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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Obama is a disease that can be controlled

The sick fraud who calls himself obama said: "Ebola is a disease that can be controlled if we are vigilant." What he ment was obama is a "disease" that can be controlled if WE The People are VIGILANT!

This means telling our senators and congressmen to STOP obama by passing legislation to nullify his executive orders. Congress should be told its time to curtail obama's ability to further destroy America.

The senate and House should hold hearings and appoint special prosecutors to expose the fraud obama and his fellow criminals in his regime.

American's must be VIGILANT in telling their elected officials in congress to STOP obama.

If obama makes 20 million illegals legal by his executive orders he should be removed from office asap.

Obama is a sick far left criminal that will do anything or say anything that will further his agenda.

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