only.

Bill Clinton admitted to having had an "improper relationship" with Monica Samille Lewinsky only after he was 'caught in the act" so to speak.

MLK was "caught in the act" by MLK closest friend Ralph Abernathy, King's hand-picked successor as president of S.C.L.C. from 1968 to 1976 but was murdered.

Because MLK was murdered the acts of a whoremonger and adulterer were never exposed and he became a martyr for civil rights.

I believe Abernathy and the former FBI associate director. MLK is not what you think but a mass media creation as is obama, both are FRAUDS.)
Story Reports

Read the book. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: An Autobiography By The Rev Ralph Abernathy

Why would anyone honor a man whom the FBI said Bought Sex With SCLC Money?
Notice there are no denials from Rev. Joseph Lowery, Andrew Young, Martin Luther King 3d, about what the rev David Abernathy said about MLK.

FBI: King Bought Sex With SCLC Money

The FBI files on King are sealed until the year 2027. If what former assistant FBI director William Sullivan said is true, I can understand why.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation had for many years been aware of Stanley Levison's Communist activities. It was Levison's close association with King that brought about the initial FBI interest in King.

Lest you be tempted to believe the controlled media's lie about "racists" in the FBI being out to "get" King, you should be aware that the man most responsible for the FBI's probe of King was Assistant FBI Director William C. Sullivan. Sullivan describes himself as a liberal, and says that initially "I was one hundred per cent for King...because I saw him as an effective and badly needed leader for the Black people in their desire for civil rights." The probe of King not only confirmed their suspicions about King's Communist beliefs and associations, but it also revealed King to be a despicable hypocrite, an immoral degenerate, and a worthless charlatan.

According to Assistant Director Sullivan, who had direct access to the surveillance files on King which are denied the American people, King had embezzled or misapplied substantial amounts of money contributed to the "civil rights" movement. King used SCLC funds to pay for liquor, and numerous prostitutes both Black and White, who were brought to his hotel rooms, often two at a time, for drunken sex parties which sometimes lasted for several days. These types of activities were the norm for King's speaking and organizing tours.

In fact, an outfit called The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, which is putting on display the two bedrooms from the Lorraine Motel where King stayed the night before he was shot, has declined to depict in any way the "occupants - -of those rooms. That "according to exhibit designer Gerard Eisterhold "would be "close to blasphemy." The reason? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spent his last night on Earth having sex with two women at the motel and physically beating and abusing a third.

Sullivan also stated that King had alienated the affections of numerous married women. According to Sullivan, who in 30 years with the Bureau hadáseen everything there was to be seen of the seamy side of life, King was one of only seven people he had ever encountered who was such a total degenerate.

Noting the violence that almost invariably attended King's supposedly "non-violent" marches, Sullivan's probe revealed a very different King from the carefully crafted public image. King welcomed members of many different Black groups as members of his SCLC, many of them advocates and practitioners of violence. King's only admonition on the subject was that they should embrace "tactical nonviolence."

Sullivan also relates an incident in which King met in a financial conference with Communist Party representatives, not knowing that one of the participants was an infiltrator actually working for the FBI.

J. Edgar Hoover personally saw to it that documented information on King's Communist connections was provided to the President and to Congress. And conclusive information from FBI files was also provided to major newspapers and news wire services. But were the American people informed of King's real nature? No, for even in the 1960s, the fix was in "the controlled media and the bought politicians were bound and determined to push their racial mixing program on America. King was their man and nothing was going to get in their way. With a few minor exceptions, these facts have been kept from the American people. The pro-King propaganda machine grinds on.

The purpose of this information is far greater than to prove to you the immorality and subversion of this man called King. You need to start to think for yourselves. Consider this: What are the forces and motivation behind the controlled media's active promotion of King? What does it tell you about our politicians when you see them, almost without exception, falling all over themselves to honor King as a national hero? What does it tell you about our society when any public criticism of this moral leper and Communist functionary is considered grounds for dismissal? What does it tell you about the controlled media when you see how they have successfully suppressed the truth and held out a picture of King that can only be described as a colossal lie? You need to think, my fellow Americans. You desperately need to wake up.


1. The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr.- - (an official publication of the Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change).

2. "King's Plagiarism: Imitation, Insecurity and Transformation," The Journal of American History, June 1991, p. 87) David J. Garrow

3. New York Times" of October 11, 1991, page 15.

4. "The FBI and Martin Luther King, Jr.", David J. Garrow, (1981).

5. "And the walls came tumbling down," Rev. Ralph Abernathy (1989)

(Some would call this "hate speech" or hateful speech. It is neither. My opinions on what MLK's friend says about him as an eye witness are not based on anything other that what Ralph David Abernathy says about his friend. "Hate speech" is only a term created by the communist party to be used to hide facts that should be exposed. It is politically correct speech or speech that has been neutered or watered down leaving propaganda that cannot be believed.

Obama will give some comment about mlk and it will be nothing more than a fraud speaking about another fraud.) Story Reports