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Friday, June 11, 2010

The very best kept secret within the Caribbean is Rush Limbaugh's private island

(The following story is fictitious breaking news. The EIB has moved to Caye Chapel Island. Rush will live and broadcast his EIB show from his new island. The very best kept secret within the Caribbean is Rush Limbaugh's private island.) Story Reports

"The very best kept secret" within the Caribbean is the recent purchase of a private island golf resort by Rush Limbaugh. What could be better than playing golf on a private course on a private island? The island has its own landing strip and golf course. A small private island in the Caribbean, that has a dazzling course with nearly every hole beside the ocean. Along with an airstrip, yacht harbor, clubhouse and a few snazzy accommodations, this 7,000-yard links cost a staggering forty million dollars to build.

Caye Chapel Island is one of over 1,000 offshore Cayes (islands) near the country of Belize. Belize is located on the Caribbean coast of northern Central America. Just south of Mexico's Yucat√°n Peninsula and about a two-hour flight from Miami.

For the past twenty-one years, the island of Caye Chapel has been owned by an American industrialist named Larry Addington, who operated a small hotel, fishing lodge and a homemade nine-hole golf course. It was as laid-back a spot as you'd ever find anywhere, much of its business coming from British troops on R&R. But having envisioned an expanded course and an exclusive corporate retreat, Addington doesn't seem to have cut any corners in realizing his dream.

His two- and three-bedroom seaside villas have large dining rooms, full kitchens and rooftop verandas. Add to that a huge clubhouse, an Olympic-size pool and, in the future, Rush plans a second ocean-side pool and athletic center. The driving range is a large freshwater lake with island greens and floating range balls. To keep the grass green and the lakes full, as well as furnish guests with high-quality drinking water, generators and a reverse-osmosis system purify half a million gallons of seawater each day.

Rush admitted he felt "pretty doggone good" being the boss of his own island and golf course. "The joy I will get out of the course is sharing it with my wife, friends, family and business associates.

Addington, the developer of the island, also has spent a king's ransom for antifungal injection treatment for more than two thousand coconut palm trees to fend off the leaf-yellowing disease that has devastated so many of the Caribbean's palms. And all of that flawless grass in the fairways is a specially imported Paspalum grass, a variety that stays green even with near-constant exposure to salt air and splashing seawater.

Ten miles across the sea from Caye Chapel, in the hot spot of Belize—Ambergris Caye—, the largest island along the Belize coast, whose one town, San Pedro, has streets made of sand. Most transportation is by foot, bicycle and golf cart. Cayo Espanto, yet another private island resort is nearby.

Rush's private island is located near the country of Belize

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