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Sunday, June 6, 2010

RUSH BEAU Ties The Knott Again

(Alright Rush. At least you didn't marry a racist like obama did. Lets hope the 4th time is the charm. Looks like yu made a good choice. Dittos!) Story Reports

Rush Limbaugh Wedding:Kathryn Rogers Married

Jerry Reth US News

Rush Limbaugh Wedding:Kathryn Rogers Married

Rush Limbaugh is getting married for the fourth time, according to recent reports. He is marrying a woman who is 26 years younger than he is, and is currently working as an event coordinator. Her name is Kathryn Rogers, and she is 33 years old. Many have said that the difference in their ages is wrong or awkward because Limbaugh is 59 years old, but Limbaugh has responded to these criticisms by saying that he just wanted to live his own life, and that people should not worry about everything that he does.

(Remember Rush is not the resident in the whitehouse but a private citizen. Obama acts like he is a private citizen when it comes to disclosing his real identity.) Story Reports

“We try to live our lives as normal people,” he said in a statement. “We do NOT seek media attention, we do not want it, especially for this. It is very special, obviously, and we just don’t want any media attention.”
He has done his best to keep the news of the marriage as secret as possible, even deciding not to comment about the upcoming marriage to any of the many reporters who have questioned him about his marriage.

The two reportedly met in 2007, and have hit it off ever since then. At the time, Limbaugh had been linked to former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan. Limbaugh suffered a heart attack while going to meet her family in Hawaii at one point, and has had numerous health issues since that point. Limbaugh has often said that he did not plan on getting married a fourth time but apparently he changed his mind.

Lauren Johnston

The conservative firebrand, 59, exchanged vows with Kathryn Rogers – a blond bombshell half his age – in a lavish Hawaiian-themed wedding bash headlined by none-other-than Sir Elton John Saturday in Florida.

It's an odd pairing considering El Rushbo's history of anti-gay commentary on his conservative radio show and the openly gay "Tiny Dancer" singer's longtime commitment to gay rights.

The Palm Beach Post reported the British superstar will pocket $1 million for playing the wedding reception at the posh Breakers Hotel.

The hotel has reportedly staffed about 50 additional security guards for the event.

Limbaugh and Rogers, 33, hosted a rehearsal dinner luau for 400 close friends and family at the hotel Friday night and the wedding will take place at Limbaugh's beachfront mansion at an undisclosed time.

Rogers told the Post in 2008 that the couple's age gap is part of what makes the romance work.

"I grew up so differently, traveling around the world, that I'm sometimes not able to relate to the average person my age," Rogers said. "Rush has such amazing experience."

The always outspoken radio talk show host has been uncharacteristically tight-lipped about his wedding plans – posting only a vague note on his website that he would be "out until Tuesday, June 15."

He made a plea for privacy in an e-mail statement to the Post.

"We try to live our lives as normal people. We do not seek media attention.We do not want it, especially for this," he wrote.

Limbaugh met Rogers in 2004 at a celebrity golf tournament.

He was divorcing his third wife at the time and the pair has dated for three years.

(Hey man what you got in that suitcase? If your out you better buy some more of those little blue pills, your gonna need it. Um, um, ahh. :)) Story Reports

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