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Friday, December 14, 2012

What does a cop carry that an unarmed individual does not?

(What does a police officer carry that an unarmed individual does not? A GUN!

What does a criminal carry that an unarmed individual does not? A GUN!

A gun can is used in defense by a police officer to protect an individual.

A gun can be used to kill an unarmed individual by a criminal.

If you are an unarmed individual and cannot be protected by a police officer you are at the mercy of a criminal!

If you are "unarmed", not carrying, using, or displaying arms, you are at the mercy of a criminal!

If you are a concealed weapons individual who protects himself and others you ARE NOT at the mercy of a criminal!

Which would you rather be?) Story Reports



The stated intent of the legislation is to codify the common law castle doctrine, which recognizes that a person’s home is his castle, and to extend the doctrine to include an occupied vehicle and the person’s place of business. This bill authorizes the lawful use of deadly force under certain circumstances against an intruder or attacker in a person’s dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle. The bill provides that there is no duty to retreat if (1) the person is in a place where he has a right to be, including the person’s place of business, (2) the person is not engaged in an unlawful activity, and (3) the use of deadly force is necessary to prevent death, great bodily injury, or the commission of a violent crime. A person who lawfully uses deadly force is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action, unless the person against whom deadly force was used is a law enforcement officer acting in the performance of his official duties and he identifies himself in accordance with applicable law or the person using deadly force knows or reasonably should have known the person is a law enforcement officer.

H.4301 (R412) was signed by the Governor on June 9, 2006.


(Guns alone don't kill but the criminal who uses it on you at will does.

Guns can protect against the insane criminals. An unarmed individual cannot protect himself or others if necessary.

The fraud "president" mentioned meaningful action must be taken. I agree. This meaningful action should be providing concealed weapons permits in every state of the union! This would reduce crime as the statistics prove.

You can't fix stupid mr "president".) Story Reports




How to Take a Gun Away From an Attacker If You Are Unarmed


1 Remain calm when faced with an attacker. Breathe slowly and deeply so you can think with a level head.

2 Look your attacker in the eyes and try not to show fear.

3 Turn your shoulders so they are diagonal to your attacker, with your right side away from the attacker if you are right-handed. Reverse if you are left-handed.

4 Balance your weight so that it is equal on both legs and your knees are slightly bent. Don't tense your body.

5 Grab hold of the barrel of the gun with your dominant hand and quickly pull to the side so that if the gun goes off, the bullet will not hit you. Pull it downward and hold it there. Do not grab the attacker's hands or the handle of the gun.

6 Punch the attacker in the face to stun him into giving up the gun or kick him in the groin or the knees.

7 Place your other hand underneath the weapon and wrap your fingers over the back where the hammer is while keeping your other hand on the barrel. Quickly twist the gun all the way around to break the attacker's finger on the trigger. Take the gun from the attacker's hand.

8 Back up quickly to keep distance between yourself and the attacker once you have the gun.


(Obama will continue to play fast and furious with trying to take away your gun rights. He will use the sympathetic emotions of the moment to create a "crisis" that he will not let go to waste!

The "crisis" could be anything associated with a gun, rifle etc.

He and his "state run media militia" will push for more gun control to, in effect, take away your right to own a gun for your self defense against harm by anyone including the government.

The media and socialists who want to strip Americans of their right to defend themselves against harm will move quickly to ram legislation through congress to take more of your freedoms away because of the "urgent need" to keep guns out of criminals hands.

The key work here is criminals hands, not law abiding gun owners hands!

The stampede mode of operation will enable obama and his fellow comrads to chip away at your 2nd ammendment right Right to Keep And Bear Arms.) Story Reports


The Meaning of the Words in the Second Amendment

"A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."


The federal government as well as the states have no legitimate power to disarm the people from which militias are organized.

Well Regulated

Hamilton indicates a well-regulated militia is a state of preparedness obtained after rigorous and persistent training.

Security of a Free State

Most likely "security of a free State" is synonymous with "security of a free country," as opposed to security of one of the States of the Union against federal oppression.

The People

As ample evidence illustrates the people, as referred to in the Constitution at the time it was written, was synonymous with citizens.

To Keep

To "keep" arms means keeping one's own, private, arms.

To Bear Arms

"Bearing arms," throughout the 18th century, most likely meant to serve as a soldier or to fight (including bearing arms against another man in individual self-defense).

Where the term "bear arms" appears, itself, without further modifiers it did not infer a broader meaning such as hunting or the mere carrying or wearing of arms.

To bear a gun or bear an arm is a different construction than bearing arms. The former normally refers to the mere carrying of arms rather than actual military service or fighting with arms.


(The Constitution gives you the right to bear arms against another man in individual defense!

Obama wants to change this right. He wants to take this right away from you and give it only to the state.

Obama and his comrads want to leave you unarmed. This will allow the "state" to do at will what they want without any regard to your rights under the Constitution.) Story Reports


Why was the Second Amendment written?

It means exactly what it says, that the people’s individual right to be armed will be respected and that the resulting armed populace will be secure against tyranny, invasion, and crime. Our founding fathers were careful to construct this sentence in such a manner that there could be no other reasonable interpretation besides the obvious.

We migrated to the United States to escape oppressive totalitarian government.

The concept behind the United States is that the centralized federal government has limited power over the people (as opposed to the dictatorships from which we came)

The Second Amendment states that in order to maintain a free state, the people must retain the right to keep and bear arms. The presence of armed citizens is what keeps the government "honest". No government would be foolish enough to impose a dictatorship on people who have the ability to resist.

The Second Amendment does not grant us this right. This right already existed. The Second Amendment merely prevents the government from infringing on it.


(Obama knows that as long as "WE THE PEOPLE" have the ability to RESIST a DICTATORSHIP by keeping and bearing arms he and his comrads will have a BIG problem taking complete control of our lives!

Obama's first priority must be to disarm America so there will be less resitance to a complete takeover by the centralized "government"!

Obama is clever at using social media and the state run media to sell his propaganda.

He nor the federal "authorities" will try to take your guns away without first creating a crisis or using a "gun" crisis to ram legislation through congress to circumvent the 2nd ammendment.

After the traitors in congress agree to in effect kill the 2nd ammendment he and the federal government will begin to take away the guns that people own or keep people from buying guns and ammo.

My advise to Americans is to continue to buy as many guns and ammo as you can because as of now and forever more it is your right to defend yourself!!


WE THE PEOPLE have the right to control the federal government not the federal government controlling our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms!!!!)
Story Reports

This in my opinion is worth repeating:







Concealed Carry Permit Information By State

The Top Ten Survival Things You Need to Do Before the Complete Collapse of the U.S. Dollar


(One final thought. Antidepressants and guns don't mix. The 20 year old man who killed 26 people including children according to the news was using antidepressants. It is well known that people who are on these drugs tend to go crazy when taken off suddenly or if they stop tanking the antidepressants. Anyone who owns a gun and has someone in their home who takes these types of drugs are on a fast track to a possible disaster. If you own a gun in this type of situation make sure the person who is on the antidepressants can't get to your guns to use them on you or a classroom of innocent children as happened today in the news. These precious children are in GOD's hands now. The 20 year old who shot them has dropped into hell.) Story Reports

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Profile Poisoning the Next Frontier

Profile Poisoning the Next Frontier for Hackers

Google and Facebook already know everything about you – your interests, friends, tastes and even your movements. That’s already a privacy nightmare, but researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Information Security Center (GTISC) think it could soon be a security nightmare, also.

Automated information systems already determine what version of the news most of us see.

“If you compromise a computer, the victim can always switch to a clean machine and your attack is over,” said Wenke Lee, a professor at Georgia Tech’s College of Computing and director of the GTISC in the report. “If you compromise a user’s search history and hence his online profile, the victim gets the malicious search results no matter where he logs in from.”

But search history poisoning is just one manifestation of the security risks that come with greater and greater reliance on automated information gathering. Lee and his colleagues found that algorithms used by social networks like Twitter and Facebook to identify “popular” content can easily be gamed by legitimate and illegitimate users who colluded to amplify selected messages across social networks – making them appear more trendy and popular than they are.

(Do you think obama and his comrades use search history poisoning to game users about him?
Don't think for a minute that this wasn't used to trick and game obama supporters.) Story Reports

And, automated systems that personalize each user’s experience – showing two different Google or Facebook users a slightly different mix of news and search results – increasingly blinker our view of the online world and creating “filter bubbles” that promote the largest sites, while demoting smaller sources of information.

“While personalization can deliver the most relevant local news to a user, it also results in a lack of diversity and a local bias,” the researchers found. “Depending on the country, 20 to 30 percent of the new sources accounted for 70 to 80 percent of the articles,” the report said.

The report, released at the Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit on November 14, identified other security trends that are likely to make news in 2013. Among them:

The integrity of the technology supply chain will become a more pressing issue, as companies struggle to identify and thwart security threats and compromises that originate at their suppliers.

Mobile malware will continue to plague mobile device users, especially on platforms like Google’s Android. Well-policed mobile application stores will help tamp down malicious code outbreaks in developed markets like the U.S. However, infrequent patching by handset makers and carriers means most mobile devices will continue to be vulnerable to attacks against known vulnerabilities.

Malware creators will become more adept at shielding their creations from automated malware analysis systems. Malware targeted both the Apple OS X operating system and mobile device platforms will become more common.

Georgia Tech’s report is the product of the University’s various information security labs, including GTISC and the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

The integrity of a user’s online profile is an increasing concern for regulators on both sides of the Atlantic. On Friday, a federal judge in San Francisco formally approved a $22.5 million settlement between the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Google for that company’s practice of misleading users of the Safari web browser about how it would track their movements online.

The FTC has been pressuring firms like Google and Facebook to be more transparent in telling their users how and when they are tracking their activities online. In September, Facebook agreed to stop using facial recognition technology to track users. A similar complaint has been lodged with the FTC. At the same time, the EU is weighing revisions to its Data Protection rules that would strengthen protections for individuals living in EU countries.


(It is clear that the ONLY way to be safe from obama's spies and anyone else who has the technology know how to watch your every move is to go OFF GRID and get out of the "matrix".

This means no internet, no cell phone etc, cash only etc.

Every thing we say or do is tracked to manipulate our every move. Its real and its true.

My suggestion is to use the US mail. It's suppose to be secure from government and private spying but even it can be tracked. Its the content that is more secure because some hacker computer program can't read the contents of the letter, at least not yet.

So go "off grid" use the US mail more. They will still track where you send mail to and who you get it from but like I said a hacker computer program can't see the contents of your letter.

If this doesn't work I suggest looking into carrier pigeons.) Story Reports

Carrier Pigeons

Historically, pigeons carried messages only one way, to their home. They had to be transported manually before another flight. However, by placing their food at one location and their home at another location, pigeons have been trained to fly back and forth up to twice a day reliably, covering round-trip flights up to 160 km (99 mi)

How will America look in four years?

(America will look very different in the next four years. If the fraud/hoax obama has his way Americans will discover that they have a dictator not a "president". America will be changed and this includes Americans. Some will survive and some will not, especially those who trust obama and take drugs. Obama is a "drug" to those who can't kick the habit of supporting him and condoning what he does. I read an article about the affects of meth. Obama is the "meth" of the obama masses. He will lead to their destruction as does meth. They will be trasnformed by his "change". It will be to late for his dumbed down supporters. They are addicted to obama.) Story Reports

The horror of Meth: Before-and-after pictures reveal shocking transformation in faces of users hooked on deadly drug

A new anti-drug advertisement shows the devastating physical transformation addicts experience after years of meth use.

The photos, that show a shocking Dorian Gray-like deterioration, were compiled from mug shots of drug users that were arrested repeatedly over the years.

The continued drug use caused horrific damage to the drug users' skin with sores and scarring - that can be caused by uncontrollable scratching during a hallucination when the addict imagines bugs are crawling under their skin.

Users also progressively began to look gaunt, brought on by malnutrition as the drug suppresses a person's appetite and the body can begin to consume muscle tissue due to the lack of proper nutrition.

(It only took 3 or 4 years for these people to be transformed by meth.)

The horror of Meth: Before-and-after pictures reveal shocking transformation in faces of users hooked on deadly drug