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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Examine, Learn, Adapt And Grow

Examine, Learn, Adapt And Grow

During his youth Abraham Lincoln was "leased out" to nearby farmers by his father to earn money. This was legal at the time.

Today people that work and earn a living are "leased out" by the federal government to earn money for redistribution to those who don't work or want a free ride from the government.

The American people who work and earn a living are in effect "slaves" to the federal government.

To end this slavery they must examine, adapt, learn and grow in knowledge of how to break their bonds of slavery through taxes that are hidden and not hidden.

The status quo republican party candidate who was a moderate did not generate enough votes to "free the slaves" from the government.

A new party that will defeat liberalism ie the federal slave master must be formed.

This new party must nominate a real conservative that will motivate the "slaves" to the federal government to rebel and vote for their own emancipation from the "slavery" of federal government redistribution of wealth.

This new party candidate must convince the federal tax slaves that they can be free and not be "rented out" to earn money for those the federal government wants to continue to support to grow the federal government farm or "plantation".

Do you agree?

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