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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Scalia was NOT expected to die at any moment

By not performing an autopsy on late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Presidio Co. Judge Cinderela Guevara likely violated state law.

According to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, a justice of the peace shall conduct an inquest into the death of a person who dies in the county served by the justice if any of the following conditions are met:

The body or a body part of a person is found, the cause or circumstances of death are unknown, and:

(A) the person is identified; or

(B) the person is unidentified;

-the circumstances of the death indicate that the death may have been caused by unlawful means;


-the person dies without having been attended by a physician;

All of which would seemingly apply to the circumstances surrounding the death of Scalia, yet Guevara decided to “certify” the cause of his death over telephone without ever seeing the body.

Guevara was apparently called to handle the situation after two Justices of the Peace said they were unable to do so, Infowars has learned, but one of the Justices, Juanita Bishop, said the county normally performs autopsies on people who unexpectedly die like Scalia.

Scalia’s doctor said the late Supreme Court Justice was feeling sick, yet he was apparently well enough to make the ill-fated trip to Texas and his doctor did not make the trip with him anyway, which rules out the argument that Scalia had a well-known, severe medical condition and was expected to die at any moment.

The question now is, will Texas Gov. Greg Abbott call for an investigation into what’s likely illegal behavior by a county judge?

(So now we know under Texas law the Cinderela violated the Texas criminal procedure law.

The next question to ask is why and under the direction of whom?

At this time nobody really knows why Judge Scalia died because NOBODY has examined the body to find out.

This is similar to other "strange" things that have happened in the past that further a political agenda.

This is an in your face America coverup. Its similar to obama giving you the finger and daring you to do something about it!)

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