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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Paula Deen Store Gift Certificates

Paula Deen Store Gift Certificates

Paula Deen Store Sample E-Gift Certificate

Here's a way to make gift-giving easy. A Paula Deen Store Gift Certificate comes in any amount and is fast, easy and always the perfect gift.


Slow Cooker Stuffed Green Peppers

Servings: 6
Prep Time: 20 min
Cook Time: 8 hrs
Difficulty: Easy


6 large green bell peppers
2 cups cooked wild rice
1 1/2 pounds ground chuck
2 cups chicken stock
1 (16 oz.) can diced tomatoes
1 medium onion, chopped
1 cup cheddar cheese, grated
¼ cup chopped walnuts
1 large egg
Salt and pepper to taste
½ teaspoon red pepper flakes
¼ teaspoon nutmeg


In a large mixing bowl combine ground beef, cooked wild rice, ½ of the can of chopped tomatoes, onion, cheese, egg, walnuts, red pepper flakes, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Mix well. Cut just the tops off of the green peppers and remove seeds and ribs from inside. Stuff with ground beef mixture. Place stuffed peppers stuffed side up in a slow cooker and pour stock and remaining tomatoes over. Cover and cook on HIGH for 5-6 hours or on LOW for 8-9 hours.

(This is my small way of saying I support Paul Deen and think she is a victim of media racism. Many blacks and crackers think she was honest. In her deposition she spoke of using the N word to describe a black bank robber. I don't think that is racist, when black people use the same N word to describe themselves everyday.) Story Reports

Friday, June 28, 2013

Chained CPI Will Affect Payments for federal, postal and social security retirees

Emily Brandon

How the Chained CPI Affects Social Security Payments

Retirees are likely to get smaller monthly payments using this new measure of inflation.

In his 2014 budget, President Obama proposes changing the measure of inflation used to calculate annual Social Security cost-of-living adjustments from the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI) to the chained CPI beginning in 2015. This change would modestly improve the Social Security system's finances, but result in retirees getting slightly smaller annual increases in their Social Security checks. Here's a look at how your Social Security payments will change if the chained CPI is used to calculate future Social Security payment increases:

Lower benefits over time.

The chained CPI has grown more slowly than the traditional CPI by an average of about 0.25 percentage points over the past decade. If the chained CPI were implemented, Social Security benefits would be about $3 per month lower in 2014, and about $30 a month lower by 2023, according to Congressional Budget Office calculations. And by 2033, Social Security payments are projected to be 3 percent lower than they would be using the current measure of inflation. "For Social Security, that policy change would not alter the size of people's benefits when they are first eligible, either now or in the future, but it would reduce their benefits in subsequent years because of the reduction in the average cost-of-living adjustment," says Jeffrey Kling, associate director for economic analysis at the Congressional Budget Office. "The impact would be greater the longer people received benefits, that is, the more reduced cost-of-living adjustments they experienced."

Compounding cuts

The impact of the slower-growing measure of inflation would increase over time. For example, a worker who claimed retirement benefits at age 62 would, on average, get a 0.25 percent smaller payment at age 63 if the chained CPI were used instead of the current measure of inflation. After 10 years of Social Security payments and cost-of-living adjustments, this 73-year-old retiree would get 2.5 percent less, on average, than under current law. And at 93, this person would get an average of 7.2 percent less in Social Security payments over his or her lifetime. "Where the index was used to inflate a benefit or payment level, such as with Social Security, all program participants would receive a lower benefit than they would under current law," says Kling. "The impact would be especially large for some disabled beneficiaries; they generally become eligible for Social Security benefits before age 62 and thus can receive cost-of-living adjustments for a longer period."

Rationale for the switch.

The CPI estimates the annual change in the cost of living by calculating the adjustment in prices consumers pay for a basket of goods and services in urban areas of the U.S. The chained CPI measures inflation differently in a way that takes into account the idea that people might change their spending patterns when prices for specific items rise. "The chained CPI-U represents the latest stage in the development of our cost-of-living measures and improves on the CPI-U by accounting for how consumers substitute among goods when the price changes of those goods vary," says Erica Groshen, commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). For example, a worker who typically spends $80 per week on gasoline and experiences a 10 percent increase in gas prices has seen their current cost-of-living increase by $8 per week. But that consumer could also decide to cut back on driving and ride the bus occasionally. "The consumer would be deciding if she would be better off by shifting her spending pattern than by spending the entire $8 on gasoline," says Groshen. "Put another way, the cost of keeping her standard of living constant has gone up by something less than $8 per week." Due largely to this substitution affect, "this formula generally shows a lower rate of inflation," says Groshen. Between December 1999 and December 2011, the CPI grew at an average annual rate of 2.5 percent, compared with 2.2 percent for the chained CPI.

Lengthy calculations

Social Security's cost-of-living adjustment is currently calculated by comparing the third-quarter average CPI to the measurement from a year earlier, and the cost-of-living adjustment based on the percent increase (if there is one) becomes payable in January. The chained CPI takes considerably longer to calculate, and the values are revised over a period of several years. To produce a January cost-of-living adjustment, an estimate of the chained CPI would need to be used, which could contain errors. "One shortcoming of the chained CPI is that it requires data which is not fully available for two years, and so the BLS publishes the chained CPI in initial and interim forms before publishing in final form with a time lag," says Ed Lorenzen, senior advisor for the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. The chained CPI may also underestimate the inflation senior citizens experience, perhaps because health care prices play a larger role in older people's spending. "On average, seniors spend a higher percentage of their incomes on health care than workers or the general population, and health care costs have grown, and are projected to continue to grow, at a faster rate than other goods and services," says Nancy Altman, co-chair of the Strengthen Social Security Coalition.

Congress would need to pass and President Obama must sign a bill legislating the change.

The proposal to use a new method to calculate cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) is for postal and federal retirees also. “The new method — known as the ‘chained CPI’ — would result in much smaller cost-of-living increases than the current formula establishes,”

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amnesty Bill In Senate Has Incentives To Fire Americans And Hire Immigrants at $3000 a head

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks Against Corker Hoeven Amendment on the Senate Floor
Amnesty Bill In Senate Has Incentives To Fire Americans And Hire Immigrants

Amnesty Bill In Senate Has Incentives To Fire Americans And Hire Immigrants

If the 1200-plus page monstrosity that is the Immigration “Reform” bill passes Congress, full-time American workers can start kissing their jobs goodbye. Why? Because when you add the disastrous immigration bill to the obscene ObamaCare bill, you end up with a legal situation in which it’s cheaper for businesses to hire formerly illegal immigrants than to keep their legal workforce. This horrible unintended (or maybe intended?) consequence arises because formerly illegal immigrants who are legalized under the new bill will not be eligible for ObamaCare.

You see, under Obamacare, when an employer has a workforce that is eligible for ObamaCare, the employer had three choices, one of which is bad for the employer and two of which are bad for the worker: the employer can either pay the vastly inflated costs to keep employees insured; or pay a lower, but still significant penalty (about $3,000 per employee) if the employer stops providing insurance; or reduce the entire workforce to part-time status.

With the new immigration bill, the employer has a fourth choice: hire ex-illegals who are not covered by ObamaCare. Hiring them means that the employer doesn’t have to pay for high insurance, pay ObamaCare penalties, or go to a part-time workforce. Assuming there are qualified ex-illegal people for the job, it’s a total win for the employer – and a total lose for American workers.

Beginning in January, businesses with 50 or more full-time employees, that do not currently offer healthcare benefits that are considered “acceptable” by the Obama administration, must pay a penalty if at least one of their workers obtains insurance on a new government-run “exchange.” The penalty can be as much as $3,000 per employee.

Many employers have been preparing to cope with the new regulations by slashing the hours of full-timers to part-time status. Since “full-time,” in the language of ObamaCare, is averaging 30 hours per week, employers will, in general, receive the penalty if they have 50 or more employees who are working an average of 30 hours per week.

If the immigration bill becomes law, many employers could receive incentives of hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire amnestied immigrants over American citizens. In addition, these newly legalized immigrants could work “full-time,” an advantage for companies and businesses as well, while employers could lay off or diminish to “part-time” status, American workers.

(The TRAITORS who call themselves senators are ramming this bill through the senate just like they did obamacare. The senators who voted for this bill are lying about what is in the bill. Yes TRAITORS in the senate are lying to get the bill passed. These senators are truly TRAITORS to this nation.) Story Reports

Zimmerman attorney grills Martin witness on changes in story about Creepy A__ Cracker

(Creepy A.. Cracker Following Me) Hard To Understand Her Slang


Zimmerman attorney grills Martin witness on changes in story

The star prosecution witness took the stand in a Florida courtroom for a second day Thursday as George Zimmerman’s attorneys tried to demonstrate that her story about hearing the prelude to the defendant's fatal confrontation with Trayvon Martin has changed over the course of the last year.

(This is an example of "obamaeaze". The illegal alien obama has been documented to change his story even to different groups he speaks to, ie lies to. Just like the IRS follows the twisted talking points of obama other people follow their leader also to emulate his slick ways to deceive.) Story Reports

Defense attorney Don West grilled Rachel Jeantel about a letter she had a friend write for Martin's parents in the weeks after the February, 2012 incident, describing the phone conversation she had with Martin as he walked from a convenience store in Sanford, Fla., back to his father’s fiancee’s home in a gated community. West pressed her on what he indicated were inconsistencies between the letter and Jeantel's subsequent depositions and testimony - in particular her recent revelation that Martin told her he was being followed by a "creepy-ass cracker."

"Why wasn't 'creepy-ass cracker' in prior interviews?" asked West, one of the attorneys for Zimmerman, who is facing a charge of second-degree murder.

"Nobody asked me," replied Jeantel, who said she can't read cursive, which the letter is written in.

The letter, in which Martin's name is spelled wrong, describes how Jeantel was speaking by cellphone with the 17-year-old Martin as he cut through a subdivision on his way to the home where he was staying. Jeantel has said she had the letter written for Martin's parents to give her account, but that she never intended for it to be made public.

"He started walking then noticed someone was following him," read the letter. "Then he decided to find a shortcut cause the man wouldn't follow him. Then he said the man didn't follow him again. Then he looked back and saw the man again. The man started getting closer. Then Trevon turned around and said Why are you following me!! Then I heard him fall. Then the phone hung up. I called back and got no response. In my mind I thought it was just a fight. Then I found out this tragic story. Thank you."

But on Wednesday, Jeantel, 19, told jurors Martin said he was being followed by “a creepy-ass cracker” just before the fatal confrontation with Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who is charged with second-degree murder in Martin’s death. She said she warned Martin to walk away, saying "it might be a rapist."

Martin, she said, told her he was going to try to "lose him" and get to the home. But Jeantel said as she remained on the phone with Martin, the man who was allegedly following him reappeared, prompting the confrontation, of which she heard the initial moments.

West questioned what he portrayed as a change in the Jeantel's characterization of the confrontation, which is critical because much of Zimmerman's defense rests on showing that he acted in self-defense, while prosecutors say it was Zimmerman who provoked the incident by aggressively stalking Martin.

Jeantel has consistently said she heard Martin ask Zimmerman why he was following him. But in an earlier account, she said Zimmerman replied, "What are you talking about?" while in the latest testimony, she claimed Zimmerman replied "What are you doing around here?"

Jeantel has come under fire in the past for lying about her age – claiming to be 16 in order, she said, to avoid getting dragged into the case. She also admitted lying about her reasons for not attending Martin’s funeral, saying she was in the hospital. In her testimony, she said she didn’t go because she felt guilty.

Jeantel's testimony was more subdued on Thursday, and West took note of her calmer demeanor. She answered many of West's questions by repeating "yes, sir," almost in a whisper.

"You feeling OK today? You seem different than yesterday," West said.

"I got some sleep," she answered.

Zimmerman, 29, has said he opened fire only after the teenager jumped him and began slamming his head against the concrete sidewalk. Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic and has denied that his confrontation with the black teenager had anything to do with race, as Martin's family and its supporters have claimed.

If the world consisted of only homosexuals, humanity would cease to exist

(If the world consisted of only homosexuals, humanity would cease to exist. Lesbians can only adopt or use artifical insemination to procreate.If lesbians were made to procreate in a natural manner they would not need to use artifical means to reproduce.

Therefore lesbian procreation is artifical because a man's sperm is needed to cause a woman to conceive. Normal, natural etc are not words used to describe a lesbian's need to artifically reproduce.

The lesbian "lifestyle" is artifical because they want to be considered in effect as a man and a woman couple who can procreate.
There is nothing natural or normal about a lesbian couple who want to be accepted as a non artifical relationship.

Is a lesbian relationship natural? Is a gay relationship natural?

No its not natural or normal. Its perverted.)
Story Reports


1. Deviating from what is considered right and correct.
2. Of, relating to, or practicing sexual perversion.
3. Marked by misinterpretation or distortion:

The Supreme Court’s Marriage Decisions by the Numbers

Heritage Foundation. The Supreme Court’s Marriage Decisions by the Numbers
Heitage Foundation

The morning after two important—and troubling—Supreme Court decisions in the Proposition 8 and Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) cases, here’s the lay of the land. The important takeaway: The marriage debate is every bit as live today as it was yesterday morning…and that means it’s time to redouble our efforts to stand for marriage across America. Some key numbers following the decisions:

50 The number of states whose marriage laws remain the same after the Court’s marriage decisions.

38 The number of states with laws defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. That includes California, where the scope of today’s Prop 8 decision beyond the specific plaintiffs will be the subject of ongoing debate and, most likely, further litigation.

12 The number of states that can now force the federal government to recognize their redefinition of marriage. The Court struck Section 3 of DOMA, which means that it must recognize same-sex marriages in states that redefine marriage.

1 The number of sections of the Defense of Marriage Act struck down yesterday (Section 3). Section 2, which ensures that no state will be forced to recognize another state’s redefinition of marriage, is still law.

0 The number of states forced to recognize other states’ redefinition of marriage

The important news you may not be hearing is that the U.S. Supreme Court did not redefine marriage across the nation.



'SCOTUSblog' gay marriage question: 'Has Elena Kagan recused herself?'
What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
The image of God is both male and female and is reflected in a godly union between male and female where the creative power of God, His life-giving, His self-giving and His moral nature are perfectly expressed. This is only possible in a heterosexual union.

When God created a partner for Adam He created Eve - not another Adam. This means that perfect partnership requires some level of difference as well as a level of similarity so great that Adam could cry out loudly, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh" . Sexual intimacy between a man and a woman is the normal method of male/female bonding (emotionally and physically) because it corresponds to the design of our bodies and because it is the normal means by which offspring are created.

If God had intended the human race to be fulfilled through both heterosexual and homosexual marriage, He would have designed our bodies to allow reproduction through both means and made both means of sexual intercourse healthy and natural. Homosexual anal intercourse carries a high risk of disease, this is recognized in Scripture where gay men are said to receive in their bodies the due penalty for their error ( Romans 1:27 ).


The Deadly and Dangerous Homosexual Lifestyle

"Weeding" out the unfit what does it mean?

(Those who do not believe in GOD and trust in GOD'S word only think in terms of self gratification through self inspiration. When its only self that matters and GOD is not acknowledged it does make one think that they are self sufficient and need not answer to anyone for anything they do. This means unnatural becomes natural. Artificial becomes real. Bad becomes good. Etc Etc etc.) Story Reports

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shooting Tips AR15

A series of dry fire weapons handling drills to improve practical shooting skill.


Rifle Grips for "Tactical" Shooting (How to Hold Your AR15)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nike shoe customers stay in waiting line for shoes after seeing man robbed in line

Nike shoe customers shoot, kill would-be robber
Nike shoe customers shoot, kill would-be robber
(Some people don't have the sense of a door knob. These are the type of people who after witnessing a man being robbed and the robber killed don't move and stay in line just as before waiting for a $180.00 pair of nike shoes.

These are the type of people who are also called low information voters. In other words they don't have enough sense to get out of the rain! Almost half of the US are just waiting in line also for a free handout from the regime in power. To them tennis shoes are more important than their own safety. These people believe IGNORANCE IS BLISS!)
Story Reports

Monday, June 24, 2013

What N word did Paula Dean use in the past?

Jessie Jackson uses N word to describe obama
While the social media lynch mob rubbed its gleeful hands together at first, a groundswell of support now seems to be emerging, rallying behind the celeb chef, who has rescheduled last week's nixed Today show appearance for Wednesday.

Celeb chef Paula Deen admits using 'N word'

Celebrity chef Paula Deen denies she's ever told racial jokes, but she did acknowledge using the "N word," according to her deposition in a lawsuit.

A former manager at Deen's restaurants in Savannah, Georgia, is suing her and her brother for sexual and racial harassment.

LIsa T. Jackson's lawsuit alleges that Deen and Bubba Hier committed numerous acts of violence, discrimination and racism that resulted in the end of her five-year employment at Deen's Lady & Sons and Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House eateries in Savannah.

Deen's lawyer called the allegations false.

"Contrary to media reports, Ms. Deen does not condone or find the use of racial epithets acceptable," her lawyer, Bill Franklin said. "She is looking forward to her day in court."

Her company issued a statement Thursday saying Deen used the epithet, but in a "quite different time" in American history.

"She was born 60 years ago when America's South had schools that were segregated, different bathrooms, different restaurants and Americans rode in different parts of the bus. This is not today."

The language in question was revealed recently as part of a deposition of Deen by Jackson's lawyers in May.

Jackson lawyer: "Miss Deen, have you told racial jokes?"

Deen: "No, not racial."

Jackson lawyer: "Have you ever used the 'N word' yourself?"

Deen: "Yes, of course."

Deen testified that she probably used the racial slur when talking to her husband about "when a black man burst into the bank that I was working at and put a gun to my head."

"I didn't feel real favorable towards him," she said, referring to the robber.

Jackson lawyer: "Have you used it since then?"

Deen: "I'm sure I have, but it's been a very long time."

Deen said she couldn't remember other contexts in which she used the slur, but "maybe in repeating something that was said to me."

"But that's just not a word that we use as time has gone on," she said. "Things have changed since the '60s in the South. And my children and my brother object to that word being used in any cruel or mean behavior."

(Black people use the N word when they speak to each other sometimes. I have had a black person use the N word when talking to me. There is a double standard in that its seems black people can use the N word at will but only black people.

If the N word was "buried" by black people it has been dug up again by them because it is still used by them, but its ok for them to use it right?)
Story Reports


Paula Deen Recipes Recipes with no niggling that hit the spot!

Dems Hijack GOP's Frederick Douglass Party to Stump for D.C. Statehood

The "District Clause" in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution states:

[The Congress shall have Power] To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States.

In 1790, the land on which the District is formed was ceded by Maryland following the passage of the Residence Act. Virginia also ceded land that helped form the District, but that land was returned to Virginia in 1847. The Congress did not officially move to the new federal capital until 1800. Shortly thereafter, the Congress passed the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801 and incorporated the new federal District under its sole authority as permitted by the District Clause. Since the District of Columbia was no longer part of any state, its residents lost voting representation in the Congress.[1]

Residents of Washington, D.C., were also originally barred from voting for the President of the United States. This changed after the passage of the Twenty-third Amendment in 1961, which grants the District three votes in the Electoral College. This right has been exercised by D.C. citizens since the presidential election of 1964.

Arguments against

Prior to the District's founding, James Madison argued (in Federalist No. 43) that the national capital needed to be distinct from the states in order to provide for its own maintenance and safety. He wrote, "but a dependence of the members of the general government on the State comprehending the seat of the government, for protection in the exercise of their duty, might bring on the national councils an imputation of awe or influence, equally dishonorable to the government and dissatisfactory to the other members of the Confederacy."

More recently, opponents of D.C. statehood have expressed objections to statehood on the grounds that the federal government would be dependent on a single state for its security and operations. The new state might enact policies inconsistent with operating the federal government for the benefit of the nation as a whole. The District would be far smaller than any other state by area and the city's population is smaller than all but two states, which could potentially grant the District unfair influence in national politics.

Opponents argue that the newly formed state would also be unique in that interests would be dominated by those of the federal government, which would be the state's largest employer. It would also be the only state to have no rural residents and thus no need to consider the interests of non-urban areas, making the proposal unpopular in states with large rural populations. Some have expressed concern that the newly formed state might enact a commuter tax on non-residents that work in the city; such a tax is currently illegal under the District of Columbia Home Rule Act.

There is also a question as to whether granting statehood to the District would need the approval of Maryland. The U.S. Constitution requires that any new states formed from an existing state receive permission from the legislature. Since Maryland granted land to form the national capital and not a new state, some lawmakers have concluded that Maryland must also consent to the new state.

(If the socialists/communists get their way they would create a permanent "ruling regime" in the "state of DC". Currently Americans have a defacto ruling regime that has very little interest in representing Americans in any way. Democrats are pushing the DC statehood proposal. Its another way to take away your freedoms under the US Constitution.) Story Reports


Dems Hijack GOP's Frederick Douglass Party to Stump for D.C. Statehood

The NSA has backdoor access to all Windows software

The National Security Agency has backdoor access to all Windows software since the release of Windows 95, according to informed sources, a development which follows the insistence by the agency and federal law enforcement for backdoor “keys” to any encryption.

Having such “keys” is essential for the export of any encryption allowed under U.S. export control laws to foreign users.

The NSA plays a prominent role in deliberations over whether such products can be exported, and routinely turns down any requests above a certain megabyte level that exceeds NSA’s technical capacity to decrypt it. That’s been the standard for years for NSA, as well as the departments of Defense, Commerce and State.

Computer security specialists say that the Windows software driver used for security and encryption functions contains unusual features which give NSA that backdoor access.

Access to Windows source code is supposed to be highly compartmentalized, actually making such actions easier because many of the people working on the software wouldn’t see the access.

Such access to the encryption system of Windows can allow NSA to compromise a person’s entire operating system. The NSA keys are said to be contained inside all versions of Windows from Windows 95 OSR2 onwards.

Having such the secret key inside your Windows operating system makes it “tremendously easier for the NSA to load unauthorized security services on all copies of Microsoft Windows, and once these security services are loaded, they can effectively compromise your entire operating system,” according to Andrew Fernandez, chief scientist with Cryptonym Corporation of North Carolina.

(The windows operating system NSA access can't be bypassed or turned off. Its similar to the GPS in your cell phone in that that also can not be bypassed or turned off by the user. The NSA can track your every move via electronic devices.) Story Reports

NSA has total access via Microsoft Windows