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Friday, April 29, 2016

What is "empowered water"?

What is empowered water?

I wanted to find out about the claim you can also drink it.

The stuff is a simple mixture of table salt and tap water whose ions have been scrambled with an electric current. Researchers have dubbed it electrolyzed water.

It turns out that zapping salt water with low-voltage electricity creates a couple of powerful yet nontoxic cleaning agents. Sodium ions are converted into sodium hydroxide, an alkaline liquid that cleans and degreases like detergent, but without the scrubbing bubbles. Chloride ions become hypochlorous acid, a potent disinfectant known as acid water.

A question was asked: is empowered water safe to drink as the company claims?

Why in the world would you want to drink a product that has a catchy name without knowing what is in it? Septic tank cleaning companies were known as the "Honey Wagon". Would you drink the liquid from that truck - obviously not since you know what sewage is, so don't fall for clever marketing as so many consumers are wont to do.

Can you drink empowered water?


I would not drink the zerorez "empowered" water. I think its a lot of hype that causes you to want to get your carpet cleaned using zerorez.

Is it better? I don't think so. Read the carpetguru10 blog below and research zerorez yourself.

Carpet Guru10 Has Much information about zerores and empowered water.

The low down on ZEROREZ® and their Empowered Water™

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Woodpecker Owl (Evolution doublespeak explained)

Woodpecker Owl Story

Whats the difference between a "woodpecker owl" and an owl catching a woodpecker. BIG DIFFERENCE!

Example evolution theory explaination of the "woodpecker owl".

The evolutionary relationships of the woodpecker and woodpecker owls are not entirely clear. What is certain is that they are very closely related; they may be considered sister lineages that evolved over millions of years retaining their characteristic woodpecker sound.

Click here to listen to a woodpecker owl: "Woodpecker Owl" Sound (screech owl)

Click here to see an Actual evolved "woodpecker" owl??

A screech woodpecker owl fossil from the Late Pliocene of Kansas (which is almost identical to eastern and western screech woodpecker owl) indicates a longstanding presence of these birds in the Americas, woodpecker owl fossils very similar to the Eurasian woodpecker owl that have also recently been found in Stephen Hawkings backyard!

Where did this idea come from? (The FineTunedUniverse Webmaster.)

I was talking to a lady about her recent field trip with some children out in the woods with a "guide". She was excited to have heard an owl making a sound. She asked the guide what it was and he said, IT WAS A WOODPECKER ?!?!?

I told her I never heard of a woodpecker that sounds like an owl. She said that she didn't think the "guide" was correct.

After I got home I looked up some information about owls and found out there is an owl that sounds a little like a woodpecker. It is the male screech owl. It EATS small birds of prey including woodpeckers. Just because there is an owl that sounds a little like a woodpecker don't get confused and really think there is a "Woodpecker Owl". Owls do eat woodpeckers and other birds.

(Note that I did not say I found a woodpecker that sounds like an owl but an owl that sounds a little like a woodpecker.)

Have you ever heard of a woodpecker that sounds like an owl? No you have not. You would stop and think how silly the idea is and how it is NOT LOGICAL.

My point is people who teach evolution will tell you its possible that a woodpecker could evolve into an owl over "millions of years" and become a "woodpecker owl" that sounds a little like a woodpecker on the basis of a fossil alone.

If you stop and THINK about the "millions of years" and how silly and illogical the idea is you begin to understand its no different that a "woodpecker owl" that makes NO sense.

"Historical evolution science" is a term used to describe sciences in which data is provided primarily from past events and for which there is usually no direct experimental data, such as cosmology, astronomy, astrophysics, geology, paleontology and archaeology.

Evolution theory is based on speculation about what is observable today plus millions of years. Evolution masks itself as "real science". It is NOT real science but speculation based on a world view of "millions of years". Evolution cannot design intelligence.

Evolution is a belief about history. It involves events that cannot be repeated or reproduced in the laboratory, so it does not depend on science in the usual sense of the word.

"Real science" is a term for any science that deals with testing and verifying ideas in the present

Evolutionists try to prove things have existed for millions of years through various ways including misleading carbon dating methods etc as real science.

Creationists try to prove what is observable today is validated by what the Bible tells us about Creation in 6 days. Real science helps validate the bible creation as God has revealed to us in Genesis.

Both evolutionists and creationists look at the same data. (They interpret the data based on their world views and what they believe.)

The evolutionists world view of "millions of years" must be included in their evolution theory explainations and cannot be validated.

The creationisits world view of 6-8 thousand years is validated by the Bible and real science.

The question is what will you believe? Evolution speculation of "millions of years" or what God has revealed in his Word?

The ultimate authority about Creation is the Word Of God and NOT evolution disguised as historical "science"

Evolution is a Religion (Taught in public schools as "science")

Evolutionists also overcome the evidence of creation and intelligent design by a redefinition of science that makes science and naturalism the same thing, and the evidence unimportant. The new definition is: "Science is the search for natural solutions,"People whose religion is naturalism are now widely using the new definition. by a redefinition of science that makes science and naturalism the same thing, and the evidence unimportant. The new definition is: "Science is the search for natural solutions,"People whose religion is naturalism are now widely using the new definition.

Psalm 33:6 By the word of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth.