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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hillary eats soul food as black voters desert and abandon her in early voting


Hillary Eats Soul Food

Hillary eats soul food, campaigns in churches to boost lagging black turnout.

In March 2007, Clinton, quoting James Cleveland, memorably said in Selma, Ala., “I don’t feel in noways tired!”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s tours of soul food restaurants and black churches to court black voters in recent weeks doesn’t seem to be paying off.

The turnout of black voters is down in many areas compared to 2012, including key battleground states, providing the latest evidence that the former first lady’s campaign may be circling the drain.

The black voter turnout in the key state of North Carolina is down 16 percent in early voting. It’s a similar situation in Florida, where black voters heading to the polls in person has decreased from 25 percent in 2012 to a current rate of 15 percent, despite expanded early voting opportunities.

The apparent trend of unenthusiastic black voters comes despite Clinton’s pandering to the constituency through repeated visits to soul food restaurants and black churches in those key states.

On Halloween, Clinton visited Angie’s Soul CafĂ© in Cleveland ahead of a rally at Kent State University.

The day before, Clinton was at Betty’s Soul Food in Fort Lauderdale and spoke briefly with the owner before posing for pictures with several black patrons.


Black Turnout Soft in Early Voting, Boding Ill for Hillary Clinton

African-Americans are failing to vote at the robust levels they did four years ago in several states that could help decide the presidential election, creating a vexing problem for Hillary Clinton as she clings to a deteriorating lead over Donald J. Trump with Election Day just a week away.

As tens of millions of Americans cast ballots in what will be the largest-ever mobilization of early voters in a presidential election, the numbers have started to point toward a slump that many Democrats feared might materialize without the nation’s first "black" president on the ticket.

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