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Monday, February 10, 2014

Democrats want to keep African Americans ‘unarmed, uneducated and dependent

Star Parker, founder of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, actor Joseph Phillips, and writer and activist Kira Ayn Davis all discussed the impact of gun control legislation on the African American community.

From the very beginning, the three panelists all focused on how gun control has been used as a tool to keep the African American community out of power.

“The Democrats have never changed their strategy. They want people unarmed, uneducated and dependent on whoever that master is. Whether it’s the master that time in slavery or the master that keeps them enslaved to the welfare state,” Star Parker told Glenn.

Parker explained that gun legislation was a way to keep free slaves from gaining any kind of power. She said that African Americans are being told to continually vote for politicians that want to keep them unarmed, uneducated, and dependent on the government.

Parker said African Americans need to understand the truth behind the history of the parties and how Democrats have tried to keep the black community out of power. She also said they needed to recognize that the Second Amendment is a right and they should be active participants in it.
(There are some blacks that understand the liberal agenda. There are many black that don't. Many blacks don't care. Many are not capable of understanding the forces that inslave them. I think thats about 80 percent or so. Many whites are not capable of understanding the forces that inslave them. 60 percent or so.

I am saying over half of Americans are to dumb to understand that the government is inslaving them. They don't understand that we all live on a "plantation".

The head "master" feeds most of Americans via food stamps etc. They will do what the head "master" says to do because they are SLAVES to the government!) Story Reports

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