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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rush Is Right The Obama administration coup IE takeover of a government is being revealed everyday

America in the Midst of a Coup d'Etat

Rush Limbaugh 6/7/2013

It's a point that I've made here about the IRS. They say, "Well, you can't link it in to Obama." You don't need to link Obama to it. He hired these people. Lois Lerner and everybody at the IRS who's doing this is doing everything they can to please Obama. There's not gonna be a smoking gun, but you don't need a smoking gun to know where this administration's doing what it's doing.

Obama puts people in positions that mirror him. Eric Holder, you name it, they're doing Obama's bidding. Everybody. Susan Rice and Samantha Power, they are Obama, and there's a context for what's happening.

Herbert Meyer, if I may quote him again, asserted that essentially what's taking place in the United States right now is a coup, not a violent coup, and not a million artistic coup, but nevertheless a takeover of a government, and it's being done by the Obama administration.

He referred to it as a coup. I don't know if he used the word "peaceful," but clearly there's a coup d'etat going. You know it and I know it. This is what animates us. This is why the Tea Party exists. This country was founded on certain concepts, principles, beliefs -- and they're under assault. Chief among them under assault is the right to privacy, and that's what all this is about. So in the midst of this coup d'etat... I happen to like that formulation.

In seeking ways to persuade, for example, the low-information voters of what's going on, this happens. These are the people continuing to prop Obama up with high approval numbers. The Limbaugh Theorem. How do we reach 'em? How do we tell them? How do we explain what's going on when they have, perhaps, almost an idolatrous relationship with the president? Well, maybe you tell 'em there's a coup going on.

There are people attempting to take over this country and to make it something that it wasn't founded as; turn it into something that it wasn't intended to be. That is happening. You know it and I know it. It's peaceful, nonviolent. The military isn't involved. But nevertheless it's a coup. So in the context of that and the realization that's happening, in the midst of learning that the National Security Agency is literally "Hoovering," vacuuming every telephone record they can, what do we hear?


A coup d'état (/ˌkuːdeɪˈtɑː/; plural: coups d'état), also known as a coup, a putsch, or an overthrow, is the sudden deposition of a government, usually by a small group of the existing state establishment—typically the military—to depose the extant government and replace it with another body, civil or military. A coup d'état is considered successful when the usurpers establish their dominance. When the coup neither fails completely nor succeeds, a civil war is a likely consequence.


(I agree with Rush a coup d'état is the obama regime's goal for America. Obama and his regime are truly the "enemy from within". Obama continues to deny he is trying to overthrow the government but it is obvious what is going on when everyday new obama scandals emerge that reveal the total corruption of the obama regime.)Story Reports

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Michelle's own kind turn on her


Michelle Obama was heckled at a private fundraiser Tuesday night, pressed for action her husband has not taken to issue an executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees and job applicants.

Michelle Obama responded telling the woman, “[L]isten to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving.” The woman was escorted out, according to the White House pool report, continuing to shout that she was a “lesbian looking for federal equality before I die.”

The heckling happened a bit after 6 p.m. under a white tent in the backyard of the lesbian residence of Karen Dixon and Nan Schaffer in Northwest DC.


(A private "fundraiser" was held at a lesbian residence under a rainbow tent speaking to gathered fellow lesbians promoting the lesbian agenda. Michelle was speaking to her own kind when one of her own heckled the garbage she was speaking. FLOTUS means first "L WORD" of the us.) Story Reports

Global Equality Leadership Award , LGBT rights , United Nations

"Ambassador Rice’s remarks, at the event, were not only moving, they were humorous, determined, and and most of all genuine. So glad that the LGBT community has an ally with her principles and drive." lgbt editor comment

(The new "security" advisor to obama supports lgbt as does moochelle. Both promote and condone lesians, gays, bisexuals and transgender debauchery. Obama supports lgbt debauchery.) Story Reports

Global Equality Leadership Award , LGBT rights , United Nations

Ziplining postal worker claimed disability

What is Zip Lining?
'Injured' postal worker busted for fraud after appearance on 'Price is Right'

A former postal carrier in North Carolina will have to pay the price after her appearance on "The Price is Right" game show revealed she was fully capable of spinning the wheel, despite claiming she couldn't lift mail trays.

Cathy Wrench Cashwell pleaded guilty to fraud in federal court Monday, reports. Cashwell had been collecting worker's compensation payments since injuring herself on the job in 2004.

In worker's compensation paperwork filed in September 2011, Cashwell claimed the shoulder injury left her unable to sit, stand, kneel, squat, climb, bend, reach or grasp, according to federal investigators.

However, Cashwell was able to reach up and spin the famous "big wheel" on "The Price is Right" not once, but twice, during her 2009 appearance on the TV show.

Cashwell "raised her left arm above her head and gripped the handle with her left hand," according to an indictment filed in September 2012. During her second spin, Cashwell "raised both arms above her head and gripped the same handle with both hands."

Cashwell also allegedly went ziplining while on vacation in August 2010.


(This is an example of people who take advantage of the obama regime's free money for life. The obama regime encourages this type of criminal activity as obama continues to build his culture of corruption. Obama's zip code is 666.) Story Reports


'Injured' postal worker busted for fraud after appearance on 'Price is Right'

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

State employees help hide tuberculosis outbreak from obama illegal aliens



Updated June 3,2013 8:11 PM

The Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) now says that 57 individuals have tested positive for exposure tuberculosis (TB) at Ninety Six Primary School in Greenwood County District 52. In a news release DHEC reported that 463 tests were given and those testing positive were instructed to have a chest x-ray. DHEC medical staff will review the x-rays and provide medication if deemed necessary.

Health officials stress that a positive TB skin test does not mean that the person has the TB disease and that a positive result only means that a person has been infected with the germ that causes the disease. DHEC says approximately 5 to 10 percent of individuals infected with the germ ever develop the disease.

(The obama culture of corruption extends into state governments. When it comes to "diversity" it is not only politically incorrect to expose the TB disease of illegal aliens it is also considered maybe "racist". This is why 156 were fired by the state of sc for covering up the disease of people who refuse to be tested.

Obama's regime is importing disease. Its a fact.)
Story Reports

Symptoms of TB

Although your body may harbor the bacteria that cause tuberculosis, your immune system usually can prevent you from becoming sick. For this reason, doctors make a distinction between:

Latent TB. In this condition, you have a TB infection, but the bacteria remain in your body in an inactive state and cause no symptoms. Latent TB, also called inactive TB or TB infection, isn't contagious. However, it can turn into active TB, so treatment is important for the person with latent TB and to help control the spread of TB in general. An estimated one-third of the world's population has latent TB.
Active TB. This condition makes you sick and can spread to others. It can occur in the first few weeks after infection with the TB bacteria, or it might occur years later.

Signs and symptoms of active TB include:

Unintentional weight loss
Night sweats
Loss of appetite

What organs are affected?

Tuberculosis usually attacks your lungs. Signs and symptoms of TB of the lungs include:

Coughing that lasts three or more weeks
Coughing up blood or sputum
Chest pain, or pain with breathing or coughing

Tuberculosis can also affect other parts of your body, including your kidneys, spine or brain. When TB occurs outside your lungs, signs and symptoms vary according to the organs involved. For example, tuberculosis of the spine may give you back pain, and tuberculosis in your kidneys might cause blood in your urine.

When to see a doctor

See your doctor if you have a fever, unexplained weight loss, drenching night sweats or a persistent cough. These are often signs of TB, but they can also result from other medical problems. Your doctor can perform tests to help determine the cause.


(Also note if you are in wal mart and a "person of interest", ie an alien who can't speak english etc, is coughing his or her head off you might want to get out of the area and hope you have not been exposed to TB!) Story Reports