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Monday, January 13, 2014

What does Aging In Place Mean?

Aging in place (CDC) Definition
The ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.

(So if you own a weapon you can live in your home safely. If you have a concealed weapons permit you have the ability to "live in one's own community safely".

You don't have the ability to live in "one's home and community independently" with government corruption.

You are becomming less able to "live in one's home comfortably" because of illegal taxes,regulations and "laws" that are unconstitutional.

The CDC thinks some people should be able to "age in place" regardless of income. How can anyone do this? Only if the government regime in power funds your aging in place with welfare,food stamps,unemployment etc. Spreading the working wealth around to those who do not work because they belive the government is their sugar daddy for life. (Those who cannot find work or want to work are not guilty of bowing the knee to the government.)

The CDC also thinks your "ability level" should not be regarded in your "ability" to "age in place". Does this mean if you don't have the "ability" to earn an income because you are to LAZY to work the government regime will help you "age in place" by funding your "aging in place"?

"regardless of age" means the government will provide funding for all from womb to tomb. All Americans are "aging in place". Some are "aging in place" and are dependent on the government as a baby in a crib. Some are "aging in place" and working earning money to support themselves despite the nanny state trying to babysit their every move. If you are the type of person who thinks the government "nanny" will provide for your every need of "aging in place" you will find that your "nanny" has made you a slave because of your ignorance and lazyness.)Story Reports

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