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Monday, March 7, 2011

The continuing battle to enforce the rules of political correctness

It's simply politically incorrect to be a "birther."

It's simply politically incorrect to force presidential candidates to prove their eligibility for office.


It's simply politically incorrect to question why the political system broke down in 2008, leaving most Americans deeply suspicious that the man in the White House does not meet the simple requirements of office.

It doesn't take any courage to malign the reputations of good people who look at the facts and come to the logical conclusion that Barack Obama is hiding something.

But because of the vicious rules of engagement of political correctness, it does indeed take courage and conviction to stand up to this onslaught

There seems to be an unwritten rule among Republican presidential candidates and leaders to downplay the significance of the issue of constitutional eligibility – with Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, House Speaker John Boehner and others distancing themselves from a concern held by a significant majority of Americans and an overwhelming percentage of Republicans.

The local, state and national media are running scared now – in full attack mode on state legislators across the country who have the audacity to insist that future presidential elections conducted in their states should actually live up to constitutional qualifications for office.

They insist all questions have been answered, that we've all seen the actual birth certificate, that Barack Obama's life is an open book.

But now that the integrity of the Constitution has rightfully become a state issue, because of the abject failure of all controlling legal authorities at the federal level, media at the state and local level are jumping into the act, attempting to enforce acceptance of Obama's story on an unwilling public through the sheer tyranny of "political correctness."

(Let me add that there is, as Rush Limbaugh points out daily, a concerted effort by politically correct people to cover for obama and the fact he can't provide any documented proof he is a US citizen, that can be validated. The fact that on the front of his "birth certificate" states "filed with registrar" instead of "accepted by state registrar" is proof positive the colb posted on the web is not a valid birth certificate.

Obama has ONLY applied for an amended or late birth certificate and Hawaii has issued nothing to him or his campaign. Hawaii does not issue certifications of live birth that do not have a registrar's stamp/signature and raised state seal.

Obama and his campaign have forged the online colb and it is totally fake.)
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