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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Semator Ted Cruz Gets 40 Million From US Chanber of Commerce

It was reported on the Tera Show Tera Show 6am-10am Mon-Fri Hour 1 on 5/14/15 that Senator ted Cruz has received a $40 million dollar gift from the US Chamber of commerce for his campaign.

The "contribution" is for his support of the Secret Trade Agreement that the FRAUD obama is trying to push on the American people. He will not directly answer questions about the secret obama trade agreement.

Senator Rubio said he has looked at the secret obama trade agreement but does not understand it and can't tell anybody what is in it because he and other US Senators must sign a non disclosure agreement demanded by obama.

Our government is totally corrupt.

Our government now operates in secret.

(1) Obama FCC rules are secret.

(2) Obama trade agreement is secret.

US Senators and Congreemen etc are being bought off by the US chamber of commerce and obama.


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