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Sunday, November 4, 2012

America In Obama’s Fourth Term

Gulag (Fema Camp) Fence


(The article below by CJ is a real possibility if the Illegal alien who calls himself obama is "elected" again.) Story Reports

Obama’s Fourth Term By CJ in Texas

Obama's Fourth Term

It is a problem I had mulled over for a few months. I decided it had to be done. Lilly has just turned fifteen. Could she shoulder the burden?

I have to find out, my way, before she finds out on her own. She is noticing her brother and I spend more and more time together and she is starting to ask questions. I sense she is a bit jealous. Her mother would probably not approve but they live with me now. Their mom has been conscripted to work up north in what use to be Washington State, where there is a shortage of people in her field. There is no safe way to discuss this with her, so I have to do what I think is best for us all.

Braxton, Lilly’s brother and my grandson, had an interest in politics since he was ten years old. Even as a child, he understood more than you would think a ten or twelve year old could. He saw the direction we were headed as a country, and as he grew, so did his understanding and instincts. At the tender age of fourteen, he saw things turn for the worst and has been my right hand and confidant for the past ten years.

Yes, it has been ten years since Obama was elected to his second term. He is now in his fourth term. They took a page out of Hugo Chavez’s book on that one. How did we get here? How did we lose America, home of the free and the brave? Many things came together at the wrong time, much like a “perfect storm.” In part, we had a large portion of an electorate that was lazy and asleep. They preferred to watch a mind numbing TV show, rather than read a book and learn something, or get involved in something important – important like poll watching, to prevent the massive amounts of cheating that went on during the elections. History text books were gradually rewritten, to suit the narrative of the progressive agenda. Unions controlled the teachers, government workers, manufacturing, service industries, and the media, including the entertainment industry. TV was a huge influence on our culture and they came to control it. The unions funneled their money into an ultra liberal Democratic Party. When I say Democrat, I really mean Marxist. This was not my grandfather’s Democratic Party. They managed to crash our once vibrant economy, create great poverty, and get many people on government subsidies, thereby creating votes for their party.

Years ago, cunning men of great power set up non-profit foundations disguised as charitable organizations with credibility, to push the liberal agenda, and create bogus, biased studies, published and touted by the media as truth. The media! It was supposed to be the watchdog. It was intended to be a “free press” to protect the people.

Those are a few of the things that happened. There is much more, but I do not see that it adds to this story. I blame the media the most. They outright lied and hid truth. In short, they became the enemy of freedom and the people. They are the reason I do what I do today.

Lilly was only five when Obama was reelected, so she does not have the background experiences and knowledge her brother does, plus she has gone to the state schools all of this time. She knows I do not agree with the regime, but I have kept her in the dark about our activities, until now. She is surrounded by patriots at home, but we are very careful what is said, to whom. The government has recruited children to rat on their families now. It is rewarded. It is sick. Those caught speaking against the government are taken for reeducation. If they come back, they are very different. We suspect they have undergone something akin to hypnosis and brainwashing techniques.

Obama's Fourth Term CJ's Article Continues Here

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