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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hillary Email Probe upgraded and expanded by FBI with grand jury power!


November 1, 2016

Don't Be Fooled: Hillarygate Probe Is Now a Formal Federal Criminal Investigation

By James G. Wiles (

Hillarygate Probe Is Now a Formal Federal Criminal Investigation

The NY Times and the Wall Street Journal both reported on Monday morning that an FBI warrant application to a federal judge over the weekend for permission to search Huma Abedin's emails and laptop had been granted. The application was made on the basis of the Clinton email investigation. Necessarily, that application (as required by the Constitution's Fourth Amendment) would have been supported by FBI affidavits.

This new fact is a development of immense potential significance – both for Mrs. Clinton personally and for us as American citizens. It is also unprecedented in American history.

At a minimum, it enables us to pierce the thick cloud of black ink and disinformation released over the weekend by Team Hillary and which is being widely misreported in the current news cycle.

The FBI agents had to make this warrant application because their existing Fourth Amendment search authority was on the basis of Anthony Weiner's (unrelated) suspected misconduct with an underage girl. That investigation was already a grand jury matter.

However, that grand jury's authority – which is supervised by a federal judge -- did not authorize the Bureau to pursue information which might be pertinent to the inquiry into Mrs. Clinton's use of a personal email server while she was Secretary of State. Making that application, under standard DOJ protocol, required approval from Main Justice. In this case, the assistant attorney in charge of the Criminal Division, if not the attorney general.

Since the application was made, it's safe to conclude that the Criminal Division at Main Justice authorized the warrant application. Thus, at a minimum, the senior leadership of the Justice Department is not as unanimously condemnatory of FBI director Comey's letter to Congress on Friday as media reports would lead us to believe.

It also explains why Director Comey issued his letter to Congress. The reporting tells us that the FBI's decision to make a warrant application to the supervising judge of the Weiner grand jury triggered Mr. Comey's decision to notify Congress. Having promised Congressional leaders (perhaps unwisely, since he was not required to do so) that, if the Bureau uncovered new evidence relating to Hillarygate which required further inquiry, he would so notify them, he proceeded on Friday to keep his word and do so.

Now he's being condemned by the Democrats and the MSM for not saying why. We'll get to the reason why he's not in a minute. But, first, the granting of the warrant application means several important and new things:

Hillarygate Probe Is Now a Formal Federal Criminal Investigation

1) A federal judge supervising a grand jury has now made a finding, based on FBI affidavits which present evidence gathered during the preliminary Hillary inquiry (the one which the FBI director stated had been closed back in July), that there's probable cause to believe that a federal crime was committed in connection with Mrs. Clinton's use of a private email server.

We still, however, don't know what crime(s) are suspected to have been committed. Or by whom.

2) The FBI can use this new grant of grand jury authority to investigate Mrs. Clinton's use of a private email server for the first time to issues subpoenaes to obtain testimony from witnesses and compel the production of documents and things. The Bureau and DOJ can, furthermore, use the judge's probable cause finding to support further warrant applications.

This means that, if DOJ authorizes it, a United States attorney now has the ability for the first time to put subpoenaed witnesses before a grand jury. There, without their lawyer in the room, they may be questioned under oath by a federal prosecutor.

If the witnesses take the Fifth – and the witness's lawyer is allowed to sit outside the grand jury room and be consulted by the witness before answering a question, they can be immunized and, if they still refuse to testify, a judge can jail them indefinitely until they change their mind.

Huma Abedin, according to prior reporting, received a grant of immunity during the FBI's preliminary investigation. During the first Clinton presidency, Clinton allies chose jail over cooperating with the federal grand jury investigating both Clintons.

We may get to see if a new generation of Clinton allies are willing to do the same.

3) The liberal media's reporting that the Hillarygate email server investigation has not, in fact, been "reopened" is totally false.


Because, not only is the probe reopened, it has been upgraded and expanded. It has been upgraded from a preliminary inquiry to a formal criminal investigation with grand jury power. That also means that, at least at the level of the federal grand jury itself, assistant U.S. attorneys assigned to that grand jury are now for the first time formally involved.

In other words: the Beast is now fully awake.

4) This weekend's development potentially escalates the threat to Mrs. Clinton. While several other procedural steps and processes are necessary, it is a federal grand jury, not the FBI, which issues indictments. The FBI -- using the the grand jury to obtain testimony, conduct searches and compel the production of documents and things - investigates crimes. The U.S. Attorneys, acting though the grand jury, charge and prosecute those persons whom the grand jury finds probable cause to believe have committed those crimes.

5) This weekend's development also means that, for the first time in American history, a candidate for President of the United States is likely now a subject/target of a federal grand jury investigation.


These facts now enable us to analyze and dispel Team Clinton's attempts to lay down a thick fog of misdirection over the scene.

Here it is: Mrs. Clinton's demand that the FBI be "transparent" is pure posturing -- spinning to the max (which Mrs. Clinton, as the most criminally investigated presidential candidate in U.S. history, well knows). Younger readers, please take note: this is not, to put it mildly, Hillary Clinton's first rodeo.

Not for the first time, Mrs. Clinton is being totally disingenuous with the voters (and the media). She is also making FBI director Comey into her personal punching bag. And she's doing it because she knows that the director can't fight back.

In this, Mrs. Clinton is simply repeating a tactic which she and her catspaw Sidney Blumenthal used to good effect during the Whitewater, Travelgate, and Monica Lewinsky investigations in the 1990s. And that tactic worked.

It’s called grand jury secrecy. Now that Hillarygate is, for the first time, a grand jury investigation, Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e) prohibits the FBI and prosecutors from saying anything about "matters occurring before the grand jury." Their lips are sealed.


(My own comments StoryReports)

When hillary, the lawyer, demands FBI director Comey release all the information the FBI emails she knows he cannot because of Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e).

Now that a Federal Grand Jury is investigating her criminal activities the CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG!!!

This is what the FBI should have been doing all along but the "justice" department would not let this happen and tried to supress the investigation into the clinton foundation. This is because obama and his comrads are also going to be exposed as criminals!

NOW A FEDERAL GRAND JURY is investigation the clinton foundation, hillary's emails etc.

Hillary won't be talking to Comey in a hotel room with knowledge ahead of time about the questions.

The FEDERAL GRAND JURY will be listening to a Federal Prosecutor asking questions and getting answers from:

(1) Probably Hillary Clinton Herself, AKA "The Hilda Beast"..... (without a lawyer present but remember hillary is a lawyer so she would represent herself) (all she could do was plead the 5th)

(2) Probably Slick Willy himself Bill Clinton... (without a lawyer present but remember hillary is a lawyer so she would represent herself) (all he could do would be plead the 5th)

(3) Barack Obama, the first criminal black president...(without a lawyer present but remember obama is a lawyer so he would represent himself) (all he could do was plead the 5th)

(4) Loretta E. Lynch, who met with bill clinton in her airplane just before the first so called investigation was suppressed by her....(without a lawyer present but remember loretta is a lawyer so she would represent herself) (all she could do was plead the 5th)


The lid is off. The can of WHOOP has been opened.

Mrs. Clinton's demand that the FBI be "transparent" is just the beginning.

THE FEDERAL GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION INTO THE CORRUPTION of bill and hillary clinton WILL BECOME TRANSPARENT after THE FEDERAL GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION is completed and multiple federal indictments are filed against bill and hillary.

Obama, Lynch and the entire corrupt obama regime could also be charged with FEDERAL CRIMES!!!!

Obama, Lynch, Bill and Hillary Clinton have committed TREASON!!

Note that Obama can pardon himself. He can also pardon anyone else he wants to. This is his "ace in the hole".

Lets hope Donald Trump gets elected and the federal grand jury investigation into the corruption of bill and hillary clinton and government officials is completed as soon as possible.

Obama can't pardon a federal grand jury indictment but only a criminal conviction.

Obama can be removed from office by impeachment and conviction in the US Senate.

As long as the criminal conviction of bill and hillary occurs after obama leaves office they could both be in orange jump suits for a long time.

Trump says: DRAIN THE SWAMP!

THE FEDERAL GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION INTO THE CORRUPTION of bill and hillary clinton is the beginning of the draining of the swamp.

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