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Monday, February 20, 2017

Paula Dean Store And Restaurant In Savannah, Georgia

Paula Dean Video Of Her Store And Restaurant In Savannah, Georgia

Paula Deen cooking

Check out Paula Deans "The Lady & Son's" Gift Shop and Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. Here are 7 Great Paula Dean Quotes.

1. Life is too short to wonder where you hid your waffle maker.

2. Sadly, in today's times, pies are an endangered dessert.

3. I would not want to live in a world without fried pork chops.

4. I have always said that I don't care for uppity food and I can't cook it.

5. Most anytime you put two Southern cooks in the same kitchen you will sense a little cordial disagreement.

6. Baking is big in the South—whether it's a biscuit or a roll, we love something in our hand to put some butter on, or to sop up pot liquor.

7. Then there's ham. Hallelujah!

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