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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Obama admits he is a lazy liar!!!



(Too many blacks identify with obama on the basis of their race alone. These african Americans are "chained" to this admitted lazy example of "their" race. These individuals feel hurt or offended when anything or anybody makes a true or false statement about obama.

I don't believe they care if obama admits he is a liar and makes up lies or if he is lazy and admits he is lazy. All they care about is identifying with a "black" president because they are proud of and will support at all costs one who is of their "race".

Even if you quote obama exactly some african Americans will call you a racist and deny that obama said or did something that was confirmed by the "state run media" or the white house spokesman etc.

Most blacks will also say they didn't read or hear something obama said or did if it in any way confirms obama is an empty suit. They will quote what the "state run media" parrots for the obama regime. They don't seem to want to check out ANY facts because they are chained to obama and will only believe what he says.

Obama also says he can't stand cruel people. This is anyone who doesn't agree with him or points out that he is an empty suit deceiver. Cruel people are Americans who he feels are racisits because they are not of his race and therefore are and have been his oppressors.

Deceived african Americans would be better off "chaining" themselves to ronald macdonald than obama. Obama is but a creature of the media and without a teleprompter or speech writer to guide his way he is on display as a baffoon for all the world to see.

There are many smart, honest hard working real black Americans that other black Americans could identity with because of their honesty and integrity.

These who are "chained" to the first "black" president need to break their bonds and identify with a black American who is not a media creation and one who is real.

Clint Eastwood was correct to portray obama as an EMPTY chair!)
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Monday, October 1, 2012

How To Make Charcoal For Use In A DIY, Emergency Waterfilter

How To Make Charcoal For Use In A DIY, Emergency Water filter

How to Make Charcoal

A hand-drawn picture of a diy-waterfilter, which can be made in the field with commonly available materials (branches, cloth, sand, charcoal and grass). It can be used to filter (slightly contaminated/polluted) water so that it is safe for drinking. Charcoal can be produced from wood by the indirect (preferred method) and the direct method. The direct method is easiest and requires only wood, an open fire and some plant material to allow the wood to burn up incompletely.

The indirect method (which produces far less smoke and is healthier for environment and the person making the coal).

It is fairly easy to make your own charcoal for drawing, BBQ's, homemade water filters etc.

(1) Get a metal can. Obtain a metal can which is empty, clean, dry, and can contain five gallons.

(2) Fill the can with a good amount of small pieces of wood that will fit into the can opening.

(3) Shake the metal can to check to see if more wood needs to be added. Add until the metal can is completely full of small pieces of wood.

(4) Invert the can with the cap removed. Start a campfire over and around the metal can, with the can being upside down *make sure you have the can over the fire. Make sure that there are no flammable materials or items around the metal can.

(5) Turn the can right side up and open it when the campfire has died out and the ashes are cold, preferably the next day.

The Survival handbook/Learn the survival skills of the worlds elite forces.

(This is another post in my survival series. The link to the survival handbook is something every US citizen should read. If current predictions are correct you and I will need all the survival skills we can muster in the near future. I have not read all of this book but I plan to gleen what I can from it and if I need to use the information for myself or help someone in the future. Remember when the dollar collapses you must either depend on yourself for survial or the obama. Don't count on obama to take care of you.) Story Reports


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