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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Radon Busters Scam And Brazil Nuts

(Radon Busters Nationwide Average Cost $1200)
(Who are you gonna call? Whats in your your Wallet?)

Exposure To Low Levels Of Radon Appears To Reduce The Risk Of Lung Cancer, New Study Finds

Exposure To Low Levels Of Radon Appears To Reduce The Risk Of Lung Cancer, New Study Finds

Date: March 26, 2008
Source: Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Exposure to levels of radon gas typically found in 90 percent of American homes appears to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer by as much as 60 percent, according to a new study. The finding differs significantly from results of previous case-control studies of the effects of low-level radon exposure, which have detected a slightly elevated lung cancer risk (but without statistical significance) or no risk at all.

The following information has been derived from a variety of physics, chemistry and geology textbooks:

1. Geologists use a process called “radiometric dating” in order to establish the age of rocks

2. In this process, the amount of Uranium 238 is compared to the amount of Lead 206

3. Since the 14-step decay process takes a known amount of time for the uranium to disintegrate to Lead 206, younger rocks will have more uranium while older rocks will have more lead

4. This process PRESUMES that the entire decay process takes place within the rock and that NONE OF THE DECAY PRODUCTS (INCLUDING RADON) is able to escape.

( Note: It is possible that a small amount of radon is able to leave the rock matrix if it is formed very near the surface of the rock or if the rock is very finely pulverized. If a significant amount were to routinely escape, the uranium dating method would be useless.)

The above information leads to the following inescapable conclusions: Under laboratory conditions, extremely small amounts of radon are produced and collected (It is not likely that these results are indicative of what occurs in the field because the laboratory sample is pure, refined radium while the field variety is trapped in rock matrices and widely distributed throughout non-uniform conditions).

If the entire daily production from one gram of radium were uniformly distributed over an area one-mile square and 8 to 10 feet high, the amount per unit of air would be extraordinarily small. Since most of the radon produced in rocks and soils is likely to stay there to become Lead 206, the amount available for distribution is so small that it approximates zero.

On the other hand, data obtained from Radium in natural sources in an article titled “Radioactivity in Nature” under the heading “Food” it is discovered that Brazil Nuts contain from 1,000 to 7000 pico curies per kilogram (pCi/kg) or 2.2 lbs.* There are approximately 120 nuts in a kilogram so each nut contains from 8.33 to 58.33 pCi of radium. Compare this to the 4 pCi/liter safety limit established by the EPA for radon in room air. Radium is far more dangerous because it will replace calcium in bone structures and irradiate the marrow -- a known cause of leukemia.

(Did ya get that? If ya got about 2 pounds of brazil nuts you could have up to 14 times the safe level of radon the EPA has established as safe. Just think about that. All it would take is a bag of brazil nuts under your house to cost you about $1200.00 to get rid of a problem that doesn't exist. A scam for sure.)

Ask you friendly neighborhood radon buster about brazil nuts. Also make real sure he doesn't eat them as a snack while "radon busting" under the floor of your house.

2 lbs of brazil nuts = 32 oz of brazil nuts. So if you eat just one brazil nut you have consumed more than the EPA safety level of room air in your house.

You say breathing radioactive air and eating radioactive brazil nuts is not the same.

No its not the same. But just think a little.

Does the EPA require a WARNING label on brazil nuts? NO

Radon gas is a by product of radium.

If you eat for instance 2lbs of brazil nuts in a week you have consumed possibly 8.33-58.33 pCi of radium.

This is approximately 14 times the safe level of radon the EPA has established as safe.

Radium is radioactive and so is radon gas.

So it would seem either way if you eat brazil nuts which contain radium or breath air that contains radon gas your going be exposed to radioactivity.

My point is if you can eat brazil nuts which contain 14 times what the EPA says is safe and the EPA doesn't tell you NOT to eat brazil nuts but does warn you about radon gas and brazil nuts give you a MUCH bigger dose of radioactivity there is a problem in relying on what the EPA is telling you about radon gas.

If you want to get the radon busters out to your house go ahead.

If you want to stop eating brazil nuts go ahead.

I think brazil nuts are safe to eat. I'm also not calling the radon busters out to my house unless they bring a pound or two of brazil nuts to eat. :)


It takes seven tons of uranium ore to produce 1 gram of radium (radium is radon's parent)

One gram of radium will emanate 0.0001 ml. (1 ten-millionth of a liter) of radon per day

One square mile of soil six inches deep contains approx. 1 gram of radium

.0001 ml = 1 raised to the negative 7th power liters

200 sq foot crawl space = .000007174013 sq miles

.0001 ml = 100,000 pl (Radon gas emanating per day per 1 square mile of soil 6" deep.)

So if you had 7 tons of uranium ore under your 200ft crawl space it would only emanate .0001 mili liters of radon gas.

A 200 square foot crawl space only will emanate 7.0 x 10^-10 milli liters of radon gas!!!!!!

So what is how does the EPA figure its 4 pCi per liter of soil?

4 picoliters = 4^-12 liter