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Friday, March 4, 2011

An application for a late birth certificate that has not been accepted by the 'state registrar of Hawaii'

Nne aspect of the image that is clearly questionable is the obliteration of the Certificate No. That number is a tracking number that would allow anyone to ask the question, "Does this number refer to the Certification of Live Birth for the child Barack Hussein Obama II?" It would not reveal any further personal information; therefore, there would be no justifiable reason for obliterating it.

Obama’s alleged ‘Certification of Live Birth’ shows only the ‘Date Filed by Registrar’. Hawaii doesn't issue any 'certification of live birth certificates' that indicate ‘Date Filed by Registrar’.

The story really does begin here.

Two terms have plagued the Obama birth certificate issue from the beginning and have fueled many questions about Obama’s posted alleged ‘certified copy’ of a ‘Certification of Live Birth.’ For example, what do they mean in terms of the legal veracity behind a copy of a birth certificate? What is the difference between the “Registrar” and the “State Registrar?”

When would it be important that a record states whether or not it has been accepted by the State Registrar? Obama’s alleged ‘Certification of Live Birth’ shows only the ‘Date Filed by Registrar’ as opposed to the ‘Date Accepted by State Registrar,’ that’s why many people, including myself, have been curious whether that matters.

By now, I am sure most of us are aware that Alvin T. Onaka is the ‘State Registrar’ in Hawaii, but who is the ‘Registrar’ to which Obama’s alleged COLB refers?

The difference in these terms is crucial.

It is not a “valid” record until it has been accepted and filed by the ‘State Registrar.’ Furthermore, the ‘State Registrar’s’ certification attests to the evidentiary value of ‘Date of Birth,’ ‘Parentage’ and ‘Place of Birth.’ So, until the ‘State Registrar’ accepts and takes custody of the record, it is only a non-valid ‘application’ for a ‘Late Birth Certificate’ in procedural limbo, so to speak, and in the custody of the ‘Registrar.’

(The certification of live birth the DNC and obama used to prove his US citizenship is only a non-valid ‘application’ for a ‘Late Birth Certificate’ because it is not a "valid" record that has been accepted and filed by the 'state registrar of Hawaii'.

Obama has presented to the world a ‘Late Birth Certificate’ in procedural limbo that is in the custody of the 'registrar'.

Until it has been accepted for filing by the ‘State Registrar:’ is is ONLY a non-valid 'application for a ‘Late Birth Certificate’.

This is the so called "vital records" on file in the state of Hawaii.

An application for a late birth certificate that has not been accepted by the 'state registrar of Hawaii'.) Story Reports

On October 31, 2008 – five days before the 2008 Presidential election – Dr. Fukino put out a press release and according to, she was quoted as stating that both she and “Alvin Onaka, have personally verified that the health department holds Obama’s original birth certificate.” We all know that Onaka is the ‘State Registrar,’ so that settles it – Hawaii’s ‘State Registrar’ must have custody of the record, right?

Besides, many gorgeous news organizations apparently reported the same thing. So, they all must be correct, right? And, we’ve all seen Dr. Fukino’s statement, by now, and that’s what she said, right? Dr. Fukino said that the State Registrar had verified with her that the HDOH had Obama’s original birth certificate on record and that he, as State Registrar, had the statutory authority to maintain and oversee the record – so he is the custodian of that record and the record is valid and official, right?




Believe it or not, on October 31, 2008, Dr. Fukino actually stated that THIS individual had “statutory authority” to maintain and oversee Obama’s “original birth certificate,” and that this individual was THE legal custodian of Obama’s “original birth certificate” just FIVE days before the 2008 U.S. Presidential election:...

Obama's Garden dedicated to digging up the truth about obama's true origin

Dr. Fukino stated, this person, had it on record “in accordance with state policies and procedures.”

Not in accordance with regulations. Not in accordance with law:

That’s right. Incredibly, just five days before the election, Obama’s “original birth certificate” was NOT “valid” or in the custody of the ‘State Registrar,’ Dr. Fukino, herself, said it was in the custody of the “Registrar.”

And if the “Registrar” had custody of the record, Alvin T. Onaka would not and could not certify a copy of it with his signature.

So, now we have our answer. We know whether or not “Date Filed by Registrar” matters. It matters. A lot. Because Dr. Fukino said that the “original birth certificate” was in the “Registrar’s” custody. It was still in the procedural stage. And because someone other than the Hawaii State Registrar was custodian of Obama’s original birth certificate on October 31, 2008, we know that Obama did not have a valid original birth certificate and he possibly had an application for a ‘Late Birth Certificate’ on file that was pending acceptance by the State Registrar….or perhaps he had a record that had been rejected by the State Registrar entirely.

And if it was not in the State Registrar’s custody and under his authority, then his “original birth certificate” was not evidence to “date and place of birth and parentage.”

The Hawaii State Registrar did not have the legal authority to maintain and oversee Obama’s original birth certificate just five days before the presidential election.

Barrack Obama did not have the valid original birth certificate that he and ‘his people’ have claimed he had and Dr. Fukino said so.

It means that Dr. Fukino said Barrack Obama, his people, our Congress and the media are all LIARS.

So, thank you, Dr. Fukino, for speaking up – twice. Thank you for not letting this go unsaid and thank you for putting it on the public record so that we can prove our Congress failed us so completely…if only in hindsight.

The nation owes you much gratitude for giving us a chance to open our eyes before the election even if most of us missed it.

(I had noticed the online fake certification of live birth indicated date filed by registrar and also noticed it did not indicate date accepted by registrar.

You have made it clear now that the online colb is just an application for a delayed birth certificate that was not accepted before the DNC declared obama was a US citizen/natural born citizen to get him on the presidential ballot in Hawaii in 2008.

An application for a birth certificate is not legal evidence of birth in the US.

This is why obama hides his true identity and spends millions in court to keep his origin from being probated.

Thank you for your excellent work Miss Tickly!) Story Reports

The Story of the Century

Compare a real certification of live birth with obama's fake certification of live birth

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