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Friday, September 9, 2016

Panther's superboy fails to deliver Denver

The night began with Peyton Manning making one final appearance for the Denver Broncos, taking a ceremonial handoff of the Lombardi Trophy from Von Miller and holding it aloft for the roaring mass of orange arrayed before him.

Manning's valedictory walk up the tunnel, in coat and tie, must have rattled newton.

Cam Newton gestered as superboy pulling his shirt open and danced but it was not enough to win against denver.

Newton is clearly a quarterback and not a runner. He runs like wounded gazelle.

Newton takes more hits than almost any quarterback in the league, and whether he can continue to take them, remain in games and be effective has to be a concern for the Panthers after just one week. In all, Newton had 11 runs for 54 yards and one touchdown. The two-yard touchdown run was the 44th touchdown run of his career, breaking Steve Young's record for most by a quarterback. Newton is just 27. It is breathtaking to watch him run. It is sobering to see the beating he takes.

"They have an advantage with Cam," Ward said. "He's the quarterback and you can't account for that on defense. They have one more blocker when he runs the ball. If you're going to run your quarterback, you're going to have to take the repercussions that come with it. That's potentially getting him hurt or you see him get hit.

Denver safety said: "We wanted to make sure it got to him, so every time he ran, we wanted to put a helmet or shoulder pad on him, and if he's not going to slide, then we're really going to put something on you," Ward said. "We've seen him limping throughout the game. That running stuff, you can't do that all game with your quarterback."

Cam Newton carries the carolina panthers water. Without him they are not up to par by any means.

I see a quarterback going through the motions and scoring with an emotional disorder that causes him to act immature when he loses.

People like to go to the carnival to see the side shows. Cam newton is the sideshow. The other panthers are just the backup "singers".

When Newton lost the superbowl his emotional instability was on display.

He is not only wounded physically but emotionally.

His self esteem is tied to his winning a game. He lacks the self esteem he needs to function in a "normal" manner.

Yes he needs to grow up but like so many others he has the problem of acting and thinking like a perpetual teenager.

He is a NFL wounded warrior.

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