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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Obama exhibits the symptoms of a fraud

Nidal Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter was on Obama's Homeland Security Transition Team! An example of obama fraud.
The act of fraud is seldom observed. Symptoms and indicators of fraud are discoverable and observable. If symptoms of fraud are observed, many frauds can be detected at an early stage and either stopped or prevented. Fraud over time tends to grow larger and larger, so early detection is a preferable method to stop fraud.

Fraud symptoms include:

Inconsistent, vague or implausible responses or behaviour by an individual can represent fraud sysmptoms.

Lifestyle changes are often the easiest of all symptoms to detect. Although looking at bank records, investment records, and tax return information are difficult to access; property records, UCC filings, and other records are easy to check to determine whether there are assets that have been purchased or liens that have been removed. Unusual behavior is seen through an individual's recognizable behavior pattern to attempt to cope with the stress. Their guilt leads to fear, fear leads to stress, and stress leads to behavior changes.

Personal Characteristic Red Flags

Rationalization of contradictory behavior
Lack of a strong code of personal ethics
A wheeler-dealer personality
Lack of stability
A strong desire to beat the system
A criminal or questionable background

Characteristics of the Top-Management Fraud

(The following characteristics match obama almost exactly)

Tend to have highly material personal values.
Success to them means financial success, not professional recognition.
Tend to treat people as objects, not individuals and often as objects for exploitation.
Are highly self-centered.
Are often eccentric in the way they display their wealth or spend their money.
They tend to be conspicuous consumers and often boast of the things they have acquired, the friends they have in high office, and all the fine places they have visited.
Speak about their cunning achievements and winnings more than their losses.
Appear to be reckless or careless with facts and often enlarge on them.
Appear to be hard working, almost compulsive, but most of their time at work is spent scheming and designing short cuts to get ahead or beat the competition.
May gamble or drink a great deal.
Buy expensive gifts for their families usually to compensate for spending so little time with them.
Are hostile to people who oppose their views.
They feel exempt from accountability and controls because of their station or position.
Create a greet deal of turnover among their subordinates and often set off one subordinate against the other.
Play favorites among subordinates, but the relationship can cool very quickly because a subordinate often falls from grace after one mistake, even an insignificant one.
Manage by crisis more often than by objectives.

Demand absolute loyalty from subordinates, but they themselves are loyal only to their own self-interests.

Indicators of Possible Fraudulent Activities

Unsupported or unauthorized records, balances, or transactions.

Conflicting or Missing Evidential Matter or Missing documents. Unavailability of other than photocopied documents. Alterations on documents (e.g. back dating),Duplications, Questionable handwriting on documents. Denied access to records or facilities. Unusual delays in providing requested information. (Obama also matches this fraud profile.) Story Reports

Understanding Symptoms/Red Flags of Fraud

Understanding symptoms of fraud is the key to detecting fraud. A symptom of fraud may be defined as a condition which is directly attributable to dishonest or fraudulent activity. It may result from the fraud itself or from the attempt to conceal the fraud.

No proper documentation.

Lack of documentation.

(Fraud symptoms can be from the fraud itself or THE ATTEMPT TO CONCEAL THE FRAUD. Obama is a fraud who is daily attempting to conceal the fact he has committed fraud. His symtoms include NO proper documentation of his birth origin. Obama continues to refuse to disclose any documentation about his origin.) Story Reports

Obama continues to conceal the evidence of his birth origin. Obama refuses to release any documentation validating his online certification of live birth which he has never claimed was his own 'birth certificate'.

Obama knows the first time his fake colb is probated in a court of law he will be forced to validate his US citizenship.

This is what obama fears most because he cannot validate his US citizenship.

Obama has no documentation to back up his online jpeg as evidence of his US citizenship.

If obama did have ANY documentation that could be validated to prove he is a US citizen he would release it. He cannot because obama knows he is a fraud "president".

Where's the long form birth certificate from a hospital in Hawaii mr obama?

There is NO long form birth certificate from a hospital in Hawaii.

Obama only has an index notation of his name and sex.

This is obama's only documentation of his US citizenship and it can't be validated by anyone.

More information is needed such as hospital name, doctors name, parents signatures, doctors signature, registrar signature etc.

Obama is a no record or zero

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