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Friday, March 4, 2016

Howdy doody or the wicked witch of the west?

I'll admit I am frustrated with the republican debate spectacle.

John Kasich sounds reasonable but has a milk toast delivery that is not effective enough. This means he will not be able to thwart the wicked witch of the west hillary in a general election.

Ted Cruz sounds more reasonable than Rubio or Trump but unfortunately I don't think he will get the nomination and if he did I also don't think he could defeat the wicked witch of the west hillary in a general election. I would like to see him as Trump's VP pick.

Marco Rubio does sound like a light weight scripted puppet on the howdy doody show. This also means he will not be able to thwart the wicked witch of the west hillary in a general election. Rubio is the fall back on puppet of the GOP establishment

Donald Trump at times sounds and looks like howdy doody. I don't believe Trump thinks like howdy doody because howdy doody doesn't think. I also don't think Trump is a puppet. I do think he is kind of a loose cannon sometimes. He shakes thinks up and at this point we need a government shake up.

I do think the sometimes "loose cannon", "howdy doody" character that has the real ability to lead can defeat the wicked witch hillary. I like the fact he kicks the news media in the butt every time its necessary. I also think Trump can make America great again because the fraud obama has done a good job trying to destroy America through deception.

Bottom line:

I do not wish to watch a "debate" that includes stupid verbal attacks.

It is unsettling and disturbing that the gop choices are not more appealing in a way that they would not portray themselves like puppets on a stage out of control.

The cards have been dealt.

Donald is holding the trump card.

The gop is telling the chamber of commerce types they will play their joker card at the convention to get anyone but Trump nominated.

Whoever gets the nomination could face the black widow hillary but I think we are all expecting another shoe to drop about hillary and her emails envolving criminal prosecution or indictment.

There is another possibility hillary could have a coughing fit and drop out but I don't think so.

I can only hope if Trump gets elected the kind of deals he makes will not be like the republicans have been making with the democrats which always favor the democrats.

If Trump makes deals that keep the status quo in place we will be no better off than we are now and will in fact continue to see America in perilous state.

Trump can lead and make deals.

He has said he will run the country like a business and make it more efficient.

I think he can but I hope the cost of doing business is not to much and the profit his "business" makes will make America great again.

I am picking the low hanging fruit because it ripe and the only current alternative.

America is decaying because the democrates and obama have set in place its eventual downfall.

The choices are not what I had hoped for but I know the alternative, the wicked witch of the west hillary will be another plague on America.

Hillary doesn't have the ability to lead. She only has the limited ability to make screeching speaches that annoy and are an extension of her personality which is very unlikeable.

If Rubio, Cruz or Kasich were her opponents she would only win by default and not because she is qualified to be president.

So who are you going to vote for?

I am voting for "howdy doody" this cycle because if hillary gets in there will not be another presidential election cycle!

Its howdy doody time, its howdy doody time.....

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