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Friday, June 11, 2010

Obama like hitler has made strategic mistakes

Obama like hitler has made strategic mistakes. Obama like hitler is determinded to have his own way. This is why he will ultimately fail.

I was watching the history channel. It was the battle of stalingrad. Hitler had everthing at his disposal to overtake stalingrad but hitler was his own worst enemy.

Obama is also his own worst enemy. Obama like hitler is a narcissist. Obama also has everthing at his disposal to quell the opposition. He will blunder like hitler and loose the offense to destroy America. Obama just like hitler overestimates his ability to do anything.

The American people just like the russian people who defended stalingrad against hitler will also defend their homeland against obama at all costs.

Hitler thought he had a winner. Obama thinks he has a winner.

Hitler was a loser and obama is a loser.

Stanlingrad was the last holdout against hitler.

America's stalingrad will be in Nov 2010.

The germans were amazed at the determination of the russians.

I'm sure obama is amazed at Americans determination to stop his maniacal quest for power.

Obama's russian winter was in the form of the Jun 8 elections. Like the russian winter hindered hitler, the Jun 8 elections hindered obama in his ultimate quest for power and subversion of the US.

Obama had not counted on his plan to go slower than expected. Just like hitler obama pushes on with his unconstitutional epa regulations and congressional mandates.

Obama's time of maniacal unfettered majority reign is almost over.

Like hitler obama seeks only glory for himself.

Like hitler obama will destroy Americans and America in his quest for domination.

Obama underestimates the will of the American people to resist his maniacal domination of America.

Obama like hitler will loose his quest for a reich he controls.

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