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Thursday, June 11, 2015

ObamaTrade Secrecy Is An Example Of Pure Evil And TREASON

ObamaTrade Secrecy: Log of Which Members of Congress Actually Read Bill in Secret Room Also Private

ObamaTrade Secrecy: Log of Which Members of Congress Actually Read Bill in Secret Room Also Private

TiSA and T-TIP text are not currently available for members of Congress to read, even in a secret room, but TPP text is available for members to read. Only members of Congress are allowed in the room, and in some cases they’re allowed to take certain staffers with enough security clearances. No notes are allowed to be taken out of the room, and members aren’t legally allowed to publicly discuss the specifics of what they’ve seen or read.

A log inside the secret room is kept listing any members who go read the TPP text, but Breitbart News can confirm that the log listing the senators who have actually read what they’re about to vote on is also kept secret from the public. That means Americans have no way of knowing—outside of their members of Congress confirming publicly they’ve visited the room to read the TPP text—whether their members of Congress have any clue what it is they are voting on.

Congress is being so secretive about Obamatrade that Congressional authorities are not only keeping the text of President Barack Obama’s various trade deals secret, they’re also keeping the log that lists which members of Congress went to go read the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) private as well.

Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which the House may vote on by the end of this week or perhaps early next week, would fast-track the approval of the TPP and at least two other international trade agreements that President Obama’s administration is working on. Those are the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) with 24 separate parties, mostly other countries but also including the European Union, and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) deal.

A vote in favor of TPA, which gives the president fast-track authority, is essentially a vote for the TPP and the other two deals because in the past 40 years no trade agreement that received fast track authority has ever been stopped by Congress.

Sen Jeff Sessions on TPA Fight

Senator Jeff Sessions explained why the TPA, which would make the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership possible, is bad for the United States and its sovereignty.

“It creates an international commission,” he said. “It has all the earmarks of how the European Union got started. The Sultan of Brunei gets the same vote as the president of the United States. And they could pass a lot of things which could bind Americans in all kinds of different ways. And, fundamentally, we don’t have any control over them. We can’t vote out the Sultan of Brunei. So this is a diminishment of the individual citizens’ power. It is a transfer to this president, and to an international organization that we have no reason to believe will serve our interests.”

Thus, with an aggressive whipping effort in the U.S. House by the Republican leadership, Sessions suggested that tomorrow would be the day people would have to get involved and get in touch with their member of Congress to urge them to vote “no” on the TPA since a vote could be looming as early as Friday.

(ObamaTrade Ie the fast track authority would allow votes of only a majority of 51 to rush through obama trade agreeements in the future with NO senate debate.

It is a power grab by obama to take the US Constitution out of the picture via international trade agreements.

It destroys US Sovereignty and bypasses Constitutional safeguards for US citizens.

Its also all about immigration. US chamber of commerce is pushing this.

Congress will not finalize the bill until AFTER it is passed. This means ANYTHING can be changed later. This is pure evil and must be stopped!

It will put you and me under the control of other governments!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said it is evil and is treason. Any congressman or senator who votes for this bill is a traitor to the United States as obama clearly is and has been.)

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It is another step toward a "One world type of government"

Call congress and tell them to vote NO.

(Pray and ask God to stop this "pure evil" in congress.)

God Help Us All!