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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What is Common Core ?

Part 1 of 5 Stop the Common Core (Watch this 5 part series to understand common core.)
Stop Common Core
What is Common Core ?
It is an attempt by D.C. special interest groups and the federal government to herd children into one-size-fits-all national standards. States were coerced by the federal government into adopting the Standards resulting in an illegal federal takeover of education. The Common Core Standards have never been field-tested; were approved without a cost analysis; remove parental and local control; contain academically inferior content; include massive unfunded mandates and will lead to significant threats to student and family privacy. More than twenty states have legislation pending to repeal Common Core.

If you’ve never heard of Common Core it’s a nationwide initiative designed to herd states into national K-12 standards and national tests – which ultimately will lead to a national curriculum and silence curriculum input from local parents, taxpayers, and educators.

The Common Core $tate $tandards What Parents, Taxpayers, and School Boards Should Know …that perhaps they aren’t being told.

The Common Core $tate $tandards Read This PDF and become aware of what common core.

(The massive student data tracking system will contribute to the loss of student and family PRIVACY! The student tracking system collects personally identifiable

* Disciplinanry Records
* Health History
* Family Income Range
* Religious Affiliation
* Parent Political Affiliation

Now Bubba ya need to ask yourself this; Why does the federal government..and everybody else need to know your religion or what you believe? Why does the federal government need to know the parents political affiliation?

Could it be in the future the regime in charge will "weed" out those they think are a threat to the regime in power?

Remember hitler used IBM to punch card the jews and send them to their deaths. Today the regime in charge uses tools imbedded in schemes such as common core.

If there ever was a time to wake up and do something to help stop federal and state control of every aspect of your life, it is now!!!)
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