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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cliven Bundy Remarks About Welfare State Etc.

Unedited Clive Bundy remarks.
CLIVE BUNDY HOAX EXPOSED (Unedited version and cnn edited version)
Several comments here point out earlier remarks made by Bundy and claim these are taken out of context. In the interest of fairness, the above is a followup video of those remarks. If you're looking for a more hacked-up soundbite version that makes him look more like a racist, you might want to check out CNN.
(Bundy was saying the "negro" on welfare is a slave to the government. He explained that because of their "chained" ties to the government welfare state they would have been better off working, ie picking cotton or something. I agree he could have used a better illustration but I don't think he is a racist like obama, jessie jackson and al sharpton etc. Sitting around doing nothing and being paid for the government to do it, is worse than picking cotton and being a slave. Americans who will not work and get money from the government are slaves to the government. I'm not talking about people who have working all their lives and earned a pension check or ss check. I'm not talking about people who are disabled and who cannot work.
Those who cannot work or cannot find work because the government has killed the economy are not slaves to the government but VICTIMS of government corruption!

The term negro, literally meaning "black", was used by the Spanish and Portuguese as a simple description to refer to people.
I think some illegal aliens work hard, but the are still illegal aliens. Some illegal aliens pay taxes. Most illegal aliens get welfare and free tax money from the government.)
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