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Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to turn off location services on an I Phone and more

Is your cellphone spying on you? Yes it is and you agreed to it.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player .......................... .......................... It's not just iPhones recording your every move. Just about every phone and cell carrier does. The information is just a little harder to get to. "People don't read the fine print," Hamer said. But is it legal? Constitutional attorney Eric Friday said yes. "The Constitution limits what government can do, it doesn't limit what private companies can do," said Friday. "As long as we enter into an agreement with that private company and agree to turn over our data in exchange for their service, there's no law broken." ....................... ....................... (Obama or others can mine this data and use it to manipulate you and the public. A recent example was the flag flap in SC where almost instantly the gov of sc was calling for the removalof the battle flag of Virginia with "social media" support. Social media also data mines to manipulate you and everybody else to portray news in a way that favors a certain agenda. Because you are tethered to "social media" the data miners know your every move etc. They HERD you and the public like cattle on social issues in the news and especially politicians who use the manufactured "crisis" to make sure it won't go to waste to furter their political agendas. Yes you are helping the feds and the state run national news media to manipulate your own thoughts through social media, local media, national state run media etc etc. The government data mines cell phone, tables etc that have apps installed. They form a profile on you that is updated in real time everytime you communicate.

An End User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal contract between a software application author or publisher and the user of that application.

Most people just agree when installing an app and don't read the EULA agreement.

In most app EULA agreements you agree to ALLOW the app to take control of EVERYTHING on you cell phone. This includes your camera, recorder, contacts, manipulating other apps on your cell phone as though you were etc.

You can turn an app off but another app can turn it back on etc. These apps mine your data and sell or provide it to companies and of course obama and his regime.

Your cell phone, laptop, tablet, desktop etc are constantly sending data to computers that track your every move.

Now you begin to see how obama, corporations and the news media manipulate the public as if they were in a cattle stampede.

You have been BRANDED in effect. Your profile is manipulated as much as possible and you were not aware of it many times.) Story Reports

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