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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I want to know where's the birth certificate

There is NOTHING that validates obama's US citizenship

Bill O'Reilly slammed the "birther" story Monday night, 07-27-09, on his show, saying that he had investigated the theory last year and debunked it.

But although he questioned why CNN's Lou Dobbs was still discussing the theory on the air, O'Reilly disagreed with those who would like to see Dobbs kicked off the air, defending his free speech rights in a spirited discussion with the Southern Poverty Law Center's president Richard Cohen.

In his "Talking Points Memo" segment, O'Reilly said:

"That theory has been around for a while. The Factor investigated, found out it's bogus. But Mr. Dobbs is still engaged...

Again, we found out that President Obama was born in Hawaii.. we were sent the documents. And what are you gonna do? I don't know why it's still around..."

(Bill O'Reilly has "the documents" the Governor of Hawaii abercrombie was searching to prove obama was born in Hawaii.

O'reilly says he was "sent the documents". He asks the question, "And what are you gonna do?"

The question is, what are you gonna do o'reilly? Will you help governor abercrombie in his quest to find the "missing documents" he an all of America want to see?

How can you get documentation from Hawaii when no one else in America can including the governor of Hawaii?

Does your documentation include a simple index record notation?

The index data regarding President Obama is:

Birth Index
Obama II, Barack Hussein

Hawaii "vital records"

This information is open to the public but it only indicates obama applied for a birth certificate in 2007. The online colb is the only thing the obama campaign, not obama, has claimed as evidence he is a US citizen.

Does your documentation include a newspaper birth announcement that has an address where obama's "parents" NEVER lived but where his "grandparents" lived? The birth announcement is bogus.

There is no evidence obama's "parents" EVER lived togeather in Hawaii, NONE.

What are you documents mr o'reilly?

If you have any "documents" that proves obama is not an illegal alien why don't you give them to the public and the governor of Hawaii?

Did you get the factcheck "documents". If that is what you are referring to you don't have any evidence obama is a US citizen that can be verified. A certification of live birth cannot be verified with NO hospital name, No doctors name, No doctors,parents or registrar signatures.

You mr o'reilly are helping to coverup obama's true origin just like Hawaii, factcheck, obama and all the other media that can not prove obama is a valid US citizen.

All you can do is indicate you have documents or like the state of Hawaii, has seen the vital documents.

All spin from Mr o'reilly in the "no spin zone".

I want to know where's the birth certificate?

I'm talking about a long form hospital generated certificate of live birth that contains the hospital name, doctors name, parents names, registrar name and signatures.

I want to see an actual birth certificate from Hawaii for obama that CAN be verified with more that just the spin of a press release or a verbal announcement.) Story Reports

There is NOTHING that validates obama's US citizenship. No public records of any kind that can be used to valid obama's true origin. Obama is like a mannequin. At least a mannequin has a serial number.

There is NOTHING that validates obama's US citizenship

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