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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Richie Parker's Inspiring Story

Richie Parker's Inspiring Story

Richie Parker's Inspiring Story Proves You CAN do Anything.

Richie Parker's amazing story inspired me, and hope he does the same for you. He was born without arms, and has already accomplished so much in his life.

Whether you think can or can't, either way you're right.

Have you ever been told you can't do something?

Have you ever thought that YOU can't do something?

After watching this video, is there really anything you can't do?
(This is an inspiring video. Obama and moocheelle run this country down and tell you how bad it is, they are depressing. In spite of people like bo and moochelle
people find a way to make it work as INDIVIDUALS. As we continue to hear the lies of obama and his thugs remember that there are INDIVIDUALS like Richie Parker that can and do excel. If Richie Parker had listened to obama and moochelle he would only be living on welfare and food stamps. GOD Bless America and those people in it that refuse to believe the lies of those who only want to take your INDIVIDUALLY away and your FREEDOM!)
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