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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Have you ever heard of the term "evil idiots"?

White House press office unaware it had circulated CIA chief's name
Tom McCarthy
White House staff tried to 'un-ring the bell' after revealing CIA chief's identity

The "White House" blew the cover of the top CIA agent in Afghanistan on Sunday, when the person’s name was included on a list given to reporters during a visit to the country by President Barack Obama.

The name was then emailed by the White House press office to a distribution list of more than 6,000 recipients, mostly members of the US media.

The agent in question, listed as chief of station, would be a top manager of CIA activity in Afghanistan, including intelligence collection and a drone-warfare programme under which unmanned aerial vehicles mount cross-border attacks into Pakistan.

The name appeared on a list of attendees requested by White House officials for the president’s visit to Bagram air base to mark Memorial Day, the national day of tribute to fallen service members. The list of 15 people was drawn up by the military, written into a routine press report and sent to Washington. The Obama press office then sent the list, unredacted, to the larger group.

The mistake did not come to light until the reporter who had filed from Afghanistan, the veteran Washington Post correspondent Scott Wilson, looked more closely at what he had sent and noticed the name and title.

“I drew it to their attention before they had noticed what had happened,” Wilson said on Monday, hours after returning from the 33-hour trip overseas.

Wilson said time pressure, a high level of activity tied to the president’s visit and the relative inexperience of the military officers involved could have contributed to the mistake.

“My impression is these were very junior people trying to follow an order, that they don't fully understand or get the ramifications of,” he said.
(Bubba, an obama supporter, my impression is wilson is trying to make the obama regime look like they were not responsible for the evil idiots he uses to do his evil deeds. Why would ole joe say, "very junior people" who "didn't fully understand"? Is this what we have in the military? Very junior people who don't understand? I think we have evil idiots who don't fully understand in the obama regime who almost every day on purpose or otherwise make sure the obama regime does obama's bidding.

Don't make the mistake of thinking it was the military's fault that the CIA chief was exposed. It was the obama regime fault. I call them evil idiots because only an idiot would give the state run media a list that contained a CIA station chief's identity.)
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