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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gov't didn't act after E. coli outbreak

It figures, nothing was done to step up inspections after 200 got sick and 3 were died.
The government can get companies to recall toys with lead paint to protect children but with food that we eat they won't do anything extra like step up inspections. Federal officials inspect companies growing and processing salad greens an average of just once every 3.9 years. An AP review found that since last year's E. coli outbreak, California public health inspectors have yet to spot-test for bacteriological contamination at any processing plants handling leafy greens. And some farms in the fertile Salinas Valley are still vulnerable to bacteria-carrying wildlife and other dangerous conditions.
How can we trust the government to protect us. They wanted to open the borders to trucks from mexico etc. They wanted to make illegals legal in 24 hours. Our government cannot be trusted to do anything right! Today harry reid says alcadia is on the comeback because osama's beard is now black were before it was grey. What an idiot! We have idiot's in congress not protecting this country. Calling this STUPID is being kind.

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