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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Starting in oct 2015 your Bubba Card takes effect.

Starting in october do not use a merchant that does not have the new reader because you may not get your money back.

Why, because the merchant not the bank will be responsible for getting your money back.

Imagine going to a "bubba" shop where bubba is responsible for reimbursing you because someone has used your credit card information.

You will work with "bubba" to get your money back. Imagine working with an "obama phone bubba".

It could go something like this: Bubba says, "check with your bank." You say no bubba you are responsible for reimbursing me. Bubba say, "what you mean?". You say, "say what?".

You realize that the situation is hopeless.

Talking with a bank is bad enough but talking with Bubba instead of the bank is hopeless.

So be aware of the new rules that take effect in oct 2015.

In oct 2015 Bubba rules and you loose.

Use cash if possible and hope Bubba gets your change right.

Also be aware that banks DO NOT insure your checking accounts through the FDIC!!!!

This could "Bubba" business out of business and again you are at a dead end again.


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