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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What do trump and newton have in common?


There was no humiliation to be found in Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s performance on the field at the Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos’ defenders charged like banshees and werewolves, coming over and under and hurtling around the Panthers’ blockers.

The young quarterback was sacked six times, and he fumbled when the man-mountain known as Von Miller tossed him to the turf. He scrambled gamely and tossed some brilliant javelin throws. But if his was a less than stellar night, that can happen on the grandest of stages.

His humiliation came after the game, however, and it was self-imposed.

Newton, 26, an ebullient, intelligent, gifted quarterback, decided to act in his moment of truth like a 13-year-old. He slouched into the interview room late, well after many of his teammates — rookies and veterans alike — who gamely answered painful questions.

He took a seat, a blue sweatshirt hood pulled low over his face. He made eye contact with no one. What did he make of the game? Was he surprised? How could he explain? The reporters’ questions, not a surprise in the batch, were framed gently, as if put forward by dimwitted therapists.

For more than a minute, Newton stared at the floor, scratched his chin and sulked.


Newton is immature. He has not matured past his teen years. This is why he acts like he does.

He is a gifted quarterback but lacks the ability to control himself in a mature manner when he should. This post superbowl game is a prime example.

His comments such as: "I'm an African American QB that scares people"

Newton added: "They haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to"

reveal his immaturity as does his behaviour at his post superbowl loss news conference.

What do trump and newton have in common?

Answer: Newton has the inability to communicate in a muture manner when it is appropriate.

Trump does use language that is jarring at times.

You have to ask yourself this. Is Trump for real? He is light years beyond newton in maturity.

Newton speaks inappropriately in an immature way but Trump is for real and not a racist.

Newton said he wants to be a role model for the youth.

You have to ask yourself this. Do you want your son or daughter immatating newton as a role model?

The real cam newton does scare people

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