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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Crimes of Hillary Clinton

The Countless Crimes of Hillary Clinton: Special Prosecutor Needed Now

Hillary finally hands over her server—after it's been professionally wiped clean.

Sidney Powell

After years of holding herself above the law, telling lie after lie, and months of flat-out obstruction, HIllary Clinton has finally produced to the FBI her server and three thumb drives. Apparently, the server has been professionally wiped clean of any useable information, and the thumb drives contain only what she selectively culled. Myriad criminal offenses apply to this conduct.

Oh right, I forgot. As the Wall Street Journal reported, Ms. Clinton had declined to allow an Inspector General at the State Department during her entire tenure—so there was no internal oversight. And oh yes, her name is Clinton, and she has long deemed herself above the law. The rules only apply to everyone else.
(Hillary is a liar/criminal. She is also a traitor. She is no different than those in congress who have voted to support the illegal laws that have been stamped "legal" by congress and obama.

We have a lawless government that inforces laws at their will.) Story Reports

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