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Monday, July 7, 2014

If you pile fireworks on your bed and smoke guess what?

Woman killed in fireworks accident.
Woman killed in fireworks accident
AUBURNDALE (FOX 13) - Auburndale Fire Rescue described it as one of the worst cases they've seen.

"I have been doing this for 25 years. I've ran several calls with fireworks and this by far was the worst incident that I have ever ran," said Lt. Eddie Sebastia.

The call came from Eaker Street in Auburndale on July 4th.

Kathryn Flint was hosting a party for her family and friends.

As night fell, officers said she went into her bedroom to grab mortar-style fireworks.

The fireworks were laying on her bed.

They exploded and sparked a fire.

Her son, Christopher Flint, rushed in and pulled her out.

"They were frantic. Obviously they were family members. They were concerned and were trying to do everything they could," said Lt. Sebastia.

Flint was severely burned.

She died Saturday night from her injuries.

Investigators said a possible cause could have been a cigarette in the room.

"The room was charred. You could see that there had been some explosions that had went off in the room," said Lt. Sebastia.
(Bubba your told not to drink and drive for a reason. There are no commercials that tell you not to smoke in your bedroom with fireworks on your bed.

I think the government needs to make another law that adds a tax for Bubbas that purchase fireworks. That way we can warn people not to smoke in their bedroom with fireworks piled on the bed.) Story Reports

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