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Monday, August 22, 2016

Receipt read: "We only tip citizens"

We only tip citizens

We only tip citizens

WHSV-TV reported Thursday Sadie Elledge, 18, served a man and a woman two gyros, sodas and a Greek salad at Jess’ Lunch in Harrisonburg. Elledge said that she felt uncomfortable serving the pair because they wouldn’t talk to her and only would “nod their heads.”

The woman signed the receipt and didn’t leave a tip, which the station reported isn’t uncommon for the restaurant workers. However, what she wrote in the tip spot is what has caused an uproar.

The receipt read: “We only tip citizens.”

(If the service is so bad you don't want to give a tip you should talk to the manager. Don't just blame the waitress. In this case these people were totally wrong by not leaving a tip and writing the comment on the receipt.

Waitresses deserve a tip most of the time. People who don't tip anything should avoid going out to eat.)

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