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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Report Or Adopt A Pothole ( Make Your Tax Dollars Work.)

An Indianapolis man is in trouble with they mayor's office for a video he made showing him planting a tree in one of the city's many potholes.
A better idea would be to "adopt a pothole" until the state, county or city decides to claim the pothole as their own and repair it. In the mean time pothole crusaders could nurture their "adopted pothole" by vigilantly observing their "pothole" to see if their tax dollars have been used by the government to fix the hazard. After the pothole is repaired correctly a pothole crusader could then "adopt" another neglected pothole.

I hope all Pothole crusaders will "adopt a pothole" until their hard earned tax dollars are spent fixing a dangerous pothole.

The Pothole Crusader must be vigilant and make sure their "adopted pothole" is fixed quickly by the state, county or city government.

If it is not go to the next level and contact your state legislator and inform him about the pothole that needs attention.

Pot Hole Hunt

Pot Hole Adoption Certificate

"Never never quit, never give up, never surrender".

I am the Pothole Crusader.

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