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Sunday, December 16, 2012



Owners: Kelly & Kendall Montgomery

The HIDE-IT HOLSTER© was invented by my father-in-law, following the Luby's Cafeteria massacre in Killeen, Texas on Oct. 16, 1991. My father-in-law was running late to meet some friends at the restaurant for a meeting. Back at the restaurant, his friend was hiding under a table while she watched her family being murdered by a mad man with a gun, wishing she had brought her pistol that was in her car. My father-in-law's tardiness saved his life but many other lives were lost.

Later, it was reported that several patrons had guns in their cars but didn't bring them inside because carrying a gun is hard to hide, uncomfortable and inconvenient. Dedicated to making a difference, my father-in-law created The HIDE-IT HOLSTER©; the only concealed holster that holds over 500 different types of guns, hides the outlines, eliminates the need for an untucked shirt or a jacket and is the most comfortable to wear.

Since it's inception, The HIDE-IT HOLSTER© has become the fastest growing concealed carry holster used by off-duty and undercover officers. The HIDE-IT HOLSTER© is the perfect concealed carry solution. Today my wife and I are proud to carry on the tradition.

Ultimate Concealed Carry: dedicated to equipping the good guys!

Kelly Montgomery

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