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Monday, September 12, 2016

The cat is out of the bag about Hillary's MAJOR UNCONTROLLED SEIZURE PROPLEM

Hillary clinton has a serious medical problem and should be in a nursing home.

Hillary Clinton FAINTS/COLLAPSES/SEIZES at Ground Zero 9/11!!!

Hillary folds at 911 ground zero. She collapses as did the buildings on 911. Her van/ambulance took her to daughter's house instead of the emergency room.

This was because her campaign did not want the public to think she had a big medical problem.

The cat is out of the bag anyway. The above video reveals she is a rag doll being tossed into her van/ambulance.

She had another seizure. She has been caught on video recently having weird things happen unexpectedly such as when her head started jerking and the reporter was stunned and freaked out while watching her have a seizure.

Hillary has uncontrolled seizures. This is what the state run media is NOT reporting.

Her meds can't control her seizures!

The press and her campaign are desperately trying to cover this up.

Is is not just allergies that make her have coughing fits. Her campaign is not mentioning her public seizures caught on video. They can't afford to let the cat out of the bag.

Its too late now. The cat is out of the bag about her MAJOR UNCONTROLLED SEIZURE PROPLEM!

This totally disqualifies her as a candidate for president.

Hillary should be having rehabilitation in a nursing home.



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